The Promethean Chats with Marieta Weemen about leadership and savior complexities

Can Leaders become Saviors…?

what is the deeper issue at hand with today;s society with regards to this particular belief…

With my guest Marieta Weemen

Join us in this discussion , while we dive into the depths of the story behind Groups Vs Cults, Leaders vs Saviors….contradictions in the making in our century of human development…

There is today , a situation that seems to have been building from the ideologies or dimensions of how we see , ourselves..We have an important responsibility for ourselves.

We look at how we learn and understand by an example, does this or define the aspect of seeking leadership, what we fail to than learn to achieve as a humanity race, we lose touch with responsibility…

A common mistake I see new leaders making when joining a team, an organization, or a government is the “Savior” Syndrome. The Savior Syndrome is the perception that my role is to fix things, people and others. You hear them say” It is Mess”… “It is terrible”… “It is awful… What new leaders don’t recognize is the impact of their words and actions on others who have been there before they even arrived and who will be there probably after they leave.

What Is The Savior Syndrome? 

The Savior Syndrome or Complex is a psychological construct which makes a person feel the need to save other people or a situation all the times. This person has a strong tendency to seek situations or reframing existing situations as being a “Mess” so they can be the hero who fixes it, feel good about themselves and be appreciated by others.

Why do new leaders get the Savior Syndrome?

There are many sides to a Savior Syndrome and it has many roots. One of its roots, in my experience with new leaders, consists in the belief that the savior has and that goes something like this:

“If I always point out the dire situation, I will get the attention I deserve, be the hero to fix it, feel valuable, and have a happy life.”

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