When Two is Three

Journey from within the eye of the needle inward out…
When Two become Three, the twins that became three, deeper information Adept*
The polarities or frequencies, two have become three, information how we perceive the world in what way do we see the world around us , and how do we interpret it. The twins is referenced as the creator and its mirror or reflection. Intent projection and the Experience
Light sees itself and marvels its own creation
In the same principal we look at the Vesica Piscis

vesica piscisvesica piscis
and or the double slip experiment, when light electron is observed it changes it pattern”

We choose to decide how we perceive what we observe, we are the Creators , We choose to have order or chaos, both aspects are reactions to how we feel within ourselves, if i feel disturbed by what i see, then what I perceive will be the result of my perception, therefore I choose to resolve the root of this emotion by addressing it.

for example, if i see dirt everywhere , my perception is it is chaos, if i resolve this perception, i then can say that the root of my issue is that i am afraid of feeling out of control .

Think about this Deeply

Much love

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