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Recently I’ve been asked a few questions , that i found to be quite profound….once i actually looked into them….its been some time , since the last I’ve been here, but as you know , just because you may not have seen much activities on this site, doesn’t mean that I’ve been sitting still…:)

For those who feel daring , i would advise that you explore my Deviant Deception series (and its growing!) on my Odysee channel, many of you know that the mainstream systems have been operating in needing to sensor independent creators of content and wisdom keepers alike…

Deviant Deception series

1 what is astral travel exactly? What was your first time doing it?

I would use an example to explain Astral Traveling, If you can think of someone and feel the connection very strongly , you are doing remote viewing…to some degree…if you are act on those feelings or drive you have when you day dream or envision, then it is possible to astral traveling….Its common misconception that you are locked into your body, when it is not so …
your body is merely a mobile vehicle or vessel for you to exist within….

My first astral travel happened when i was a child…while i was awake…as a family we regularly went to with my parents to my Dad’s work seminars…i remember distinctly that i was so bored with the droning and talking that i wondered how it be if i could just walk outside and go play in the garden , i was about 8yrs old…
i think it was wishful thinking but because my mother told me to sit still , i thought…im sure i would be able to just slip out without her knowing….i then found myself outside walking in the garden and noticing that i was outside of my body , my body was still in the conference hall….but i was outside…my sister who is also clairvoyant saw me wandering outside , since she had to been to the toilet…and had seen me walk outside …she decided to follow me , saw me ….called for me , but she says i didn’t hear her…when she came back to the conference hall , she saw me still sitting there…i had then decided to come back ….it was spontaneous …but i explored more as i grew older….if i need to i can randomly leave my body now…i saw the first dimension which very looks like its all grayish with some winds around it …its possible to monitor where you go towards and choose to what dimension to go towards….you have control over it ….

2. How to overcome the fear of the void during astral travel?

The idea that the Void may pertain to be a space or field where there is simply nothing or no thing…is really what creates a misconception , that you may be alone or be in a space of silence…when it simply not , it is teeming with much potential energy and the direct connection with the Original Creator…beyond the human realms….
So the concept would need to be understood as a reality that To travel to the void is not the same as to wander through the realms…..traveling through the realms are a bit daunting since you find many spirit people and other travelers, but you also see the dynamics of the world in which you exist in …there is no fear when going towards the Void….its really about being determined….fear of the unknown is what prevents people from actually doing mostly anything…so its like having to go on an adventure to some foreign country by yourself….you either do it or you never do …

3. How is our physical body connected to our consciousness? Is it through the “silver cord” like is mentioned in the Bible?

Our physical bodies are made up of frequencies that interlock into each other, like cogs in a machine… whereas the silver chord is like a relay switch or extension of the frequency condensed which links you or loops your cogs together from your root to your crown…

The silver chord or relay switch is seated within the spinal fluid…the fluid itself is like amniotic electrical field of energy which extends out in the body….it directly touches the Medulla-oblongata ….it also has a purpose for this realm….

a type of strand or key or key card to function within this realm….it is possible for the silver chord to be hijacked..

During kundalini yoga, or any form of spiritual trauma, ET visitations etc…any type of trauma…, the spinal fluid can become affected or the frequency can be altered…and the silver chord then becomes split into two…it divides itself…then let me say it can happen or it can not , it depends on your spirit, the nature of your energy…strong willed or not…

the silver chord is like an antenna, it means it can be hijacked or other anomalies can enter into you to overlay it , at any given point it is always important to guard your energy …with will. violation of the psycho sexual root can open this like splitting open the chord so that it becomes polarized…

If you yank the chord out it does unplug you from your body…the silver chord is also a type of gateway related to Orion
the silver chord does break when you pass over….

