The Promethean Talks about: “Kaput Manus”- The hidden Hand

hidden hand and visible hand NWO VS NWR

KAPUT MANUS -destroying the hand in Latin
Please be mindful that this material is Adept…so will mark Adept , meaning that we must look and listen very carefully….Adept means this information has a wide range of detail that s being uncovered…

The title of this body of work is called Kaput MANUS
Kaput means obsolete, end or dismantling of the Hand, the word Hand

We are now looking at the hidden hand, the one that is the shadow of the visible one…
the one that is visible as we know , given how the current world has been operated through violation of the electromagnetic current or currency….

Energy creates energy
To recap, the previous video on the deliberate interference of the “kapitalism” ideology…
in other words trading on your loss, and to subject you into the lifecycle of the ouroboros..

To sum it up, we have one hand that is the visible one , well parts of it is being experienced…the Cult of Kapitalism, using life as its currency…NWO
NOW we unearth , perhaps the biggest root of the most involved energy , hidden in every path that you look at , every belief system that you may have encountered in your life…
I call this the hidden hand …the New World Religion….

This Body of work is a massive but detailed scope….have had countless dreams of this , i could see it has been present in almost every cycle of the existence of humanity and perhaps off planet also….

we will see a part of the reference of the hidden hand in overt behavior during this very well known ritual that took place…when there is a blatant reflection of the two hands in action…
Before i start, i do need to explain something , i have been explaining that the Christology , or the Christos energy, which is electromagnetism, and the expression of it , is not relevant here…i feel i needed to bring it in for you to be mindful….
Jesus or Jesua….in the biblical mythos , the man is discussed here…

An excerpt….the Gospel of Matthew 26:15 states that Judas committed the betrayal in exchange for thirty pieces of silver…and had placed his hands in the same silver bowl as Jesus….
this excerpt is relevant as it shows the agreement that Man in himself…had made agreements with silver, which is Lunar Magick, which is the root of the Kapitalism ideology…and in turn betrayal happens , when this agreement of an energetic contract creates a rift between man and his consciousness, via the Lunar cult, …
meaning , more simpler here, when there is an agreement to accept something to govern my consciousness, i open the door to allow the hidden hand to intercept my internal organic connection that i have with my Higher Self or Great Spirit…in other words, i agree to accept and subject myself to higher orders,rather than to remain undisturbed to accept what is inside of me, this is the betrayal that one makes to oneself….and then to allow myself to become crucified…allegorical…

reference : The silver plate as the serving dish ….THE COIN….and the hand that controls the COIN
The COIN is offering or tithing and the other hand is the NEW AGE AGENDA…..Religion or Churches….Circe….circle…or binding spell….to bind or to circle something…

with this being said….

We will look at the next part of the information in a metaphysical allegorical manner…as this is the archetypal discussion in itself that dissolves this element …
The two hands, one is hidden , a bigger beast then the one that is visible….both are not equal in their power, but the visible hand the authors of the NWO agenda, are only acting out the influence of the Hidden Hand of the scriptors and magicians…

the Visible hand is solar cult based, masculine, and the ones that act on the hidden orders of the hidden hand which is lunar cult based, feminine….

The Solar cults or gods often bring in from Phoenician and Egyptian,Babylonian influence through the Cult of Materialism, financial,politics,institutes that are financial based…

Whereas the Lunar cults or goddesses often from Egyptian also, Mesopotamian societies, influence through cult like influence of social engineering….through , things such as “woke” movements , hippy age,new age movements, science and religion….Hermetic

The NWO as a collective entity along with the NWR as a collective entity…
we are in the middle of these two hands….i hope this makes more sense….

the NWO is solar cult masculine…driven by Egyptian masonry…as a collective….
the NWR is a lunar cult feminine….driven by Hermetic Masonry…as a collective….more hidden ….more powerful…..

these cults have both hijacked the masculine and feminine principals , the worst is the lunar cult…
stealing from the original natural infinite consciousness that is inherent within the existence of the sacred blueprint of the Adamic blueprint…

Here in itself neither solar or lunar can create , but only copy or replicate….where as the seed of consciousness is in the Organic Spirited consciousness of an awakened Infinite conscious being…one who is balance can create and seed….and is whole with the awareness of masculine and feminine principals ,the ability to also carry the seed of consciousness to term…so to speak , this is human based energy….
In other words you can only create now, when you are aware of who and what you are in yourself…when you are able to recognize the spirited energy that you exists as…

this work will bring out and dismantle the Hidden hand now , just as it has dismantled the solar cult in its collective essence….

