Three Kingdoms at War

Uprooting of the Cosmic Inner Wounds
Tri- wounding the brains of the outfit uprooted

Over time as of the first announcement of this pandrama…Timelines are all over the place….but this is as i have mentioned before, that humans are all locking these timelines in…
So we get the fearful timelines, the conspiracy timelines and than the other ones that fall in between causing splitting of timelines…

I always say if you want to create a new timeline , just focus alot of energy into what you want , good things would be nice…


We are Hyper spiritual beings …we are made up of light…various versions of light that reflect and deflect …depending on where we feel we are drawn, can be a contract…or even the resistance to something new…none the less….
Through inserting new timelines…we activate the sacred Dragon energy within us….for those who are not familiar with Dragon speak…please see my Dragon speak video for more in depth understanding…
The way we speak and think and feel is how we bring in what we would like to experience…right?

As for what is happening now…well…as said about two weeks ago , we are going to experience a kind if hemorrhaging or breaking through of energy coming from the underground upwards…
We are as a matter of fact going through the three kingdoms of the consciousness…this has to do with the three parts in the brain…or the tri-unity…
Not the gnostic one…but the reptile, mammal and human frequencies….
With enough energy enforcing the consciousness to traverse through these regions on a daily basis…..we are most certainly also going to connect with the extra terrestrial counterparts of these three systems more so now….

That said…shows that we are now ready to look and disect the root of all things that may have caused us discomfort…this as also said is also refered to shadow work…with one slight difference…that we are more in control over how we uproot old energies…we choose how we allow this to happen within ourselves….
in other words, we control the way we accept things when we get in touch with it…
Remember that every thing that we experience and its potency depends on how we react or respond to it….

so coming back to the three kingdoms…..
Each kingdom chooses how to react or respond to the perceived energy that it is exposed to….
The most important factor to consider is this…

Interesting thing about uprooting the reptilians…and Africa is the hub or grand central for a myriad of reptilian species…scaled one , non scaled…raptors…and old crocodile type ones that look like draconians….
I bring this up so that we can also see the metaphysical along with the psychosis of the planet…

the substrate of fear comes not only from living in the physical world with physical dependencies…but to also note that in the human body we are dealing with that inner lizard part of the brain…
I have often wondered why it is referred to the lizard…why not inner lion or inner bear or whatever…why lizard?
giving it an allocated space to believe in…to accept as gospel….

3 brains

The cerebrum fills up most of your skull. It is involved in remembering, problem solving, thinking, and feeling. …
The cerebellum sits at the back of your head, under the cerebrum. It controls coordination and balance.
The brain stem sits beneath your cerebrum in front of your cerebellum.





Lizard brain Brain stem and cerebellum, fight of flight impulse Action GUT



Mammal Brain Limbic system, emotions, memories, habits, and attachments Emotions HEART

Human Brain language, abstract, thought, imagination, consciousness reasoning and rationalizing Thinking HEAD


I’m shifting this…in my own perspective , i choose to bring Balance into my new timeline

Choose what to bring into your new timeline

Much love




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