(Ecclesiastes 12:6 Remember him—before the silver cord is severed, and the golden bowl is broken; before the pitcher is shattered in the spring, and the wheel is broken in the well)

With above quote from Ecclesiastes – the focus is on remembering who you are, before the silver chord is severed, which is then disconnected as soon as you leave this realm…the golden bowl is the golden cup within the consciousnesses the heart and mind complex … the heart mind complex this is where the control is of mostly anything ….not the physical heart, the electromagnetic energy that is charged from it …

4. Spirit, body, soul concepts…are we experiencing a materialistic world from other dimensions?

Is our consciousness somewhere outside of this realm?

Our Spiritual body and or soul concepts are formed as parts of consciousness. Our consciousness is meant to be within us or with us …it is a belief system that we are essentially functioning in part here while there is another part of us outside of this realm…

The Spirit is the highest form of energy, light, frequency a particle from a Greater Spirit within you….yet you can not call yourself God…because then you limit yourself to the beliefs of the cast systems in this realm…it becomes locked in for you ….

The Soul is the user interface , and many people are conflicted generally and for the most part, never trusting the internal Self. I could refer to the Anima-Mundi or Anima Mundus…masculine and feminine principles are related here….
You are mind body soul and spirit within one formation of energy experiencing functionality but not limited to the material world…it depends where one’s focus is…

5.  What are chakras? A seal? An energy extraction implant?

Chakras or energy nodal points within the human embodiment…mammal animal kingdom also have it …I’ve not explored other elements of it ….the energy nodal points...contrary to naming of these energetic nodal points called chakras…i know from deeper exploration that energy points are related to how the human body was brought into being ….that would mean that each part of these points do come from other star species…Every node is a representation of the 7 races that were brought together to form the conglomeration of the human embodiment or the adama….in the same manner these nodes can also be hijacked…there is not one thing that can not be its up to a person to become free from these hijacked contracts…

Chakras can be used as extraction points yes…as said there is not one thing that can not be hijacked, but a person who is predisposed to these types of experiences would need to do work on creating stringent form of protection and revoke a lot of contracts in terms of beliefs…

On a side note, Some people consider the removal of chakras, I would not advise to even consider the concept of removing Chakras. the human consciousness is nowhere near the understanding of adapting internal Structure, if Chakras are removed, there is no structure.

6. What exactly is the chakra snake? How to remove it?

The chakra snake is a type of intra-dimensional parasite that can come into your energy field via the root chakra, when the energy is opened up or split open through , trauma, or violation of the body…or massive energetic charge generated through the silver chord. All forms of interference are based on parasites in a sense, and like taking care of your physical vessel to clear out parasites, the same thing would need to be applicable for the esoteric and etheric side to you as well.

This parasite is not in essence a snake but becomes snake like because it lies over the spine or silver chord within the spinal amniotic fluid…It corrupts or inverts the frequency of the silver chord.unfortunately through the the exercise of the kundalini or other forms in which the internal energy is so massively affected, that the charge from the root upward can split or cleave open the silver chord creates a massive charge in which it breaks open the field around the body…for the parasite to come in …

So its important to be mindful of the role of which your internal organs play in terms of your spirit , since the Medulla Oblingata lengthens and anchors you into the earth, but does not hold you in the earth…like an electrical chord for a current to charge through…using your heart’s electro and brain magnetic pulsation to energize it …think of this process as a formation as something that is

it is a string of energy or flux overriding the soul , and to reroot you back or ground you ….The belief of the reptilian extension in the human mind which is related to yet another belief system , which links to the triangular gland system called the Adrenal glands, are directly linked to the thyroid and the medulla oblingata…i feel people need to stop programming themselves with the beliefs of reptiles in human form…However it doesnt mean i negate that reptiles exist…all forms of beings , intra and or extra exist in paradigms or dimensions.