It is our intention to dismantle and unravel the hidden hand …..
we know that our intention leads where our inner sight goes, our inner sight gives light and creates through our words and action ….that which becomes a reality….

Where do we stand as the observer by seeing the following and intentionally dismantling yet another element that has perhaps construed much disinformation ….deliberately…..

Always remember this….
There is now visible for all to question and to dismantle themselves from it by revoking the
contract of subjection from taking part in this belief……

n other words we revoke our agreement to partake and accustom ourselves with the hidden hand dipping into the silver plate,our sacred feminine principal…
We also dismantle and dissolve what has sealed our souls into the cult of lunar Magick …
We free our voices within our own throats, archetypal called Mercury the archetypal reference to the voice…and ultimately we dissolve away in our Higher Selves, as Great Spirit individually our partaking of the rituals unbeknownst to us with the Rites of Mizraim births in 1788, the Rite of Memphis birthed in 1815
and with the Ancient and Primitive Oriental Rite of Mizraim and Memphis – 1945



The Hermetology of these above said cults or rites , will now be cleared up….

“In short we are looking at a quote link supplied on this at the bottom, :”The «Ancient and Primitive Rite of Misraim and Memphis» (Name Registered n° 18132859) is inarguable the most Hermetic Masonic Order in the International Masonic scene. It is the result of the fusion of the esoteric process of the Egyptian Rite or Rite of Misraim that came from Venice in 1801 and the Oriental Rite or Rite of Memphis that came in 1839 in Paris, and it was based on a nomenclature that worked through the degrees of Misraim from start, including the Initiations and Rites of the Oriental Rite.”

BACKGROUND Ancient and Primitive Oriental Rite of Mizraim and Memphis 

The Main Root of the entire structure is called the Ancient and Primitive Oriental Rite of Mizraim and Memphis 

out of this comes numerous structures and governmental entities that are or have been inserting itself in the education for the soul, as they put it…meaning its been interfering with the original blue print on humanity,for some time…

Chronology of its many faces,

Excerpt from site :


