In the Center of Past/Post Trauma

post traumatic vision


The pain of the Empath

Right Now we are going through an emotional energetic pain barrier….unraveling the coiled serpent of pain from our past. Not only as an enlightened being, but also as a race of universal properties.

We are breaking through the old pains or wounds of our own post Traumatic events or stories.

Shooting through the Retro grading of the heavenly bodies of this universe…

Being the witness of the Ongoing loop of pain…The loop of post trauma that the world is in and as an Empath you are picking this up and feeding it energy by reacting to it in an emotional level…does this make sense?

How do we Heal any Wound, we have to transmute our emotional reaction to it, clearing out contracts.

Do Not Feed the Wound Cycle


The power of the wound creates a field of energy, just as thoughts are energetic in its essence.

When a person is emotionally wounded, there is always an emotional energy feeding that is required…this is the typical drowning man syndrome, this gives more direction as to what the emotionally wounded motives or intentions are.

More simpler, as an empath dealing with an other’s pain and your own, and how we perceive to deal with this wound that we feed by focusing on it and making it our own, when its not…and if it, we need to decide to break this down by transmuting the focus towards forcing your perception towards being whole.

Be very careful how you perceive an other’s pain…

Becoming Objective means becoming Whole

What you are looking at in objectively…step back for a sec…without emotion… is injured(injury creates an emotional loop where there is a feeder and  receiver).


We keep ourselves in an injured place(loop of energy for gain,because we feel unnoticed in our own pain)…

We seek emotional attention, because this helps us to maintain emotional energy for this infinite loop) you sense this, react energetically(spiritually, emotionally and physically, because this action feeds our PTSD loop or injury…

Healing the pain by not focusing on the pain or the infliction but on the fact that the pain is healed.


The higher path forward is when you work on getting to know who you are, it is a lonely path and only you can go through the eye of your needle.

Focus on wholeness and know that you are whole, because this means that you lack no thing…And all things are thoughts before it becomes literal.

Much love!


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