Sacred Language – Noorha Lingua

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What is Noorha Lingua?

The language of light as the impressions sounded through the words of a Full Spectrum being.

Noohra Lingua reactivates the Soul connection in the physical body

Noohra Lingua – the impressions of the Fruit or the Code of the Spirit. The Fruit is the impression of Noohra wrapped together or bound up in a pine cone shaped impression as seen in this image.

As shown in image below, the Code of Spirit has been interfered with and this and brought the impression of distortion to this reality.

focus on the Pine Fruit


Until now there has not been any explanation as to what this Pine cone really is other then seeing and referenced in various articles about the Anunaki.

The Initiation

of the Spirit particle is based on the impressions as the language of light or Noohra Lingua.

These elements are representative impressions to Re-awaken the Spirit particle in the Human DNA, the part of the DNA ignites or initiates through (Fire) or the electrical response in mitochondria, neural impulses ignite the attachment of  the Spirit of the unborn child. The Silver chord that attaches to the Solar plexus or the Nexus of the vortex of the Spark of the Soul in essence the beingness in this world.


I Am Alive

Think of it as the energetic link or placenta of the Soul to the physical body, the Noorha as impressions ignite the Spirit and ultimately Spark or force of Great Spirit.

Why ReAwakening through Spirit?

The Turn of the Aeons have indicated that in the last 100 years that there has been many breeding programs that have been working on the clearing or dissolving of the Great Spirit link, so not allowing the Soul to leave or to enter either.

There are many views on the GMO manufactured foods and medical influences, interfering with the Soul particle.

Noohra Lingua reminds the Soul of the Sacred Connection through the impressions of light and fire as the fingerprints of our Great Spirit.

Remember you are a life giving Soul being with an incorruptible Spirit Consciousness

Noohra meaning the light of Source, Lingua – language or tongue. Speaking the words to assist in creation through the intention of the heart

the Story of the word in Creation

“In the beginning” was En Soph or the Divine Source, the self-existent infinite beginning of Intention, without likeness or reflection, the incomprehensible, the unknowable One, Infinite Potential.

Sound of the Harmony of Intention, amplifying the great pendulum, the era of creation or manifestation had at last arrived.

The primal point or nucleus, appeared. New Life expressed through the Mitochondria in DNA,

From this emanated primary substance or proto soul emerged, the illimitable phosphorescent ether, of the nature of light, formless, colorless, being neither black nor green nor red.

In it, latent yet potentially as in a mighty womb, lay the myriad prototypes and numberless forms of all created things as yet indiscernible, indistinguishable.

Breathing In

Life happens through impression, intention and magnetic heart energy, these are the building block so to speak to the intentional purpose of light in an impressionistic manner.

” A moment of stillness of the divine will, from this primal luminous point radiated forth the vital life-giving spark which, pervading and operating in the great, enteric ocean of forms, became the soul of the universe, the fount and origin of all mundane life and motion and terrestrial existence, and in its nature and essence and secret operation remains ineffable, incomprehensible and indefinable.

It has been conceived of as the divine Logos, the Word, and also called Brashith, for the same was in the beginning with God or Source.

All things are made when the soul imprints upon the matter of mind and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life, and the life became the light of man.

“They that understand (the secret doctrine) shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they who turn or lead many into the might path (of knowledge) as the stars forever and ever.” (Dan. xii. 3.)

The word zohar (brightness) designates that nekuda reshima, the central ray or point of light which was the primal manifestation of the Divine, En Soph. From it proceeded vibrations which made luminous the illimitable ether, from which was formed the universe that became the glorious temple or palace of the great Unknown. It was in a manner the holy seed or germ that gave origin and birth to the world, and is referred to in the words:

“The holy seed shall be the substance thereof.” (Is. vi. 13.) Its analogue in nature is the silkworm which, unseen and in secret, elaborates and prepares a product that ultimately constitutes the material of the monarch’s purple robe of splendor. Furthermore, for the manifestation of the glory of the divine Unknown to humanity, making use of verbal terms and letters, it has built for it the name.

I am Light

When the primal vibration of the divine word took place it produced and impressed a wavelike motion throughout the boundless ether in which were contained all the sounds of the alphabet from A to Th. As a mystic analogue of that majestic unknown Being that operated in the creation and production of the illimitable universe, whose goodness and beneficence are manifested in the preservation of the world with its myriads of creatures, who in their fructifying and generative powers and functions are finite replica of Himself, the “I am that I am.”

And the earth was tohu and bohu” (Gen. i. 2), that is, without form and void. The word “was” relating to the past, is here used to indicate the primeval state of the earth at the time of its creation. The water covering the earth was cold as snow and impregnated and contaminated with mud and debris which by the action of a strong fire congested and hardened.

The space or place it occupied in becoming separated from the water was called Tohu, or the place of waste and dregs, and corresponded to the evil demons that made it their abode. Bohu, on the contrary, was that part or portion of the earth that became purified. If it be asked: by the action of what power was this purification accomplished, the scripture answers:

“Darkness was upon the face of the deep.”

The term darkness refers to the fire or light which, though of divine origin, existed like a nebulous dark cloud at the beginning of creation.