I would advise that the ability of removal of this particular parasite requires a great deal of pressure from either the outside with another person helping you or you doing this if you are able to , by extracting it from the crown…..
eat clean , dont over focus on terror, fear and frequencies that

**The Soul and Body, is a System of Light, but beliefs and worldly Rules trigger energetic Motions or emotions,that triggers Reflection and Refraction. Difficulties have been augmented so that it impacts the soul response which in turn does affect the Spirit.**

7. What are the reptilian spiritual eggs (It was mentioned  in the video of the interview you had with Lalita Karoli)

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I recall it was Lalita Karoli in my interview with her, that brought the subject up of the eggs..I know that the body could be penetrated with terrestrial parasites which can made manifested within the physical form…
naturally it would be energetic also …

8. What happens when we pass?

When you pass from your vessel, depending what has been filled in your mind body and soul , the psyche records the information, knowledge and or wisdom and experiences, these information bits or data are drawn back into the soul which then traverse or join back with your spirit….and while this process takes time during the passing over process, this then creates a disassociation with the current realm that you live within….
if you die from sickness or have sudden death, the dying or passing over process can be impacted…sudden death requires an extraordinary amount of energy for the same process to happen, normally the soul becomes slammed into the spirit.. it takes place in the etheric, if the joining of the soul and spirit does not happen successfully….
the soul becomes disincarnated….if there was no chance or acceptance of the self, say you never loved or cared for yourself then how is it possible for the soul to connect with your internal Spirit ? You then wander this realm in a ghost form…or disincarnated form….

Normally at death there is a process for the soul to gain opportunity to lock into the Spirit….but its rare…you can exit this realm in two ways ….the explosive frontal process
exit your body….from the front chest head or stomach…however you could become absorbed into the trappings of the light, the disco lights…which magnetizes your essence of your soul ….but your spirit does not lose its energetic resonance….people tend to lose their memories of their experiences…depending if they enter into the white light beam..On exiting this realm …but you would need to be super clever and there must be nothing that holds you back …

then there is the implosion way ….ive been investigating the internal manner, which of course is totally different ….

when you exit by way of implosion it requires a form of focus on the heart , since the heart itself is a pump station or generator of electricity…which after it pumps slower still releases the energy…so it has to be done quite speedily….exiting through the pump station takes you into the backdoor of exiting this realm for good , without ever coming back ….when you exit the world the conventional manner, you exit through the sun…
if you exit the unconventional manner, you exit through the black sun which is the actual direct doorway into the void…

9.Why do religious people see their religious beings (like judgment and other things…recorded in near-death experiences)?

Religion is a belief system which relies on blind faith or something called supposition, supposition means (believing something is true without any proof or something that you believe to be true without any proof).
When there is no proof but only illusion of such deity or belief pattern in religion….the mind is left wanting to complete the picture or image of belief so that it can complete the supposition act…the mental picture of the deity or the belief system, which creates a type of imprint of certain religious figures or icons or deities…
Parasites in the etheric realms take on the religious imagery or beliefs from you…they cant create things, so they borrow from your created template…The stronger and more elusive the beliefs and influences are in religion…the more the mind will try to demystify its own belief of what the savior or the devil will look like….think of it as a form of self programming …everyone loves a mystery….so it helps the procreative process along….

Mankind worships everything that seems to be external, and it doesnt take much for mankind to create gods like the Demiurge or Metatron or the devil etc..for religions to contribute into giving templates of angels or angles to become beings that exist….
a disincarnated spirit can easily shape shift into what he or she picks up from what is inside another person…Demons , the jinn these type of things are ancient spirits that have refused to enter into physical form ….the same applies to angels too ….

A living human being mentally through any form of coaxing of ideas mind control etc….can create entities…. these entities then do exactly exist…they are tangible…and potentially can torment people ….

if there is judgment or the aberration of hellish conditions, then the same applies for a type of heavenly aberration of belief of the self…there is so little discovered in terms of the conditioning of the person in themselves of what they believe….and so much impact in terms of those exact beliefs that affect you when you are in passing or have a near death or death experience….the tunnel of light is another aberration or element which is witnessed due to mass mind control the material world can only operate from a spirited perspective…