  • 1782 The Misraim Rite functions in the Greek island Zante [Zakynthos] according to preserved documents      
  • 1796 The Misraim Rite functions in Venice according to preserved documents.    
  • 1801 Filalete Abraham brings over the Misraim Rite in Venice.      
  • 1839 Establishment of Memphis Rite in Paris by Etienne Marconis.    
  • 1848 Arousal of Misraim Rite at the same time with the Venetian Republic promulgation (Rite had been reposed in the meantime).      
  • 1856 Establishment of a Sovereign Council in Alexandria with title “Great Orient of Egypt”. The Inauguration Charter by Marconis, gives all forces for the Sovereign Sanctum establishment. Grand Master is Marquis Joseph de Beauregard.
  • 1862 The Memphis Rite is absorbed by the Great Orient, Marconis abdicates while Joseph de Beauregard don’t concede his abdication nor the shrunk of the Degrees which misapplied in France.      
  • 1865 A new arousal of Misraim Rite (Rite has been reposed in the meantime).  
  • 1867 The Misraim Rite repose once again. Full of legality and in hand of the Grand Master Prince Halim Pascia, is formatted a Sovereign Sanctum as a Sovereign Provenance of Memphis Rite. The Sovereign Sanctum of France is resolving.    
  • 1868 Death of Marconis.        
  • 1869 Right after the Grand Master’s exile, the Memphis Rite reposes.      
  • 1870 The Great Orient of Egypt arouses by S.A.Zola.    
  • 1874 S.A.Zola takes Marconi’s place as a Grand Hierophant.
  • 1876 Constitution of a Grand Symbolic Rite, the National Grand Rite of Egypt. S.A.Zola on the 25th of October assigned the 95° 96° degrees to Giuseppe Garibaldi by nominating him as Grand Master d’onore ad vitam of the Sovereign Sanctum of Egypt. On the 15th of November the Great Orient of Egypt testaments to Salvatore Sottile, Grand Master of the Great Orient of Palermo, a Sovereign General Council commendation chart for the administration of Memphis Rite in Italy and in Palermo’s dale.
  • 1877 The National Grand Lodge of Egypt is independently established by giving rein to the Great Oriental of Egypt, which began the administration of all Memphis Rite symbolic degrees.
  • 1880 The Sovereign Sanctum of Egypt reposes. All Workshops continue operations in the Grand Secret Temple.        
  • 1881 Right after the Giuseppe Garibaldi’s election as a Global Grand Hierophant of the Sovereign Sanctum of United States, of England and Ireland, of Italy and Romania, Egypt crowned his legitimacy.  
  • 1883 S.A.Zola condescends and entitles as a heir, Ferdinando Francesco degli Oddi.
  • 1890 Salvatore Sottile arouses Memphis Rite in Palermo and establishes as a Grand Master of Sovereign Sanctum for Italy.
  • 1900 Salvatore Mortorana establishes as a Grand Master of Sovereign Sanctum for Italy. Ferdinando Francesco degli Oddi is widely conceded as Grand Hierophant by the Grand Sanctums of United States, of England and Ireland, of Romania, Italy, Spain and Egypt.      
  • 1901 Paolo Figlia establishes as a Grand Master of Sovereign Sanctum of Italy.      
  • 1903 Benedetto Trigona establishes as a Grand Master of Sovereign Sanctum of Italy.      
  • 1906 The Memphis Rite reposes.      
  • 1921 Three Patriarchs, Giuseppe Sullirao, Giovanni Sottile and Reginald Gambier Mac Bean, aroused Memphis Rite in Palermo. Reginald Gambier Mac Bean establishes as a Grand Master of Sovereign Sanctum for Italy and for semi colonial territories.  
  • 1923 Reginald Gambier Mac Bean passes all his powers to Marco Egidio Allegri via diploma.    
  • 1925 Because of Fascist government’s laws in Italy, which prohibit Masonry, Egidio Allegri reposes the Rite intentionally in order to be aroused in henceforth expedient time.
  • 1945 Egidio Allegri unify the two Rites and creates the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Misraim and Memphis, establishes the Sovereign Grand Sanctuary of Adriatic (Superum), the Sovereign Mystic Temple, the Grand Consistorium of 30° 90° degrees and the Sovereign Peristyle of Orphics.  
  • 1949 Egidio Allegri reposes the Rite (in the low level Chambers) and passed in the Eternal Great Pyramid. He chose Ottavio Ulderisco Zasio as his successor.    
  • 1966 Ottavio Ulderisco Zasio passed in the Eternal Grand Pyramid. He chose Gastone Ventura as his successor.      
  • 1971 Gastone Ventura arouses the Rite in all its Chambers.        
  • 1981 Gastone Ventura passed in the Eternal Great Pyramid. He chose Sebastiano Caracciolo as his successor.  Adjusts rituals and removed anything that is not understood.
  • Dec. 16-2007 The National Grand Master – National Grand Commander Triantafyllos Kotzamanis 33° 90° 96° passed in the Eternal Great Pyramid.
  • Apr. 4-2013     The Sovereign Grand General Hierophant – Sovereign Grand Master Sebastiano Caracciolo 33° 90° 97° passed in the Eternal Great Pyramid. No clear and legitimate successor was chosen and the Rite and Order was and is reserved by the Grand Conservators of the Rite 33° 90° 95. All Grand Conservators 33° 90° 95° may reawaken the Order and Rite to all the Chambers.

    • Marc Bedarride | Caivillon | 1776-1846
    • Marconis de Nègre | Montauban | 1795-1868
    • Marco Egidio Allegri (Flamelicus),Sovereign Grand General Hierophant, 1945-1949,Marco Egidio Allegri was a very important figure of Freemasonry and Martinism. Initiated into Martinism in 1914 (initiatic name Flamelicus). In 1919, he joined the Supreme Council of the Martinist Order. In 1929, being already a Freemason, he was arrested on charges of masonic propaganda (at the time Freemasonry was outlawed in Italy). After the war, he was elected Grand Master of the Martinist Order and was a member of the Grand Orient of Italy (it. Grande Oriente d’Italia) in which he advanced to the 33rd Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

In 1924, he fully participated in the decision according to which the Martinist Order officially split from the Martinism of Jean Bricaud, who had violated the Declaration of Principles established by the first Sovereign Grand Council of the Martinist Order set up by Papus (Gerard Encausse) and other important individuals. (Jean Bricaud had tampered with the Rituals, moreover he had established as a rule that all Martinists should be Freemasons too and had declared Gnosticism as the official belief system of Martinism).

