Armed Heart the Quantum Heart

Armed Heart the Quantum Heart


Enter Quantum Heart represents a process of heart in an empowered way

The Clarity of the first Creation and the Fallen simulation as the second creation this one that we are living in.

We have to look at the clarity of the very first Creation and the second Creation how it was constructed and woven together with the first intent.

it is important to be aware, that all things are Created through the Word and the impression of the thought.
It is also important to take note of the verse..”In the beginning was the word….”

When we look at how things are created, we emphasize in our thoughts ,emotions and our intentions and through our senses

when we look at how we brought all things into creation, we look and experience things through our senses. Our heart is the portal or gateway that has brought forth a way of how we bring forward many things. We have had our thoughts and emotions hijacked. Emotions are hijacked by working on our emotional reactions.

We need to have compassion in accordance with our heart. We have control of our emotions. We influence each other through our compassion and how we expect mankind to be, through anger or through love. This has a deterministic effect on the energy an frequencies of mankind.

The word as the creative expression
We have to look at the etymology of the word as per ” In the beginning was the word, and word was with god”…first is the word word – first utterance as per Hebrew
We have to bring in a thought process in to rectify all other thoughts in terms of not being reactive to all things experienced, otherwise we still create, but the impression is not clear, it is not out of compassion, but out of an emotional reaction to what it is that we have observed.
I have taken this word as it was mentioned in etymology
* Hebrew word for thought is Moagsheva(355)…sounds like Shiva…it can be a destroyer or a creator.
moag – brain – upper thoughts, star,
sheva -returns, the star returns.
If we do not control our thoughts, we become enslaved by other masters.
Olam – world
ToraH – …I am pregnant with myself…, so the processing of the creation.


Remember the child is born, incubation in our consciousness. Compassionate with the first thought at the stage of the first born pregnancy of the heart and thoughts. Remember the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine energies in the consciousness.
The word logos – Greek meaning for imprint – impression, Greek for speech

What does the simulated verse look like?
In the Reflection of the Verse inside and outside of the universe, it has become clear as was mentioned that this current solar system is the shape of a backwards D or a Pine cone or a basket.
It is also in the Reflection that primordial waters are witnessed and where a human quality of narcissism can appear as well…I find beauty in my own reflection…think about it? at the cost of another?
Communication is imperative in our living, what is being said and what we speak, how we have the ability to bring insight in sight.

FOR MORE INSIGHT PLEASE REFER TO Timeslips and Timestreams and a ship

The D-shaped universe, the shape of a basket or a pine cone shape, this has made me think and review many other aspects that we have been addressing in the centuries of the existence of this verse as such.
The Pine cone or the Pineal gland, the place of illumination from within the mind.
We created godhood by seeking to experience it through its many emanations.

As I have mentioned before that there was once a system that brought in the Sophia entity or program and her aborted child, the *Yaldabaoth
Quote : “Barbēlō (Greek: Βαρβηλώ) refers to the first emanation of God in several forms of Gnostic cosmogony. Barbēlō is often depicted as a supreme female principle, the single passive antecedent of creation in its manifolds.” -John Lamb Lash
Emanation -something which originates or issues from a source.
Yaldabaoth -(Gnosticism) The name of the Demiurge or ‘False God’. Created when Sophia tried to emanate without her counterpart also known as Horus Ra, the First light.

Sophia is the principal program or Aeon that was written into this system as a holographic simulated verse that requires the pineal to work.

We required it, because we needed to learn to experience our self as Great Spirit.
We are also the Creator that experiences our thoughts through impression and intentions through the heart. The energy that is ever expectant or pregnant with infinite possibilities and creations.

The pineal has been used to bring many aspects into being.The light as being observed through this world so that we can see from outside inward like a reflective one way mirror.
It is also very interesting to note that in observation of the breaking down of the simulated verse in the shape of a pine cone that it also resembles a basket.

The basket can also be referenced as an egg. This than the egg that is also symbolic to the pearl of the dragon, not draco not reptilian but dragon the sacred dragon energy that is corresponding to the First Creation.

The first creation through the epoch of the human inception, starting with the spirit as female and fiery and the Masculine being the expression of that sacred fiery impression and intention.
It is also very important that you look at why the celestial bodies or the heavenly bodies are referred to as human references, human-like qualities. For example, mercurial thoughts.

The egg being the pearl of great wisdom being lost according to old dragon folklore, but now the pearl is found, because we have found ourselves.


Once upon a time the dragon lost its pearl, We as that Dragon before we created this simulated world gave our pearl away to others.

In the origins of the old world, The Creator as a plural of spirited essence gave forth its first impression to the Shining Ones, that would bring the fire into existence as Prometheus, yet another story of a hero that needed recognition in the expressions of creation.


Seeking myself through you, looking to see how you see me, so that i can see this in myself, when i must look always within, because this is where all thing are.
In this there was once a story, as i refer to the first word, a scripture of energy.

The Event is also tied up to the Pineal awakening, where the 7 layers of the archetypal simulated gods or created vessels or cups of have reigned through the son of Sophia, creating in each layer or heaven a new lord or time lord. Each time lord constructs the process, to weave all time streams together.
Creating Diadems or Diagrams of dual frequencies.

It is important to realize that the following information is related to unrequited love. this is why there is such a focus on love and hate in this world.

This sim world is the Sophia and her child was the child created out of only spirit Horus Ra, who sold out all aspects and connected supporters to trade himself to go back to his original state of existence.

this is the first born simulated being written into the program. The simulated verse has no life, except for that which is put into it.
The Pine cone with 7 layers of time streams woven together by 7 versions of the same frequency.
Its name is Yaltabaoth *…son from the primordial waters

The creator frequency is based on sound, this is where cymatics come in, the cy or sigh of the matter, breathing into the clay of the earth which is your mind, to bring forward a light of inspiration.
This is how the first light brought forward the verse or the first word.

Detanglement of the Contracts the present, which loops time and magnetic energy and changes the future

Connect to the spirit of everything,this is the internal law of intent
Create New intent, by changing the invisible, inside of you all things are all creation
All creation access the cause of effect, of that individual creation can we enfold time and space on the dimension, changing the past into present, which loops and changes the future
Classification in your own perception of reality.

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