The Promethean

“I am Infinite Consciousness “

The Promethean is the expression of Great Spirit empowered in plural, acknowledging the individual right of your existence for who you are. The Fire is the sacred inner light always operating from within all levels of creation and beyond , what makes the human existence powerful is that we are able to utilize our masculine and feminine expressions from within our Soul and Spirit signature

“The common misconception of Prometheus commonly describes that Prometheus had to steal the fire from the gods , to enlighten the people.”

The Promethean breaks through the “beliefs of subjection.

The Promethean , tells us that we never needed to steal any fire from any god, that was a lie…A lie that was created to make humanity believe in the subjection of Sacred Wisdom. that Sacred Wisdom can only be acquired by seeking it in another. This does not negate the messengers, but it does negate the ability to be mindful of Creative energy from within.

The Promethean, owns the sacred Fire and Wisdom of Infinite Consciousness, that a Greater Existence, Great Spirit or Universal Power always had intended for people to have found the Fire from Within , the kingdom of Heaven is always within. to have become aware that all that we do on this plane of existence is to expand on the Infinite Consciousness of the Great Spirit from within .

In fact the only ‘ Thief ‘ that we can speculate on , are the ones who bequeathed themselves as demi gods who have been trying to steal our fire in the first place…these are mis-creations….Of these we must learn from , so that we hone our Internal Fire of Wisdom more.

Of these Mis-Creations, we can also see and know are merely replications and dilutions of the Original Sovereign Truth. If we are able to see that we are Truly Free inside, and that We always had the Keys to our Kingdom, that we always had the Fire.

Why do Mis-Creations exist?

It is important to realize that these are the ones who only operate from what they perceive and what they can project outwards, in other words, their existence is external based. Of these Mis creations, we know are replications or false images of us. and that their biggest Skill to make you believe in their story, their lie that they turn against you with your own power of Observation and infinite Potential that which makes us believe in something else or in the False narration of another is an inverted Creation.

The False Creation is based on a mirror of inverted energy. This is Narcissistic, as well as using your energy, your ability to create , against you by inverting and turning what you look at against you.

It is important that we realize that they , these mis creations, are simply by products of actualization of Us….therefore must be seen as potential elements that are merely only performing a narrative that had been prescribed to them …They and what they present must not be hated, they must be seen as specters that we can learn about to become stronger within ourselves. If we believe in them and their atrocities, We give them power.

Welcome to the Promethean

If you feel you have what it takes, please make yourself comfortable….and walk with the many other who are here.

We hold a strong support in a Greater Power that is powerful within us. We embrace each other for who they are , as Sacred Individual Consciousness, founded in the Original Organic Blue print of Humanity.