10. Why do beings like to come back to Earth? What’s in it for them?

Sometimes it is simply for just wanting to experience materialism…the material world….for what it presents to it, perhaps carnal pleasures, greed ….and for the most part i believe that those who keep coming back came back either under duress while others come back because some wanted to… of those of us who resisted but were sucked into this realm …because that is how i experienced it ….post Orion blood wars….whats in it for those of us who didn’t want to come here, other then to figure out how to get out perhaps….i do know that the vast traffic in terms of coming here and exiting ….does create a great deal of suffering also for those who are or have been also innocent….such as new born souls who had simply no idea or had no previous life recall or even experience.
the Rothschilds and others like them , will continue to stay here, because of greed and power….while the minority of actual spirited beings will exit.

11. Why is our memory erased every time? If it is a spiritual school or something like that and we are hard to “learn”, why erase things we learned every time…doesn’t make sense…

*the erasure of the memory is a mechanical process or by way of some sort of technology, with the sucking up of thew white tunnel or vortex…it demagnetizes the soul and spirit….memories and experiences are m(nemonic)…the soul is a capturing device or energy of recording which is encoded through events timelines etc….
it is magnetic in essence….but the tunnel is also magnetic and that tunnel of light that people talk about, strips and cancels out the memory while the soul is mesmerized with delightful pictures and beings…

the school of life theme is merely a belief system….i don’t believe in that ….its not a school….its a place which has lost its original essence and has become sour and corrupted….

if you remembered how bad your former life was or how wonderful it was then you wil not want to leave and you may then question more things…or keep perpetuating the same bad behavior …because nothing happened to you ….
reincarnation is sadistic….and pointless…as it serves no purpose other then to allow for perpetual processing to happen..

let me say this , it is possible to prevent memory wipe from taking place….by exiting and entering in a different manner….i have full recall of my past lives….my lessons …etc….and what im doing right now …

12. Why is this “spiritual lesson” concept pushed by new age spiritual new-aged?

*I would say that if one believes there are lessons then it circumvents any sort of behavior and personal responsibilities, for instance, what is the lesson for hanibal lector….what did he have to learn ?
absolutely nothing ….and yet the new-agers would proclaim he needed to learn something or it was because he needed to deal with his humanity….

the idea about having a lesson is a type of escape clause i think, to excuses you from having to deal and focus with in you, to take responsibility for your actions, because then it means you would need to own up for behavior ….

there is a big difference between spiritual lessons in terms of practice and experience….Vs the so called new agers idealistic beliefs that men and women need to live according to a new age philosophy of lessons, because a man made god and or messiah deemed it so ….

13. What is ascension, increasing vibration, and moving to “5d” actually mean? What’s all that about?

*the idea about Ascension is man made idealistic belief that spins on the religious connotation of the rapture….
someone thought it was a good idea to continue the perpetual belief of a hierarchy by implementing the belief of ascension….if you believe in ascension , then most certainly descension also exists….it just depends who kicks you off the ladder of your successes….

On dimensions and 5D , while functioning in this realm, you will always be exposed to some form of hierarchy ….which equates to pyramid of power….only the most holiest can ascend of course….Seriously though , scaling up or down relates to the belief system of pow ….one that suggests that if you rise of ascend….then you must be a good guy….because after all there was once a messiah that did it ….

It is yet another man made belief system that locks plenty of believers into that frequency….which means , nothing is ever good enough….and you will never be right enough….unless you have risen like a Christ figure up into some higher level or status….

we are within all forms of dimensional levels….within this realm….when we learn about something new….for that moment you have risen above a former older understanding or you have drifted down into the rabbit hole because you got lost….

On increased vibration and or frequency…it is determined by as much input or output of your spiritual experiences and wisdom and knowledge….you traverse higher and or lower….all the time…

14. Recently, Earth’s natural 7 hz seems to be varying a lot (Schumann resonance frequency).?

Yes i have heard so …..the Schumann resonance measures the earth’s electromagnetic frequency… there is a great power of belief around what those measurements actually represent ….in itself it determines the progression and actions of humanity’s electromagnetic frequency also ….
If its varying….highs and lows….then it is because people are changing all the time in their own internal electromagnetic fields of spirit….