In 1923, Allegri became the Supreme Authority of the Misraim Rite of Venice and life-long, Grand Preserver of the Memphis Rite of Palermo. On 16th of May 1945, Allegri recreated the Sovereign General Council of the 90th and last degree of the Misraim Rite and the following day he merged it with the Secret Temple of the Patriarchs Princes of Memphis. That way, the Council was temporarily entrusted with the powers of the Sovereign Sanctuary of Italy for the Unified Rites of Misraim and Memphis (Sovereign World Council)

On 18th of May, he created, in perpetuity, the Orient of Venice,the Mother and Master Lodge “Osiris” (Universal Grand Lodge) and nominated the Officers bestowing upon them “the right, duty and acceptance of the Entered Apprentices, Fellowcrafts and Master Masons according to the Constitution of our Order and of Freemasonry”.

The creation of all Superior Chambers was followed, hence the Sovereign Grand Sanctuary of the Adriatic (Supreme Council and Highest Executive Body of the Rite) formed all the necessary Masonic Bodies for the complete function of the Rite whose Constitution and Regulations had been reformed in a conference of the Grand Working College of the Order and the Rite. A previous serious effort for the unification of all Italian Masonic bodies by Allegri had failed.

Allegri travelled in Africa, Persia and below the Equator in an effort to promulgate the ideas of esotericism.

He became the first Sovereign Grand General Hierophant, Sovereign Grand Master and in 1966 he nominated Ottavio Ulderico Zasio as the Grand Hierophant by inheritance. The title was then bestowed upon Gastone Ventura in 1966 in a similar manner and in 1981 to Sebastiano Caracciolo. In 4-4-2013 the Sovereign Grand General Hierophant – Sovereign Grand Master Sebastiano Caracciolo 33° 90° 97° passed in the Eternal Great Pyramid.  No clear and legitimate successor was chosen and the Rite and Order was and is reserved by the Grand Conservators of the Rite 33° 90° 95.

  • Ottavio Ulderico Zasio 
  • Gastone Ventura | 1906-1981
  • Sebastiano Caracciolo | -2013
  • Frater Ptah – 2021 to Present Zenith of U.S.A. of the Ancient and Sovereign Egyptian Rite of Mizraim – Memphis


As we can see they have been spreading , reforming and changing their cloaks for some time…so its made the information very detailed.

There is so much to be concerned about,but that they are all using the Egyptian Freemasonry as its foundation….

I would say that the Orions have perhaps started to terraform the human consciousness….during these time periods, which is most probably the first time this terraformation started to take place…
this is only my speculation and my sense on the above said…

for the preface, i want to say this… is Orion based as its genus…its root….
and that they inherently have taken control or created hermetica…
on a side note, : I do believe that HP Blavatsky , did speak periodically about many infighting and factioning off of the original Doctrins and many did create their own lodges thereafter also….so many people did not want to be saddled up with the effort of internal energy work as such…its easier to follow some movement that helps you to feel its ok to give over your right to exist…then  i do not take  responsibility for myself,….such is how things were brought in place in the previouis video , pray for money…as such…as oppose to pray within yourself that you are abundant in what you do for the improvement of life in general…do you see the misnomer here in the understanding…?

On the Lodge’s symbology

on the symbol

1.outside of the image,
the serpent, or snake devouring its own tail…as you know, this is a representation of the ouroboros….eternal life, or infinite life…to live forever…throw some money into …and you get a dollar sign…rudimentary of the image as such…
2. the stars, represent the lodges…so it wil differ when you look at each symbol
3. the upside down egg….need i remind you that the egg is inverted for the the universe…
as said before, please go back to the video on the titans…
where i discuss that the universe in itself is a giant egg…or egg shape…
to invert or to turn the egg upside down , is exactly what the intention was …to mess with your head…
4. the wings of mercury…the language or voice that speaks inverted , it speaks for itself…if its attach to the upside down egg…
5. then inside the egg, the entire tracing board broken in facets for those to see how it was formed…including the metatron cube…which is magnetic and artificial in nature…
6. dominion over the water or sea…which denotes, control over not only commerce…money is reference to moon or the sea…but also the sacred waters of the thoughts, mind, the mental, and water also represents the people..or sea of people….

