Knowledge Series : Universal/Natural Laws


the universal laws are immutable and mutable
there are 7 Universal LAWS

The first three laws are absolute and Eternal, this means that Great Spirit or the Supreme Force had Created it to be so, and that NO human can manipulate them, this means immutable…
Immutable means unchanging over time or unable to be changed.

Mutable Laws are transitory,malleable , this means that they can be transcended or worked on within the Spirit or the Self…

This does not mean you should ignore the Mutable Laws, but it is important to understand them in their entirety , as the form the bases for Common Sense…or the center Pillar known as the middle pillar or path of the higher self , the heart and the Spirit, the intuition, the five senses in the body as a whole being, with the 6th sense forming the communication stream in the pineal.

Great Spirit redefines itself through the awareness of how we interpret and experiences the laws of nature, nd nature in its balance is universally whole, it means that nature lack nothing or needs to do anything to be in its own sovereign power or existence.

Law 1
The Law of Mentalism is immutable
The Universal Laws of Supreme Mind or Great Spirit is the law of Mentalism –

This means that Consciousness is in the Supreme Mind or the mental state and is the underlying substance or aetheric state of the entire Universe

The Conscious, Awake, Aware, Balanced Mind is the Mind of Great Spirit the Universal Spirited Intelligence. This Holds true on All Planes, Physical – matter, Mental and Spiritual.

However Supreme Mind does not mean that everything belongs to the Mental plane, rather, the Mental plane is the plane of the mind associated with what is considered to be Thinking, imagination and your overall mental state. for example : It is not Great Spirit that is responsible for how a psychopath thinks. Great Spirit is present when the child was born and given life , before he or she chose to become a psychopath.

All energy and matter, both visible and invisible and at all degrees of existence, is created by and is subject to The Absolute of which your Spirit is a Spark and extension of Inspiration of Great Spirit. Your mind is one and the same with the Supreme Mind of Great Spirit in Its entirety.

Your reality is your Creation and is a manifestation of what inspires you in your mind, a projection of your consciousness.

And since all is the Conscious mental state of Supreme Mind OF Great Spirit, this means that you are not separated from the Supreme Mind of Great Spirit, you are consciousness, you are within Great Spirit , as Great Spirit is within you. This is the essence of Mind Power.
Mind Power is the unity between Masculine and Feminine polarities, it is electromagnetic Creative Power.

The Law of Correspondence is Immutable
The Law of Correspondence or correlation.

This Law tells us that there is a correspondence between what is above and what is below “As Above So Below”. What is Below is also Above.”As Within So Without, As Without So Within”.

This means that there is “harmony, agreement and correspondence” between the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Planes.
Simpler, there is no division or separation between what is in you and what is around you…

The only difference is the rate of frequency or vibration.

The same patterned frequency is expressed on all planes of existence from the smallest electron to the largest star, from the visible Physical Plane matter to the non visible Spiritual Plane.

Working with Law of Correspondence
The knowledge of the practical use of the Law of Correspondence allows you to logically understand the NATURE of that which is beyond your understanding by becoming aware and studying the Nature of those things that you do understand and than seeing the Correlation or Corresponding between your Spirit and Great Spirit in this reality.
James Allen British philosophical writer, “As a man Thinketh” 1864 said, “Circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him.”

This means that your outer world circumstances reveal your inner world and so you are giving the chance to change your reactions and or responses to these circumstances. this is True creative power. Therefore your responses determine the way you perceive circumstances.

You have a choice to change what you think, which includes how you feel, what you assume, what you believe and so on.

The Ancient Greek Temple of Apollo at Delphi was referring to this Law of Correspondence in the inscription
“Know thyself and thou shalt know all the mysteries of the gods and the Universe”.

The Law of Vibration or Frequency is Immutable

The Law of Vibration or Frequency suggests that “Nothing rests or stands still is static —Everything Moves — Everything Vibrates and has a frequency”

“The Entire Universe is energy and has a Frequency or Vibration”

Science states everything, including you, is pure energy vibrating at different rates of vibrations.

“The only difference between all manifestations of consciousness or mind, be it matter, thoughts, emotions, things or circumstance, is their corresponding rate of vibration.”

The higher the rate or speed or oscillation of frequency or vibration, the less dense the less physical that thing is.

The lower the rate or speed or oscillation of frequency vibration, the more dense or less subtle more physical that thing is.

On the Physical Plane
everything you experience with your five physical senses is interpreted as frequency. Everything in the material world is a vibration or frequency that you experience and interpret through your soul as the interface.

The 6th sense is anchored in the spirit observes through the entire embodiment along with the soul all things in all planes multidimensionally whether it is physical or not physical, visible or not visible.
the solidity of what is physical is determined by how your mind and brain interprets its pattern or frequency.

On the Mental Plane

The Law of vibration or Frequency emits waves and or patterns through your Thoughts,

Simpler, when you think you emit thought frequencies or waves and each thought wave has its pattern or signature. These frequencies are not physical to your senses yet, as this is pure potential in motion.

The overall frequency of your mental nature is determined by what you constantly think, feel, imagine and believe in.

which then determines the corresponding response of nature of your projected physical experience.
Since you can consciously choose your thoughts, you can intentionally increase the rate of vibration or frequency of your mental frequency by thinking more objective or positive thoughts and this becomes a higher frequency. Balance is key…

The Law of vibration or frequency determines what is attracted to you. Energy attracts energy or like attracts like is the fundamentals for creation and manifestation.
Learn to know who you are and how you respond to everything you experience, and you will learn to control your mental frequency or vibrations at will. this will allow you to choose consciously what to focus on. It is possible to change your core beliefs and to realign the subconscious mind. This is True Thought Power.

