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We have entered the proverbial eye of the needle now and all things are required for you to find yourself.

Preparing to evaluate yourself by literally decluttering yourself from all soul contracts that you are tapped into literally

Eye of the Needle- Vladimir Kush

Some aspects to will help to establish who you are, also remember that you may be feeling hyper sensitive because this is the only way you will be able to clear old emotional aspects or handles that are stuck. The old belief patterns.

The following points are meant to help to be in the process of healing things within yourself, allowing the focus to be lighter, so looking without being drawn into the drama.

The Passage of the Eye of the Needle or the Event

vladimer kush
Dawn- vladimir Kush


Be informed, to know what is coming, you are in the retro grading of emotions,perceptions and awareness.

What is coming is the True You, the you, you have been looking for, for some this may be like a cataclysm, and for others, the awakening of a new journey.

YOU – not the identifiable conscious personality in this world or the Personality, which is defined by your presence in the moment of now as this is yet another aspect of your consciousness.

The YOU is the one that you have been looking for, since you and I are the ones that are continuously creating our own Events of awareness, not ascension, but stepping up all the time to know this as the fundamental truth of Self, and ultimately to know that we are the ones plural that make out and for the macro I, as in I am…

It has been revealed to me that for the most part there are some of us that are entering our original state of existence. This is the Eye of the Needle.
This sense has the apparent appearance that we are merging with another universe, but in actual fact is not, we are expanding into another aspect of our original selves in universal concept.
one bubble expanding into another bubble and becoming another bubble…but there is no separation in this.
All heavenly bodies are lining up along with the new alignment or expansion of the expanding world or universe that we are living in.
the Pinecone is or D shaped world is expanding into a fuller version…

Its now the crunch time to work on clearing up emotional issues that may still stem from the mind and matrix construction that we are breaking down in us.


Discern perception Deceptions

The best way to realize that you are experiencing your own perceptions is when there seems to be an energy leakage, focusing on things that make you focus on it even more and in this focusing almost obsessively, you are being drained…Stop…

Break thoughts, note the energy drain, and disengage…you know you can.

After thinking about the negative for a moment you might realize that there are in fact no positive or negative experiences other than what we define as such. Therefore, our perception of an experience or situation has the ultimate power as to how we will feel when it’s happening and how our bodies will be affected.

Being Angry

Admit that you are angry, than ask yourself , why…the answer is almost always related to not feeling loved or being unacknowledged..


Changing your path by clearing out old Soul contracts….Being balanced, requires a releasing of old habitual behaviors or covert contracts that you may not even have realized you made. For instance: contract was created when you decided that you are not worthy of positive things for you…”nothing ever good happens for me” – this is the contract you have just created between you and the universe…

GW12contract paper 2

Remember the universe gives our what is being programmed into it…!

All things are created from Thought.



Be Grateful for internal change, especially when you have changed certain things…


Embrace yourself, you are a whole authentic being, filled with creativity and love


Much love



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