The Narcissistic -Un Creator

“By Force , You will play this game with me”

Through the clearing and readjustment of the world and its energetic constructs, be prepared for the revelation of airing out the aspects that come forward. Clearing out i the key to go forward.

Malignant Narcisist Un Creative Magician

Play in my un-I-verse or i will destroy you, Accept my presence as my form that i use to control you , turning you into my stage of magic shows, be bedazzled and in awe…

The Imp in Love Bombing…

Mirror, Mirror

The word narcissism comes from a mythical Greek youth who couldn’t pull himself away from his own reflection. Narcissus was beautiful. Narcissists, on the other hand, don’t have to be beautiful to believe they are. They’re convinced that they’re superior, even when it’s not the reality.

The Demi Urgic Narcisitic un Creator Magician


Following are some thoughts on how to spot the trend of abuse, if all this applies to where you are , please reach out for help, talk to someone and more importantly , Say NO – you have the right to do this…

Has your relationship left you in a confused and anxious mess? Are you experiencing intense levels of adrenaline, anxiety and even rage that swings down into bleak depression without any reason whatsoever? Do you find yourself acting strangely, becoming uncharacteristically defensive or confrontational?” – referral link

The following parts are aspects taken from various sites to motivate the point of Self defense and to understand these people in a deeper level.


Identify the Narcissist by looking at the following points

Worship and Praise. people who seek praise all the time from you, draining you for constant energy. This is a beast that can never be fulfilled, energetic appetites are limitless.  Don’t expect praise in return, you will never receive it, your main existence is to feed the monster by giving in to their demands. If there is no stream admiration,expect hostile or aggressive behaviour very quickly.

A co dependent neurotic feed , god like worshiping…need to force reactions from people around themselves, Dramatic personality disorders. Half world, half life existence. Personality functions that if they don’t feel any emotional reactions towards them, they will simply not exist.

Entitlement , Grandiosity, Explosiveness. Many have to suffer for me to feel ok.

There must be an invasion of your boundary. Feeling frequently invaded, judged and more borderline, judging you as morally inefficient. This causes confusion.


As long as you are in the game of the Narcissist you will never be able to come out, step away, do not accept this psychological bullying and Mind control.

Test the fastest way, is to simply say NO to a demand or to an accusation. To not play in their stage.


Red Flags of an Abusive Relationship
Whirlwind Romance
Also called the “love bombing” phase.The person presents themselves as the perfect manifestation of everything you could ever want in a partner. By scanning and mirroring your core values, they can effectively slip past your ego defenses and wheedle their way straight into the most intimate vulnerable core space with unprecedented rapidity.

Too Much, Too Soon

My relationship, like most of the relationship stories I hear from clients, escalated far too fast. We were effectively living together within less than a week. The rapid erosion of the target’s boundaries and the de facto “boundary blurring” of the couple as two separate individuals is frequently far too fast and too extreme in emotionally abusive relationships. This is simply because it suits the agenda of the predator.

Pronounced Feelings of Doubt and Anxiety The “button pushing” phase. At some point the predatory narcissist has to start deliberately pushing your buttons to learn what really hurts you, to control you, to scan your inner emotional vulnerabilities more effectively to dominate you and to begin what is called the “trauma bonding” process of mixed pain and pleasure so that the victim becomes addicted to the narcissists presence.

Isolation from Support Network. The “divide and conquer” strategy. The narcissist needs the victim vulnerable and alone, so they can brainwash them more effectively. It does NOT suit the narcissist’s agenda to have the victim getting differing points of view, feedback or reality checks from others outside of the “two-person cult” the narcissist is trying to run.
Erosion of Values
The “up is down, in is out” strategy. Through subtle threats, manipulation, “poisoning the well,” gas lighting, passive abuse or outright shaming, mockery, and guilt tripping the narcissist can train the victim to start to doubt the validity of their core values and indeed their self-image and self-worth. The victim over time begins to despair, and their ego defenses start to fragment causing them to lose a sense of who they are and to act “totally out of character.” If you have people who have known you for a while expressing concern or telling you that you aren’t acting like yourself, this is a major red flag.-

Find Help
Say NO
Set boundaries-
Stop feeding the Narcissist Obsession, Narcissist food of choice is an empath
End the Relationship-
Get Help Get away
Mantras of contract revocation of the soul and the spirit
Much Love

and feel free to ask questions or to drop me a line….




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