It is however not possible to measure the growth of spirituality or love…since love is electromagnetic in frequency….
I’ve seen the Schumann resonance not change during any particular event be it good or bad…, the spirit of mankind affects the material world…or realm….the Schumann resonance i think is simply yet another toy that distracts people from themselves….what’s to measure in a world which is based on layers of simulated dynamics….

15.  Where are we? Is this a simulation?

The human race existed within a world which was once open ….this means that there was a much more stronger direct connection with the Original Creator and other beings from other realms…

the human development in the open system had flourished until it got hijacked , aka the Orion wars….which means it was an interplanetary world that existed in the Goldilocks zone but became the target for take over…
this caused the world to become displaced and so it became closed….it was closed down for a reason….
these creatures that hijacked the world didn’t close it ….other beings closed it ….there was at the time of the galactic history a war within Orion…Due to the closing down of that world, it had led to creating simulated realms, giving the illusion that it is vast and expansive…. which act as layers upon layers in which we live within right now….the first world or imprint of the first one still forms the natural base for the current third world, in terms of nature and the infrastructure of the first world….while the second and third versions are overlays which are simulated….

16. how does this realm work? How to get out of all this? (getting out of reincarnation)

* the realm consists out of layers or overlays which are simulated, like strands of fiber or hair which can be touched or compressed …..but the compression is based on the impression of what the layers leave within the consciousness of the being ….

We would need to clear the impressions that this realm has within ourselves…which means we would need to disconnect from the belief systems that we have subjected ourselves to a slave world, or a prison planet or a flat world or whatever goes these days, so that we do not lock ourselves into the impressions of the strands.
every belief in something that is bigger then the self, in terms of what is relevant in this realm creates a distortion or impression on the layer, and then it becomes so. because belief systems make it happen.

…which means , the old belief system of living here dying here and then being sucked back into the reincarnation cycle is also another impression of the beliefs…which then also explains why there are so many demonic entities and whatever else is around these days…people are scared creatures.

It is the control and effects on the impressions that controls and influences the ones who live within this realm …The Open system world operates for the purpose of expansion of species, then exploitation, by way of the Orion war, which was about the blood lines and gene industry….
what there is right now is a variation of the two purposes…..the realm operates with the focus on contracts and belief systems, its a form of sale agreement with those who are always operating in a transactional manner..
Which explains, soul harvesting, genetic interference, clones, mind control so much more…
Energy is released for every transaction and agreement there would need to be some form of currency…to sustain that agreement living here….basically life is locked into life, because the system is closed. if it was open , there would be more freedom because there would be a direct root and or connection to the Original Creator…not the fake one..not Yaldabaoth or Metatron the copy or lesser god…
To prevent reincarnation some effort would need to be done, There are many ways to dismantle the agreements while living in this realm and of course the ability to leave this world…the escape route is must be explored….

17. Also, are we all ancestors who got stuck in the reincarnation cycle?

Perhaps….but not everyone has to be stuck in terms of the reincarnation cycle…remember its possible to dismantle the entire process of agreements like making a contract null and void….must be done from within though…
And of course cheating…those malevolent ones seem to be out thinking everyone else…but only because they have cheated….
I don’t doubt we can cheat too ….i do know that cheating in terms of walking into human vessels is part of the process. its been done…

18. Is this like a holographic energy extraction realm? What happens to people who escape the reincarnation cycle? Where are they now?

In terms of as you call it a holographic extraction realm….if there is exploitation and transactional elements happening it would most certainly be a type of extraction realm….
those who escape the reincarnation cycle leave the entire realm within all its layers or levels and exit out of the giant egg verse….to find themselves in the etheric sense of void in energy….outside the entire soap opera….
i know of a few who did it , and they are not back not for a long long time….