The Law of vibration or Frequency and Direction

The Direction of Power is determined by the level of the frequency or vibration. Higher level of vibration or frequency have more direction and power over lower rate of vibration or frequency.
This Means that the higher your level of Consciousness towards your Higher Self or Spirit is..the greater the influence or direction over the denser degree or frequency of consciousness.
This also includes your mental , thoughts and physical plane.

The higher you allow yourself to progress in terms of your consciousness within, the greater your ability to manifest what you seek to achieve or desire.

The Law of Polarity is Mutable

The Law of Polarity means that Everything has an equal and opposing pole or frequency”
“Opposites are Identical in Nature, but Different in Degree”.

The Law of polarity is Mutable or transcient Universal Laws and means there are two sides to everything.

Opposites can be observed as stark contradictions, for example two opposite emotions, such as love and hate, happiness and sadness, temperature hot or cold, war and peace, light and dark,appear to be different , but are inherently the same in its basic nature…all are energies of the same extreme on opposite poles or polarities. the frequency or vibration in which it is expressed defines the degree of the polarity.

One you observe the polarities from within your other words, when you go into yourself by way of deep breathing , the in breath is created within you first…before you exhale ..this is the point of centeredness. To observe the two polarities.

Adopting the thought of all is energy allows you to transcend from becoming involved in the external polarity of existence…Observation is Key.

The Law of Rhythm is Mutable

The Law of Rhythm states that all Energy Flows out and In , All energy rises and falls or descends, Hot air travels up and cool air descends, sounds go high and sounds go low. The Heart and the Brain functions in electric and then magnetic.
Magentism creates Rhythm.
Electricity woks in tandem with magentism to create rhythm. How you feel is how you react or respond to rhythm.
The waves rise up and the waves come down. The pendulum swings to the left and then swings to the right.
Rhythm is the natural breath and heart beat of the universal intelligence within all things seen and unseen.

Working with the Law of Rhythm means you key into synchronicity. You can also rise above the law of rhythm and choose not to be swayed by the movement or the tide of influence.
this does not mean you defy this law, you merely choose to be in observation of this law by adapting to seat of observational balance.

Balance transitions the Law of Rhythm, because Rhythm seeks balance.

If the Rhythm is too strong and it is overwhelming, your response to the swing of high or low is Key here. How you respond , Vs React to the rhythm must be done from a seat of balance.

The Law of Cause and Effect is Mutable

Every Cause has an Effect. For every action there is a reaction. For every impulse there is a response.
This does not define that innocents have chosen to be hurt or abused.

As this is the outer world, and the outer world is governed by the mental state of every individual freely without considering Great Spirit.

Great spirit is defined in the laws of the spirit within and so it is your choice to define this inner Cause in relation to the outer effect.Your inner world, is the cause and the visible material world is the effect.
Do not allow your outer reality or world to determine the frequency of how you respond to energy internally.

To Master and have control over your outer reality, you must master how you think because the material reality is a mental creation – a projection of consciousness.
Chance and luck do not exist. there is also no magic formula that can give you good luck or change things.
these are beliefs in an ignorance of the Law of Cause and Effect.

Do not allow your outer reality material world to control your inner world. Come into the inner world and determine how your thoughts affect your reality. In other words, whatever is created in the Spiritual Plane is in time projected in the Physical, because the former directs the latter.
In line with the conscious creation process, your outer world (effect) must come to match your inner world (cause) by Law.

The Law of Gender masculine and feminine is Mutable

Everything has a masculine and feminine aspect , plus and minus or one and zero.
Masculine and Feminine principals are found in all things in this reality, electrons and magnetic poles, electric and magnetic.

Masculine principal is directive and creative and feminine is receptive and creation.
The directive masculine principal in mind is your conscious mind, your will and your logic.
The corresponding feminine creative principal is your subconscious mind, your desires and your emotions respectively.

Both genders masculine and feminine principals are equal and powerful and requires unity in balance to wok together.

The Law of gender does not represent physical masculine or feminine attributes, but metaphysical in nature.

It is important to allow your conscious and subconscious mind,thoughts, will and desires to work together or unite in harmony with your logic and emotions towards the same outcome. In other words, go into the inner world and love yourself. The sub conscious mind as well as the conscious mind are in equality.

Masculine(electricity) and Feminine(magneticity) are Qualities are Within, represented by the brain as left hemispheric or right hemispheric.

Outward expressions of feminine principals are love, patience, intuition and gentleness and of masculine principals are energy, self-reliance, logic and intellect.

Realize that every human being has these attributes within them, and choose to express them .

When you are at peace within yourself, when you can love yourself without doing so at the cost of another,the law of Gender comes into harmony.

when you can enter internally into the state of Balance when acknowledging Great Spirit, than you are in alignment with unity as within and so without.

The Law of Attraction is not mentioned as one of the seven Universal Laws. Therefore is a man made law.

“The Universe exists by virtue of these Laws, which form its framework and which hold it together.” Once you know these Universal Laws, you can use your knowledge of the Higher Laws to master and transcend the Lower Laws. This is fundamental to attaining direction over your inner mental world so that you can consciously create your intended reality and achieve true mastery.” – Tania Kotsos


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