This cult has to something that is called the Hierophant and the hermit…spliced it together, through alchemy….
its important to note…The Hermit and the Hierophant are alchemical representations of the sacred journey archetypal reflection of Man’s soul , from infant through the stages of the 12 archetypes of the soul…or the masks of the anima mundi…


The Above named Order is in simplistic terms governing the Sacred Feminine principals, which is the soul….it claimed to venerate the Mother of Osiris link quote: “Ancient and Primitive Oriental Rite of Misraim and Memphis” was developed into 95 degrees, proceeding the foundation of Sovereign Grand Sanctuary of Adriatic Sea* (Superum)(dominion over the Adriatic sea), The Sublime Mystical Temple, The Sublime Consortium of the 30° 90° degree, and the Sublime Peristyle of Orphic.”

Rosicrucion Order

Ecclesia Theurgica Apostolica Rosae Crucis plus Ecclesia Theurgica Apostolica Rosae + Crucis (ETAR+C) literary means the Theurgical and Apostolic Church of the Rose Cross and is the Ecclesiastical Body of our Order.  Its higher ordinations are those of the Theosophia Apostolica Rosae Crucis of 1796 – that is the Apostolic Theosophy of the Rose Cross – an old Rosicrucian church.  The ETAR+C is the Silent Chamber within our Hermetic body , and it perpetuates the core of the Rosicrucian tradition, both mystical and theurgical. The perfect marriage of Hermeticism and Rosicrucianism.ETAR+C has a mystical & theurgical approach which is very complimentary in the investigation of the mysteries in our Order. This can be very helpful in the quest to unveil the secrets of God, Nature and of Man.  The student who is able to unite these two perspectives will discover the hidden truth that lies behind both systems. This truth cannot be described in words, but can only be approached by a paradox, symbols or experience. The easiest way to find this truth is to compare two esoteric systems.

Ancient and Primitive Oriental Rite of Mizraim and Memphis WAS THE FOUNDATION FOR THE ENTIRE iLLUMINATI ORDER, UNDER THE WELL KNOWN aDAM WEISHAUPT, THE ONLY THING THAT HAS CHANGED IS THAT THIS CULT HAS CHANGED ITS FACE PERIDICALLY TO THROW PEOPLE OFF…THEY ARE STILL ACTIVE…JUST HAS A DIFFERNET MASK….as quoted : “The creator of the Egyptian Freemasonry of Egyptian Rite was the Count Alexander of Cagliostro (1749-1796). Alexander of Cagliostro was initiated to the secrets of the Egyptian Freemasonry by the mysterious Master Altothas in 1776, year of the foundation of the Illuminati Order. The summit of the Illuminati Order was constituted by six members: four were known (Weishaupt, von Knigge, Goethe, Herder) and two were secrets (Franklin and Cagliostro).


as see here…




RELIGION AS SEEN HERE…QUOTE : The two United Rites of Mizraim – Memphis, form in their union an authentic Order and not just a simple Rite. ONE RITE TO CONTROL THE MASCULINE PRINCIPAL, THE BODY, THE MIND AND THE FEMININE WHICH REPRESENTS , THE SOUL, THE HEART,EMOTIONS….
AND QUOTE THEIR AIM :”The Order was conceived with the purpose of collating in a single organization, all the wisdom, knowledge of initiates scattered in the numerous Ritual Bodies of higher Masonry and in the Illuministic and Chivalric Orders. The A.S.E.R.M.M.(Ancient & Sovereign Egyptian Rite of Mizraim & Memphis) is of Chivalry and Illuminati character, deeply Rosicrucian and hermetic, with particular cabalistic functions, that does not in its higher degrees have correspondences with the other degrees practiced in Ritual Masonry.”

THEREFORE, QUOTE: “THE occult societies of Europe were a body of knowledge known as the Arcana Arcanorum, or A.·. A.·. He took this term from the original Rosicrucian of the 17th Century, but his corpus consisted of descriptions of magical practices that stressed “Internal Alchemy,” so it goes. Cagliostro had learned these Tantrik techniques from German Rosicrucian lodges.”