“And the spirit of God proceeded from the lord of life and hovered or moved upon the face of the waters.” (Gen. i. 2).

After impregnating them with the breath of life, and causing them to become purified and fructified, then from out of the state of Tohu came forth a great and mighty wind that overthrew mountains and broke into pieces the rocks, similar in its effects to the sight beheld by the prophet Elijah, as it is written; “after the wind, an earthquake” (I. Kings xix. 12), that dispelled the darkness in which was the hidden and concealed fire that transformed the world from tohu into Bohu, and from a state of chaos made it receptive of seeds and germs of life.

This is expressed in the words; “and after the fire a still small voice” (I. Kings xix., 12). Tohu was thus a state of chaos in which the world existed for ages after its first creation, enshrouded in darkness and immersed in water.

By the action of fire, in its qualities of heat and flame, and the concomitant operation of the divine spirit, the constituent elements became differentiated and each imbued with energies and powers of attraction and cohesion, as also of repulsion, and thus prepared to be taken up and used in the elaboration of material forms and bodies in which per-existing spiritual entities or beings might incarnate and manifest themselves in accordance with laws regulating and governing their birth, growth and development.

The world’s was in a state of “darkness” which was at the same time an allotrophic form of the divine light that in its infinite modes of energy and operation pervaded the vast expanse.

“And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters”; and then went forth the fiat of the divine word: “Let there be light and light was” (Gen. i. 3), light radiant and glittering with a thousand different colors and rays, fringing and embellishing all objects with a halo and sheen of beauty and splendor, entering into and informing each atom and evoking its latent life and energy and exciting it to the display and exercise of its inherent properties and functions in the great economy of nature.

In all the various phases of development from tohu to bohu through countless ages of silent, secret and ceaseless progression from lower to higher stages and states of being, the Divine has manifested under many and different aspects or characters corresponding to and symbolical of them.

Thus, whilst the earth was in a state of “chaos”, it manifested itself as Shaddai; and when it passed from the state of tohu to bohu, as Sabaoth, or Hosts.

When darkness disappeared, then became it known as Alhim. But not until the life-giving word was spoken, did it become known as the “I am that I am. After the fire a darkness made visible,” it manifested as Alhim”.

I Am

Let there be light and light was.”

We have dwelt in the operation of En Soph or the unknown infinite and eternal Being in preparing the earth and impregnating its substance with a mysterious divine virtue or power which rendered it capable of becoming the medium for intention and manifestation.

The life-giving Logos or Word to originate and utter the symphony of vibration that should impart life and breath and motion to the universe.

Then and not till then was it spoken; then and not till then the celestial and terrestrial worlds becoming bound and associated together by a reciprocal influence, a new and a living way was opened for the incarnation and exhibition of life upon the earth.

This is why in the antecedent primal stages of development in the world’s history the expression “God said,” is not found in scripture.

At first he willed, as the Arabic version gives it, and his will operated silently, slowly, yet surely and effectively. The primary substance of the earth being thus prepared, it was through the mysterious action of the Word that it became endowed with vital properties and attributes through the divine vibration imparted to it.

This is what scripture affirms: “And God said,” that is, Alhim manifested himself by and through the divine Logos; and thus by and through the Word, produced motion or vibration under the laws of which created matter, or substance, resolved itself into an infinitude of different forms.

“Let light be.”

*I, represents the male and the female principle. The full word is therefore a symbol of Father Mother Source. Source being the same as the first in order to show that all the three aspects or forms as stated, under which En Soph operated in the creation and production of the universe, were only the manifestations of one and the same divine Being. The first part represents light; the second part denotes the Logos; the third letter part the primal light.

Before the manifestation of the Logos seven other letters were formed, but the primal light proceeding from the Father was too ethereal and empyreal to receive and become impressed with their forms and signatures.

“God saw the light that it was good” (Gen. i. 4), for then the universe became lit up and pervaded throughout with the divine life which preserves it for the common weal and happiness of created and animated beings.

It was by the union of Day and Night, symbolizing light and darkness, the male and female principles, that the Logos or creative Word proceeded.

When the creative and passive light blend and unite, that is, when the active male principle unites with the passive female principle, an equilibrium is established and procreation takes place.

The following remarks are from an ancient work entitled

Liber Adami, or, The Book of Adam.

“When the passive light, termed in scripture ‘darkness,’ became blended and unified with the active light, there were myriads of spiritual beings or existences, part of whom were fully developed and ready for incarnation, the rest but imperfectly so. Believing that the light and darkness were antagonistic in nature and principle, there arose a division of opinion among them, some declaring themselves partisans of light, others its opponents and advocates of darkness.

When the mediating Logos had blended light and darkness and thus symbolized the perfect unity of the divine essence, the advanced and enlightened among them embraced and received the fact, whilst those only partially developed remained obdurate in their ideas and opinions and thus by their contrariety and differences of thought and the contentions and quarrels that arose therefrom,

” This discord and dissension has found an entrance and reflection in the world and is distinguished by the object in view, whether it be actuated by desire for truth or motive by selfishness and a hankering and craving to rule and dominate over others

–Excerpts from various sources and bodies of work

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