Materium over time

Its been some time , since i have been posting any material on my website, but if you have been subscribed on my youtube channel, you will have seen major progress

An overview on the last few months

In April :

At the ages of time, we have been looking at how the hyper cubic system has become more emphasized as to showing you what the drive was of the current world views in this world..the hyper cubic belief of the system for what it represents, always reveals itself as a type of fantasy on the beginning of breaking open the existence of what is natural, one could say where there was a destruction of natural laws, existing structures are “seen” as destructive, so all forms of original traditions are seen as satanic in sense. A study on how to create a state of fight or flight , so that you are trained to go into your cubicle..using Food as the tool.

delving into what true society inspires towards, what philosophies are potentially believed in..

followed by :

The snake charmers of the pharmakeia, while in dire straits during a severe flood in South Africa. (W)eather Dances with the Snake is a ceremony that venerates the bringer of Rain…ironically it is also a reference to what is pertaining to now… Weather is also called “Eather- or Ether The Ancient ritual is highlighting the duality of the snake and the eagle, or the dual between these two aspects This is a Mythological linked to the battle between masculine and femininity… water is another key element for the symbolism of the spirit. Correlating with this day as the celebration of Easter…it is potent energy. I am Infinite Potential Communication is important while seeking knowledge and wisdom to heal yourself,soul,spirit,mind and body. this is called the sound of creation from the heart, IMPORTANT : The Promethean Channel is unique,whole, organic individual original metaphysical experience. All insight and wisdom expresses from within Sovereignty depends on you.Thank you for being part of Great Spirit. The Promethean does not enforce any religion or try to dissuade you from it, but urges that you question everything, discern from all that you give blind faith or belief to .

changes of a reality , that is not familiar anymore, transverse through an alien landscape , alien ideologies of what was original , transhumanism


the inversion of the masculine and feminine polarities using a dark feminine agenda

what is New Age Religion





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