Tunneling through Consciousness Collision

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Quote : ” Seth- “The human race is a stage though which various forms of consciousness travel.

Before you can be allowed into systems of reality that are more extensive and open, you must first learn to handle energy; and see, through physical materialization, the concrete result of thought and emotion.”

“In more advanced systems, thoughts and emotions are automatically and immediately translated into action… Therefore, the lessons must be taught and learned well. The responsibility for creation must be clearly understood.”

The Alchemical process of  Consciousness Distillation

Our Splendor of Internal Reality Colliding Clarity

“The entire solar system resembles the celestial body of a great being: this is the “logos” of the solar system, the “ineffable One” – Samael Aun Weor


Wiki meaning :  “too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.
“the ineffable mysteries of the soul”

Healing the Blind beggar – where spit was used and mixed with mud – water as in words and earth as in the mind
The healing of the NARCON or narcissistic archontic side of the matrix, by bringing clarity to the mind through water as an alchemical action.roguestarhip
To heal someone is to heal that very aspect within myself, to not be blind anymore is to heal my own blindness towards certain things.

The Collision of the half god half life system
The most high has captured or glimpsed or gleamed the serpent of fire,or feathered Dragon. feathers meaning air or thoughts and serpent meaning body of transitioning or the soul – Dragon
Fire as in movement through heat and emitting light.

In the following please take note that in your most highest mind or heart of standing in the internal realms, you have absorbed gnosis or knowledge of what is firey and moves like the Sacred Dragon or fiery embodiment of active light -fire is light,air and action.

This is the collision of two polarities becoming whole…please take note this is a figurative description to explain my observations and experiences as things are revealed now.

In this Collision or Colliding or collapsing as previously explained
recap – once upon a time were all godlike in our existence, and than we fell and we we became half god beings, tied up to the other half which is the matrix.

During this internal and external dance one could say, we are molding in our thoughts our experiences and we are becoming more whole in our awareness. What we think and feel we create as oppose to co create.

All things are a part etheric or spirit and another part earth,air,fire and water, and in these parts we are also linked and in this we are also Spirit, touching the face of the waters of the firmament, in thought as thoughts are air and waters are words and also referenced to water that surrounds us when we are babies.

I am using alchemy…The reason is to point out that all things that we are experiencing, has an alchemical or dimensional view or reflection of what is all of us as we are…Like a parable to see what is hidden and internal.

This is also to highlight that when you see and experience events natural and cosmic at time cataclysmic that you are aware, to interpret all things within your thoughts and that what you think and feel has a direct impact on all things.

Because this how you were formed – FIRST AS THOUGHT THAN YOU BECAME AN EXPRESSION.
You are energy in motion and your heart is the engine that steers while your head is the compass, your stomach the vessel for the soul and your feet the path. what crowns you is the spirit and where you are is in the boat the body.
What is wholeness ? It is important to not be associated with the idea or belief of singularity or oneness -(this is polarized), but to embrace the womb like wholeness of not only feminine but also masculine.

That which is male is figurative for the creator energy -Force,fire and the feminine earth and water
wholeness means to encompass all things and to be of all things but to not be any thing on its own.
The embodiment of the
demi god -half life system to be united with itself and to purge what does not serve and to gain what does, for higher awareness to move forward towards a whole healed moment-
The Sight must be in tune with what you are feeling by allowing your heart to work as the interpreter through whole thoughts in the light/not white not black or any colour to this but transparency of thoughts and spirit
no more mirroring.
these colors are attributed to the elements, earth air fire water and spirit or ether….
air -yellow
white or transparent /no color – Spirit
blue -water
green – earth
red- fire

The firmament is water like to soon be distilled with air -water ,remember are words soon to become purified with fire or heat this creates steam or air –

as above the air, the mind, the thoughts and the water as in speaking, words being uttered -total transparency, total clarity in your actions, in who you are and in where you are.
So the earth as in this location that we are in is the the same, the body as the pregnant woman giving birth or the body of the Christ when there was a spear pierced in his side, water and blood comes out of the wound.
All actions require a sense of an emotional connection to what one sets out to experience.
And in this where water and blood flows together we offer to do and speak more than we feel willing to do.


How do these elements and activities affect us personally:

We become our own Light, light of insight, awareness and in truth.
We step through the proverbial doorway of our consciousness and become a light emitting being, one that is already present in fact but it has taken a substantial effort on everyone’s part to make oneself aware of this.
This is not a primal union of life giving but a union of spirit…where we observe ourselves for who we are. We are the light we have been looking for, the light the knowledge the site of truth and transparency.

As we seek to become our own sovereign beings, we experience our abilities and our actions , we see and experience, we are no more separated from this process.
We embrace awareness, there are signs and wonders but the internal change is always internal because we are essentially Spirit in the form of our vessels.

Much Love !

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