Relationships:Emancipating your Self, clearing Contracts of the Heart

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ― C.G. Jung


The Ending of a Relationship

The situation:

It is important to look deeply within yourself and to realize who you are looking at. To face the deeper parts of what it takes to be yourself and also what is not you.

Work on being present in yourself to look at these contracts, its often an isolated process.

the more you claim yourself back from this the lighter your energy will become. And in this you will be able to meet another who is resonating like you in the same way, you are lighter in your actual aura and spiritual energy and requires a lighter person to be with…you will have no problem with another person…but for now release from your heart this energy draining contract…let it go…deep breath and find some things to help you to reclaim your sovereignty…in that way…..


What are contracts?

A contract is an agreement, verbally, emotionally spiritually and physically that we make with another. It can be in this lifetime and it can be in other lifetimes.

What does the Contract look like?

This part gets a little bit tricky , as full spectrum beings we may have many contracts, some that we are not aware of and others they are soul contracts, where we as a soul in our essence make a contract or an agreement with certain process or agreements to learn from. some times these are aspects of personality and old beliefs that we are involved in. Without us even being conscious about this can often set up a contract.

So be aware of your thoughts and how you think about things, and how you feel about yourself.

How to Destroy those contracts

Mantras, meditations and the will power in your thoughts, feelings and how to perceive things. The best way to see how you can clear out these cntracts is if you dig very deeply into yourself. To see the spells that you have put yourself in. and what happens when you have gone through them.

breaking open the egg to let it flow. To see how you have brought yourself into this world, and what is still attached to you. to be ready for the new process of your internal magical process…magi of your cycle…

Break out of the cycle…Know who you are.

Learn about the bad things that you have gone through, learn from this to set yourself free.

Love yourself, your responsibility for what you think and what you feel.

Create something in the place of the voided contract by bringing a present process of flow.

Much love





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