The Narchon the Artificial Knockoff Gemstone

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The Entitled Facade of the Splintered Ego
there are also two types of Narchons, one artificially created or implemented in behavior and the other in human behavior.

What are Narchons, the narcissistic archon element that utilizes vanity or ego in a splintered fractured manner,

Narchons are formed when the internal light is bent and manipulated or fractured like glass splinters at times…Think of a shard of self that was splintered and has literally never been able to retrieve its own authenticity…

We also need to look at what is surrounding us at this moment and it is obvious that there is a sociological behavioral structure being implemented to hijack the human social consciousness along with the fractured perhaps trained soul frequency.

Artificially induced through social structuring :

Pay attention to the adaptive forces through the modification of the Artificial non biological influence of Google’s Selfish ledger or the modification of the Selfish Gene – DATA, MOVEMENT AND RELATIONSHIPS BASED AS AN ASPECT OF THE HUMAN HIVE MIND in BEHAVIORAL SOCIETY
To POPULARIZE THE SELFISH GENE by utilizing artificial social engineered ledger or Data carriers..


This article is based on personal experience and observation and recognition of something that seems to be so perfect on the outside, so clear and so loving, so exemplary on the outer facade that you cannot pierce through this outer shell of a knock off gemstone.


The Narchon in Person :

A few things to look at:
Their character, it is important to realize that a narchon is not only in the etheric but also predominantly visible in a person who has narcissistic personality traits, a pre injured or broken mind and fractured soul.

More simply there is a flaw or a crack on the mirror, the flawed view of how they see themselves, the distortion.

Their traits are narcissistic obviously…
There are two types of Narcissistic traits, the covert Narcissism and the overt Narcissism
*( please note this is not a psychological analysis but an overall review)

To see more in depth I would suggest that you find the relevant websites and forums to make yourself more familiar with the basic understanding of Narcissism.

What happens if you go to a psychic or someone who is energetically connected with a false frequency or projected or “mirrored light” more simply stated, a fractured healer, guru, “light-worker” preacher, therapist, teacher or minister etc.

Some Traits to take note of

  • They pretend to be caring, kind, revealing a projection or mirror but it never reaches the heart…
  • Inside they are deeply narcissistic and display fractured light, a complacency towards the person that they pretend to help.
  • Their intention is to seek self aggrandizement and energy.
  • Narchons fool you because they know what you want, for example the therapist knows you need counseling so they live and breath that exact patterned frequency * see the Alien lovebite by Eve Lorgen and Lauda Leon.
  • Be aware of this particular aspect, as it can or may be referred to as twin flame or a toxic relationship.
  • Narchons are able to pretend to be that person that they project and you believe that exterior projection that they show you, an
    outward beacon of light….think Moon blinked, con of light, Archon.

devil inside

For example, a therapist or a minister uses the power of projection.

It all depends on how successful they are in that projection or act.
Remember it is frequency and energy that they seek, and it is always for their own self interest and at the cost of you…

  • This is the classic statement of don’t go into the light, because that particular light is of a colder frequency and nature.They don’t really care about helping people or making a difference, this is the projection of the light that they have worked on, to act in that way.The only way to see this person is to look at them with your heart, they cannot hide their heart.
    they may try to shield their hearts, under layers of personalities or masks, hiding their selfishness, ego, self absorbed entitled facade.

They love the public eye…sometimes act as a co dependent.

What is the intention ?
Narchons require energy and become consumed by this action or seeking and drawing out of you, this particular energy,  your life force.

They are clever

They will never spend energy on what they could lose, so they create devastation to generate energy.
At times sadistic behavior brings out acts of energy,

 ” I inflict pain therefore I am superior”
They create intentional frustration towards the other party because you have not seen their UNIQUE SUPERIORITY
NOTE: sadism is an added byproduct in the need to generate energy

*Please be mindful that I have gathered this information from a few clinical sites to understand the subject of narcissism.
fight or not fight the narc
boundaries override, did I allow it?
How do Narchons get away with murder, they do not have the natural reserve of conscience.
Narcs require energy, and are consumed by it, would not spend energy on what they could lose, so devastation is needed to generate energy
sadistic aspect in behaviour, acts of energy,  “I inflict pain therefore I am superior”
intentional frustration of the other party, not seeing their uniqueness

What to do ?

  • Rise up -attack first
  • Confront them, typical response will retaliate and attack you back
     you cut your loss and step away…
  • If you expose them, you are likely to be at risk in one way or another and it becomes a revenge factor, when you expose them, it will be at the expense of yourself.

False dichotomy adopt the mindset – strategize from this, no emotion, no romance, be detached, be earthen –

  • Contract revocations.
  • Seek help preferably heart feeling people 
  • Trust your instincts and your heart


Toxic Twin flame relationship:

Alien Lovebite -Paranormal Interference in Relationships

Artificial introduction of the Selfish gene

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