What we must understand over the time span from when the Promethean channel has started is that we have subsequent de tangled archetypes and their influence on our realities…
Thereby freeing up subjected consciousness…collectively…

We are looking at two hands , one that is surface, or topical, that which is visible…and the other hand that is subliminal, secretive, and hidden , occult…the deeper roots to this are those who hide in the shadows of the night …we do not attack the night…we observe that which is hiding in the night…using the Night as a cloak…

In summary, we now know that we are dealing with two world orders, one is money, dominion over masculine and electricity, or metaphysical description of currency…money, creating Kapitalism as an artificial currency…current of electricity…your energy…don’t forget…
this encompasses the lack belief program….
we have dismantled that one in the previous body of work….

and the other one new world order of religion , which is strongly linked to the new age deception…that polarizes the feminine principals, you know the people that only believe in white light…and do not see the rest of the spectrum of light in itself…ministry of magick or MOM…fancy that….order of hermetica…..

Well, we know that Religion is based on a collective belief system , with many facets , that form a conglomeration of beliefs…
Many of these beliefs are based on psychological and esoteric spiritual truth manipulated…
when there is an emphases on belief in something that is above you ,to take control of your life…this is generally a little bit blanketed…since it means that we give belief to a god…irrespective of what direction one takes…
the onus for this constructed belief is to relinquish deeper inner awareness of the self…to betray oneself….using the free will as the vehicle ….
A religion, and it does not matter which one we are referring to…as seen here in this image…called Talk Hermetical…and also includes Christianity…

Now keep in mind how the belief of the Great Spirited consciousness (wakantanka) has been cut up…when i say star consciousness, i am refering to that whixh is in the middle between the two polarities…
sun and the moon , or masculine and the feminine…
when i say middle , i refer to that which is third eye, heart etc…meaning the light in the middle is the one that is the eternal infinite consciousness or null point…the Great Spirit…
the true representation of the circle with the dot…and not solar as misrepresented prior…in alchemy…


Each one of these facets, as you have seen here,
are tied under the RITE of MEMPHIS HERMETICS…

from link

from a website link will be provided said author suggests the following aspects,from the website called order of st Germaine comes the following references

Arcanum Arcanorum According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word “Arcanum” refers to “secrets” or “the Great secret,” the word “Arcanorum” refers to the “secret of secrets.” What is the “secret of secrets?”

“The abbreviation with three points forming a triangle following the initials is typical of esoteric societies; A.·.A.·. is considered the ultimate level of initiation in a few modern secret or discreet initiatic societies, such as Freemasonry, Golden Dawn, etc. A.·.A.·. is from Latin: Arcanum Arcanorum, “Secret of Secrets,” or Hebrew: Arikh Anpin, “Vast Countenance” or English: “Angel and Abyss”,”
“Its motto is: “The method of science, the aim of religion.” A.·.A.·. is the one true and invisible Order which has operated under various names and guises throughout history to guide the spiritual evolution of humanity. The goals of the A.·.A.·. are those which have motivated spiritual exploration and religious inquiry throughout human history. Its methods are those of science; its aims are those of the divine. ” well, what they consider to be divine…their own interpretation ….
qoute : “Every legitimate magical order, mystery school, religion, or other agency disseminating some portion of Wisdom or Light is or has been but an Outer Vehicle of this Inner Fellowship of Light.The Arcana Arcanorum is a elite Rite that goes back to Atlantis. It is the highest of Rites and its purpose is to give offspring to the ‘superhumans’. You must possess a special DNA to join. “

and lastly the order of st Germaine, does exactly the same, quote here: The Arcancum Arcanorum Order of Saint Germain was founded by Le Comte De St. Germain in 1700’s, as an Aristocratic fraternity exclusively for first class members. These members were well established and highly distinguished gentlemen and ladies of a well to do society.
The Order of Saint Germain has retained its mystic teachings of the Angelic beings (Holy Bible), Ancient system of wisdom of Tehuti(Hermes) along with Ancient Freemasonry prior to the seven crusade wars, and the Cabala of Tetragrammaton.
The Order has attracted Martinis, Freemasons, Rosicrucian and like members past and current with impeccable standards in society.
Now for the first time in history this society is being introduced in the new world- The United States of America, whereby this prestigious, mystic circle and exclusive order shall admit men and women of distinction, those accomplished in science, Government, law, medicine and politics for the advancement of North America and other respectable countries. Current locations of the Order can be found in the following countries: Israel, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, and now the United States.”

