Hyperspace and the Heart

hyperspace.jpgWhat is hyperspace, other than the ability to be in the hyper spacial reality of the world as it is unfolding now…

-hyperspace is where there are more than three dimensions(in science fiction) a notional space–time continuum in which it is possible to travel faster than light.

The Process as it is now:

We are going towards a heart collision, I am calling it a heart collision because its in its essence the overlapping and re connection to yourself. One part of you connecting to the other part of you…The one aspect that may or may not have been known to you.

Its like you connect with your higher self in more ways than you realize.

It is in this process that you will be experiencing the time discs or astrological shifts to amalgamate within you.

hyperspace dogfights

This collision is not a real one but the external aspects are physical enough to feel it wok within you.

The time discs are the representation of the time lords that are on the planet running the matriarchal simplex or the matrix.

Time is now to work on going through this process with absolute calmness, and contemplate on who you are.

Let your heart always be the convergence of this nexus point.

wings of the heart

Much love!


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