Peers of the Dark Circular Heart

The serpent Ouroboros surrounding a circle with lettering in Latin and Hebrew, pen and watercolour drawing from Clavis Inferni sive magia alba et nigra approbata Metratona (late 18th century; called the Black Book) by M.L. Cyprianus. The Black Book, a sourcebook for spells in the black arts, was the textbook of the Black School at Wittenburg, Germany, purportedly where witches and sorcerers went to learn black magic.

Facing the peer power of a vampire circle…How many fall in the magpie circle of peer pressure, and the motivation can be anything in in way.

I feel that you are too available and are trying in some way to be part of the group, the people that are surrounding you in your immediate environment.

Is there an invisible pressure to fit in socially with them? This is the need that is created secretly, almost inviting you to want to desire to be part of “them” – it doesn’t matter who they are, this Social order can be anywhere or in any way presented, it can even be at work.


The Magpie Circle creates a vortex of Anti Creation

A bit like a flower in full bloom with tiny spiders living off of the energy of the flower

Anti Creation is formed through the inverted creation through the energy of their needs seeking out your energy, making you feel that you are seeking out theirs, like an inversion or a reflection. Playing on your Ego, your self esteem, your wounds-this is the magical invocation or ritual, making you want to be part of the it, “the Crowd, friends,the peers of the eyes shut club“…This desire creates an empty but promising position or post of belonging that there is an invisible ring or circle of power that can be inverted inwardly, by the ringleader which you will become eventually.

This reminds me of a Black hole that is generated artificially, but not an artificial creation, the process is electrical.

It is electrical because of emotional energy. Emotions are electrical motions of the soul on the current of soul or the sun. Electro Mag Netic/neter…

You are not aware that the energy being generated feeding this circle actually is coming from you indirectly.

This is the inverted sun or solar generative Dynamo. The artificial solar eclips

The IN Crowd

They huddle and brush past you, they swallow you into their group, speak and nod with you, smile and even present a broken bleeding heart for you to help them “heal”, but you know in your sub consciousness they are using you. “Of course ! , you are not that stupid…but…” using all that they can find from you, you are desperate, looking for some kind of acknowledgement.  You are starved for acknowledgement, but you learn later what it was all about.

The fact is you are looking at it all wrong. As soon as you enter the house of horrors, you loose yourself, because you hand this over to them. The initiation of the Order requires you to release all things that are hindrances in your life, (meaning you). Sacrifice it all, loose yourself in their web of power.

It is about being aware about how you think in your mind and how you feel about yourself. They don’t want you to feel whole.

Have you not allowed yourself to feel you? Come to think of it, when last have you looked at who you are or have you forgotten?

See , all things that you are feeling towards yourself, or within yourself project outward and others pick it up, feel it.

Have you ever seen the example of how people affect people? It takes one person to change the entire atmosphere in a room…This is an example…But the method in influence is going to remain the same.

One Solution

So what i am saying is again, you have to start to work on yourself, I am not saying that you need to conform to them, i am saying that you are clearly the one that has the most heart energy, thus the most potential in power and this impacts the situation around you, your environment, food for the circle. Change how you feel about yourself and everything will change towards you

“maybe it is clearly me, yeah everything is always my fault…I’m not trying to fit in, its just I’m always there for others More than they are for me i don’t know”

I would hope that you don’t fit in, because you are unique. I know that in your psyche , you have gone through things that are not exactly easy to explain either. That you are gifted in a spiritual way, everyone has this quality, but not everyone gives in to this option of investigating. And the reason why things hit you so hard in the way that it does which is a signature to how things are in general with your heart.


You should know that you are a heart centered being. That you have the right to be who you are.

The intricate detail is very much like the chicken or the egg, which one first?

All things start from within, take this as the universal rule for all things in your life. What comes afterwards, well this is where you work on yourself, this is the journey.

To be very honest, I do not actually think and feel that you are suffering from Depression either, in fact to be the exact opposite is that you are actually experiencing the process of trying to establish yourself and that the surrounding elements are what reflects back to you. I feel hopeful…you will see things will start to shift for you. I want you to be you, in all of who you are and the potential of your entirety. What do you think?

“didn’t think I was that special but yeah it is how im treated.. I’m just really tired of it…no one and i mean no one in my life has ever put any effort into actually hanging out with me or being there or just checking up on me and calling no ever does that for me but i do it for other people all the time..mostly im treated like crap by everyone I’ve ever met in my life… not sure if anyone actually cares just feels like I’m always lied too”

You see what i mean in terms of being there for everyone, always….its part of the whole aspect in terms of the heart and soul path energetically.

Its easier to be there for others but not for yourself, yet you seek other’s approval of you, think logically about this? If you were never there for yourself than how can you expect anyone to see you. All things become visible when you see it, right?

Its like being a healer and doing all this for everyone but not applying it to yourself, do you follow where is the balance?

Its very serious actually, as it always makes one feel that they are the ones with the problem, and in this process there is this ever self doubt that perpetuates the external behavior, do you follow what i mean with working on your thoughts? You need to work on yourself and to not allow it. More simply, a healer is often the wounded healer, always being there for others but never for himself…. This is a type of ideology or pathway that draws the healer into being in the company of others who tend to abuse him too. And before you know it, through much vampire and abuse, the healer abuses himself by allowing the negative feedback to enter his higher self, and so the worm eats the apple, and the mind falls into the lower places of self abuse. Setting up a cycle of feeling neglect and abuse…do you follow what i am saying?

Though the funny thing is you will not see this happening to the ones that are sucking on your energy, the funny thing is that , they will be the ones that are drawing on the highest end of your energy, and they will be fine, completely untouched by anything seemingly that you can see… But this is why healers or special heart people are suffering the most, because it is them that the vampires seek, not other vampires or heartless ones, the special blood of the feeling and warmth of caring…does this make sense? And some thing else , when you read this to this end, and you suddenly feel a little different, even for a slight second, you will feel the control cycle…and that would mean that all that i am writing to you is actually true to form in your life.

I feel it is possible to create the very monster that we are scared of within ourselves and so it can be projected outward in our surroundings.

To be continued…

Much love

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