So there you go , yet some more of these hermetical influences , none the less i don’t give much stock to the above said element since it just perpetuates the same energy over time…
It also suggests that St Germain was the cosmic father of America and said quote : was affiliated with and established several schools. He represented the Free Masons of France at the Paris Convention; He educated Cagliostro whom in 1776 and others wrote the Declaration of Independence for the United states of America; and is accredited as the founder of Egyptian Masonry. Saint Germain also taught Mesmer who was the founder of animal magnetism. He was a very prominent Rosicrucian and very acquainted with Saint Martinez and Pasquale, as well as the inner circle of Elu Cohen. He was a member of several other societies which some he also established.”

NOte: While the ideas of associating the devil, sexual activity and Freemasonry are by no means new, they have been largely if not entirely fantasy. At least until the Ordo Templi Orientis came along (no pun intended). The O.T.O. did indeed unite sexual teachings/techniques with a form of “fringe” and “irregular” Masonry. And when Aleister Crowley either became or merely assumed the office of Outer Head of the Order in the early 1920’s some would say that he added his own brand of Satanism into the mix as Crowley so often referred to himself as “The Beast, 666”.

LODGE P1 “Propaganda”

Given the current state of affairs in the world as we speak, we will look at the latest child of the Rite of Memphis, since they create so many little sub groups, its not easy to track them all..i have more or less managed to do , again

Yes its called  Masonic  Lodge “Propaganda”

I do want to leave this one last aspect that also comes out, and seems to be very much interlinked with today’s activities, on a more deeper darker sociological political agenda in the background…
i do suspects that this group does make the committee of 300 look like pansies….

for interest sake , orient is a french terminology for the east or rising from the east
Old French from Latin orient- ‘rising or east’, from oriri ‘to rise’. or “the direction east; the part of the horizon where the sun first appears,” originally meaning the region east and south of Europe, what is now called the Middle East but also sometimes Egypt and India), from Old French orient “east” Meaning “a pearl of the first water” is by 1831, short for pearl of the Orient originally meaning one from the Indian seas. or the Moon…for lunar…..

this lodge is still active…

they proclaim that they are the real order…they clearly have a bone to pick with the masons , since they write in their manifesto , that they condemn the existence of individuals that have violated the true name of Illuminati, and certain individuals who have set up the fake new world order…but in the next sentence states that they quote” proclaim the existence of the nwo idealization of the real nwo”…so there are more nwo?

so proclaiming that they are the order of the enlightened knights. Be careful when you do read this , because they are sneaky , and it took me a while to fine comb through their deeper message here…

side Note: “Jahbulon or Jabulon (Hebrew: יהבעלאון‎, romanizedYahb’elon) is a word which is allegedly used in some rituals of Royal Arch Masonry, and derivations thereof. It has been found to be speculation or even a European mispronunciation of the name Jehovah. ”


Some Reference Material to Download to and to read about this Hidden Hand

their manifesto in PDF form


M.E.A.P.R.M.M.- Egyptian Freemasonry of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis and Misraïm

their belief is to create a nwo movement that they constitute as a belief in consciousness, remember what i told you about the new world religion….
their belief is to state that on a social level that there is only one form of government…however this form makes it clear that no one has the right to have any individual rights, and that there is no distinction to who you are…in other words, it is exactly the same thing that is happening now…except these guys use ritual, hermetic, beliefs, spiritual energy to get this to work….

there are so many millions of new age sites all around the world…proclaiming that there is savior , and that you cannot possibly help yourself , but that you must surrender to the greater good…which is part of the agenda ….
il leave you with this last quote in their manifesto…

“they say they strive for this…: the future of humanity is in the socialist aristocracy, this is the perfect society, this is a peaceful society,…”
on their beliefs of religion :
quote: “Christianity in the past represented suffering, they bring in via their groups of indoctrination, beliefs that their religion is one of joy…the words here are…
Gnostic Christianity is based on an image of joy and happiness, Jano with arms and legs open in the form of an X….this embodies the creed of the asumption of divinity through joy…that is good…”
this is polarization, in other words, one eye open….
these are the premises for the
NEW AGE ,NEW WORLD RELIGION (Oneism),WOKEISM and a slew of new words that have come to the surface….


Propaganda Due, The Lodge of ‘God’s Banker.’

Secret Societies in Italy- Origins of Propaganda Due

an inversion of so many things, Everything that goes against the Organic human movement…




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