The Promethean talks to The Golden Voyage

The Eighth Chakra Conundrum

join me in discussion with Marieta Weemen from the Gouden Reis, where we break down the deeper root of the information on Chakras….

Contrary to the Mainstream New Age Disinformation who declares that there are only 7….

the key is important to realize that the 8th is hidden…..

More on My Guest, please see Marieta as now part of the Counseling Section on this website…please be mindful that these counselors on the Counsel in the House , page are independent in their work and must be respected for that….Thank you

Short Bio on Marieta

Marieta Weemen

Personal guidance, coaching – a different view on questions such as Why do I adapt like this? or Why do I keep getting discouraged by that? can help you better focus your energy and attention on what does help you (and any family and loved ones).

Marieta Weemen
The Golden Travel
Practice for Naturopathy, Spirituality and High Sensitivity.


Please Join us

The Promethean talks to Marieta Weemen on the the 8th chakra…








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