Truth vs Belief Taunting You

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We are living in a system to keep people ignorant…but it is important to be aware that all things have a metaphysical energetic frequency. It is through an array of frequencies that restructure your consciousness through beliefs that you are led to investigate. This is part of the journey in your life and also part of the gateways of the wormholes that you are going through diving in and out of ideas, beliefs and thought forms.

Fact # Malevolence operates on what you believe and what you do with it, be it emotional or spiritual.

Fact # Disinformation, is used to keep you ignorant of your own power, reading something and feeling tripped up by it is to make you feel that you start to delve into a lower place in thoughts, getting lost in translation.

Fact # If you know the truth, you work with your thoughts and feelings and your Heart, stop creating things that don’t assist you and cause you to doubt yourself, your playing into the hands that require your energy.

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Discernment Required

Stop accepting things that make you feel a sense of doubt. This is where disinformation seeps through. The first part must be taken with an awareness that only if it feels  contradictory to your heart.(more personal)

Always operate from what you Feel.


I have learnt that if i feel “familiar or there is a knowing” with something that I read or hear or discuss, than this is truthful for me. I work with my intuitive and empathic skills all the time.

It is important to always trust your instincts in this matter. This is how I filter out disinformation. Also use your Bull shit Meter, everyone has one.

This being said, working on knowing who I am, and what I am is vital.

It is important that you re aware that once you delve into some information about a controversial subject, always trust your instincts, if you are not sure, let it be and it will return to you , if it does not, let it go. Discernment is needed to establish this statement, this does not mean that if you don’t understand the subject that you dismiss it, i am speaking about the depth of how you allow your Self to operate through

Fact # Recognize that you are stopped from believing that you can relate to feeling self empowering thoughts.

Fact # Truth will set you Free, always, also learn to be truthful towards yourself, this is how you have a knowing about who you are. Remember that for the most part , almost all individual have their memories altered in one polarity or another before they enter into this world..

when I say polarity, I am saying “have and have not”, “right vs wrong”, “yes vs no”…etc…

The Half of the other…dualism…The contexts of this statement must be taken with the knowing of common sense and awareness that you know who you are. hint : you are infinite consciousness eternally Spirit and whole not half life.

Polarity brings a sense of strife, thus creating a distraction from what is whole , an eternal jostle for power swaying from one end to the other, when both polarities are simply one face with one side in the dark. Remember Divide and Conquer -?

Beliefs will empower you or dis empower you, truth must become a knowing, but because you feel it to be so and this becomes truth of your sovereignty.

Fact # Anyone who does not want you to know that you are an infinite conscious being and therefore powerful in your existence, is someone or some thing that wants you to stay in the lower frequency as it is existing in. Because if you knew how powerful you are in your being, than you will break out of the web of lies and fakery.

Consciousness is an individual point of being…Consciousness must be understood and realized that you are fully in control of this faculty. That even when you physically leave your body, that you know who you are. Consciousness is intelligence of the Spirit. The Mind is the processor and the body the avatar.

Fact # Get to know who you are, by learning about what your truth is.

Fact # No one can fight your battles, you are the only one that can do that, but you will be supported always.

In Conclusion : It is important now to note that we carry our own responsibility.


Much Love !


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