19. What are the “entities” in this realm?
What are these beings with scales? Where did they come from and what do they want from us?

Well we know that this realm is layered like a type of cake…its the best way i can explain it …compressed upon each other…..and so there will be many of the ancient world before who may be existing in pockets of energy and density where the realm is not as dense or more dense…it depends on their consciousness…just as some people who would live easier in arid countries or in polar countries….density determines type of entity…within physical , terrestrial intra-terrestrial, where humans are the most alien like in their existence actually….

Beings with scales….they are elemental entities which obviously range from sea creatures to land….i know of some of these being who live in South Africa….I’ve seen first hand in physical form some reptilian beings…though its skin was more of a crocodile type entity….rather then scales….these things can shape shift…and they love humans….in many forms….

20. How do they differ from us? Are they blue blooded? do they have souls like us? Consciousness? Do they reincarnate or free from all that?

These creatures are humanoid…Not everyone is malevolent, much like humans…not sure about the blue blood, these creatures here are not the alpha draconis beings…the draco communicate through their blood and their blood is red and its warm….

If blue then i would assume that its due to the oxygen levels in this world and that they do reside underground in a rich network of tunnels….throughout the entire African continent….they are able to affect the resonance of the frequency around them …with their heart frequency….humans can also do it essentially…..they have souls yes….souls do differ somewhat….due to the level of consciousness that they posses….from what i could sense , is that they are able to live for a long period of time …and so it would essentially not be as short as humans who incarnate at a faster time….
they also believe in a Great original Creator….everyone did before the Orion war erupted….

21.  Why does something always go wrong when someone tries to expose something about this realm? (share your experiences) (the constant disturbance)

On the constant disruptions….well first hand experience normally happens when there is a massive energetic charge coming from people who would like to talk about the same topic , lets say its the passion of needing to express , which gives off a sort of radiation energetically sometimes it can short out machines..or technology…and for the most part….it can also be tracked by other entities who are always on the look out for delectable delights of info drops from people ….it gives off a radiation so its easily tracked….

this is why i always do some energy work for myself and whomever i will be talking with …it doesn’t happen all the time though….only some times…its to do with the resonance …

22. What is this internal monologue? Is this really our own thoughts? Why is it mostly saying bad/negative things to us?

These inner thoughts that constantly chatter and perpetuate negative thinking ,normally about the self in a derogatory manner is related to the personal self based on an already pre-existing perhaps low self esteem or belief system….its not always related to voice to skull technology…for the most part one would need to a deeper exploration of the self to clear up issues of the personal self or the psyche….and then once when these aspects are more or less resolved …only then is one able to investigate much more in case of influences frequencies and harmonics ….

23. Is time just our “construct” (everything happens in the infinite “now” concept). There are four great epochs in Hinduism (Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga, and Kali Yuga) and every time it reaches the last epoch it goes back to the first one, like a cycle. There are good and bad epochs over and over again. Why is that?

Time does not essentially exist….however what does exist within the realm is measured….therefore yes it is based on a construct…but may not be infinite as it is within a system which is closed….
time once before the world became closed….was never present , all that there was , were measures of events….and impressions…Yes i think we are n the kali yuga now…or coming to it ….the last one is normally the most absurdist…These epocs good and bad are tied into a template for this realm ….the template be it from ancient hinduism or even Iranian Zoroastrianism ….no matter which one , are all tied into a frequency of a type of technology which is locked into the time piece ….which is what the metatronic cube was for before it became synonymous with a god….
the technology of the Metatronic cube or frequency that pins the realm in place….it sits at the top like the star you place on top of a Christmas tree….it projects these cycles into place…

24. What are your thoughts about blood over intent? Is it evil? Can we it?

Blood over intent is a forever commitment which locks you into the system of the particular intention you are shedding blood for ….if it was for example done for romance or love…even if it doesn’t work, the initial action on doing it is a forever locked into that person or event ….it is a form of contract which is created….
in a much broader scale the very same intention can often be done with mass, I’m referring to it as a collective …such as what often note during wars or what the world has gone through

