Refocused, Reviewing Revolutions RaRa!

BHP-U2-8-structure-scientific-revolutions-89679526Beyond the Moon we glimpse the process of the shadows, what has been hidden for so long that it takes a considerable shift in awareness to face the truest forms that we have not even seen in ourselves.

Seeing that all the processes of what were once accustomed to, but in this the cleansing of the family ties and in this we are the useing the fire of the dragon fire and the energy.
the cleansing of fire is needed of the dragon that comes through as the cleanser of the mind and of the heart.

*I have noticed there are many influencing energies and entities surrounding us at this current point in time…

There is potential of energy surrounding you all the time….I have seen this work in the subtle field surrounding a person…These subtle fields are part of our own inner field of existence, in this there is the tapping in and streaming of a continuous stream of data or energy so to speak…that you absorb…and this becomes part of what you have originally set out to experience….

With the current energy flux and the retrogrades of the astrological cycles it is bound to charge all our personal and social senses with a sense of chaos.

Given that these energetic charges also influence what we experience as a type of shadow effect, we are still having to deal with the alternative ego cycles that we go through…


These cycles of emotional aspects that we are being bombarded with bring forward what shadows need to be resolved or literally dissolved.
So in this , I have decided to drawn in energy to have a greater scope on all that is influencing us at this time.

I will start with the current aspects of a frequency that has come to a point where it requires a sense of personal upliftment,

This also applies to all those who are in the Houses per se Astrological in senses….

Expect imminent Adjustment Everyone is adjusting. Don’t forget that some elements are either fighting this by using all kinds of ego tactics or complying with this effort.

This effort of change is part of the greater plan of the Great Spirit, a thought cleanser and all natural aspects are also in this process, including the planet, the frequencies and all matter of natural elemental beings and time lines.

This is what was decided and a choice held by many who were involved, just as there will never be one day to be the same as the previous day.

And that in this , from what I am experiencing another step up. In this I mean that you have stepped up above the houses as such and that you are now part of a greater level of energy…

This energy is one that is universal, in this sense, you are not able to operate at the bandwidth so to speak and not the way it was before.

Now no more duality but wholeness, the balance has subsequently dissolving away to enhance all of your faculties and all your
This is the potency of the shifting of the energy as it is right now and will not change soon…We are not where we used to be, we have advanced radically.
In our gifts and in our embodiment of our existence, all our fractal parts are returning towards us as well, should we wish it to do…personally I feel that this is why we are going through all these things, it’s the dealing of our own shadows…

So for you as the Lifting greater plans and energy work comes together, and the adjustment of all these will take time, especially since there are others who don’t want you to take in your position on the Council so to speak.
And than there others who are pushing you to accept this responsibility as well…
None the less, this is an objective reading for all of us…

Abundance lies in the ability to operate now in a quantum level, the abilities that you are already working with, more, greater, Now you are teachers, masters of the gift, and in this you are part of the Council, clearing and guiding the work on a more greater path…Abundance comes when you realize that you are in the council, you are no more just here…you are part of the Council…know this…work with this renewed knowledge…ever time you know this , you will feel that you are energized..
Shift the energy…. Change things, change the recipe…Teach, be masters in this…
The Master of the sacred knowledge that is already within you…
Long term , maintain course in this and you will have greater potential to energize many to follow your teachings…

There is an ever potential budding energy, many of the aspects that we have gone through with you in the Lifting and on personal levels are similar in nature…
And it also requires for us to be more authentic in ourselves, drawing all aspects and fractal parts of ourselves from al multidimensional levels towards our very own essence or being. To embrace our own Great One beingness within ourselves.
Because we are all in this together, we are not breaking the matrix down fast but slowly unraveling the process..

There are no heroes because this is a program that generates war…therefore we are all infinite first breath of Great Spirit who brings truth and compassion. This is the way of the Heart always.

To allow all aspects to come through and to be discerning how we address these matters first within ourselves before we can do this in another…

To do healing for someone is to first heal the ailment in myself before I heal it in another…As in also know thyself and then heal thyself…
A universal principal…


Take Note:

We are all whole, all beings who are part of the assisting and the higher energy to help and heal one another are in this, members in particular as always.

Alchemy Dragon
In alchemical symbolism dragons are associated with fire and the primal chaotic material. The Western concept of dragons is to portray them as fire animals spewing fire, something to be hated, feared, and destroyed. However, in the Far East these negative traits are minimized and the symbolism is ambivalent. In iconography, for example, two dragons are depicted as facing each other, and especially in European and Islamic hermeticism this confrontation is depicted as being similar to the serpents of the caduceus. This is the neutralization of opposing tendencies, of alchemical sulfur and mercury; while immanent, undeveloped nature is portrayed as in the ouroboros, the dragon biting its tail. Even in the Far East the dragon possesses different aspects, in that it is simultaneously a creature of water, of Earth, of the underworld, and of the shy. This makes it akin to the Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec, plumed serpent.

Symbolism from Carl G. Jung’s Mysterium Coniunctions: Dragon is personification of Sulphur and is by far the male element. Since the dragon is said to impregnate himself by swallowing his tail, then the tail is the male organ and the mouth is the female organ. The dragon consumes its entire body into his head; thus, partaking of his most dangerous and evil nature turning it into the inner fire of Mercury. This evil dragon nature which sulphur shares is frequently called the “dragon’s head” (caput dragonis), which is a “most pernicious poison,” a poisonous vapor breathed out by the flying dragon. However, the “winged dragon” that stands for quicksilver becomes a poison-breathing monster only after it unites with the “wingless dragon” which corresponds to sulphur. In psychological terms these two dragons represent the opposites; the winged dragon tries to prevent the wingless dragon from flying. They are always in confrontation until the wingless dragon flies, symbolizing the conquering of an obstacle, or obstacles, preventing total individualization. In other words, the winged dragon represents personal obstacles that must be overcome to insure a more-perfect being; thus, leading to the saying: “You conquer the dragon or he will conquer you.” A.G.H.

Much Love

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