25. Is blood the real “Philosopher’s Stone” the stone that helps to manifest…?

There is some truth to what you are saying…from what I’m aware of , Blood is the carrier….but not the philosopher stone….the stone itself is based on the heart …when im sure many magicians found out that it was not so simple to reproduce they settled most likely now for the adrenochrome…the elixir of life belief theme….
but in all manner, the compound of energy such as mercury , which represents the messenger or communication , can lead to silver which is a promise or gold which is truth …symbolically this is what it means would refer to creation by way of speaking , to speak to life or to speak to death(lead)

to speak from what is death or lead and to transform it into gold , means to take what has no value and to transform it into something of value ….this is a personal decision or even an intention within the self to decide that…do i speak true or do i speak words that harm people ….when i speak words of life or words that could ring to be true …then i am able to express lead into gold …and so i am then formulating my personal philosopher’s stone…like brick in the wall , or the stone which is used as a corner stone as well….

26. What are your thoughts on heliocentrism And flat earth? the also extra contents beyond ice wall theories?

Heliocentrism….where the sun is in the middle ….from what I’m aware the yellow sun is the node that locks this world into place….and also the very same portal to exit from , the yellow sun as well as the black sun….
As for flat earth….the last time i actually looked astrally and I’ve been watching it for many years actually ….all that i could see was that the time the belief of the flat earth came about things started to change….the system had somehow become more locked in ….and has actually done the opposite for mankind….only limited more , not saying the spherical world is acceptable…neither is the flat one , what we live within is really something that actually looks like a giant cell like skin cell or eye cell…its slightly squared off…blob like…watery ….the ice wall theories…are vague ….I’ve not gone into too much detail on it either….since no one has returned with evidence as far as i know ….

27. People claim that there is a way to get out of this realm through a hidden path in the center of the flat earth map (it’s straight under a polarized star). Your thoughts on it?

Close but no cigar….its the other way around , through your own energy because you are an organic portal or vortex….implosion rather then explosion..I do not negate the flat earth theory…i merely contest it with my personal observations.

28. Do you think beings from outside the walls got in somehow? getting past the dome?

Its possible if there was a wall even if it was not an ice wall….beings such as humans are tenacious and determined….so i would not put it past them….

29. Are there NPCs in this world? like in video games? Or are we all conscious beings?

There are people in this world that only have souls intact while there are people with soul and spirit intact…a person such as you explain as an NPC …or non playable character…is not exactly possible …people with only basic soul personality are more like the NPC’s….there are also people with only spirit intact

30. Is history a lie? Your thoughts on mud flooding and great-rest theories? (images of old mega-buildings, giant tree stumps, etc are surfacing now)

History is always written in the victor’s name…therefore history is subjected to the influences of the times in which it was recorded…On Mud-flood , there is no denying that there had been previous civilizations some more modern then others…we are even seeing it today ,we don’t need to look at black and white pictures to know that there had been older civilizations….right now there is a rush to destroy cultures from the inside out ….this is the same thing ….parasites do this to their hosts so that there is simply no recognition of the parasite…so it creates a scene change…over and over , and can play the same game …

31. Is this like the dark city x The Matrix x 13th Floor?

Perhaps it is …like a mix of dark city and the 13th floor….however not as fatalistic….because we are still thinking and able to be creative in our internal selves….

In the dark city – people’s memories and places get switched…

the matrix – people get stuck in a virtual world, while their real body is used as a cell…

13th floor – people live in a simulation, inside a simulation…

All three of these movies are scripted with the impression that , that which is external is potentially doomed or set up for failure….in some extent….it also implies that humans do not have choice or they are simply too dumb to allow themselves to think in other ways ….so they believe people herd themselves to become focused perhaps even fatalistic in not being able to make it or that we live within a soul trap….all of these elements are all based on the external realm dynamics….and people focus only on that….


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