Formlessness Vs Chaos

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We are now in the period or measured moment called Formlessness.

what is Formlessness, to know that all forms as in all formulations interact and connect with each form. energy connects to energy, matter to matter, light to light, photon to photon etc.

To observe Creation which is essentially Formless, we observe the nature of its Motion.
To understand this motion we also observe the nature of ourselves, you observe you motions, emotions.

This reality displays an ever present observation or motion of the Natural process of the evolution of our Consciousness.

We can see our Consciousness because we observe the motion of the nature of Forms and the interaction to formlessness.

That which is without form is vast and expansive, such as water, an unlimited timeless body similar to Consciousness.

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Consciousness is pure, formless and timeless, but is observed by seeing the Soul in an constructed reality.

What is a Soul?

A soul is the immutable infinite segment or portion of your Infinite Consciousness. The personalized character of the story in this Solar system.

All your emotions, feelings and experiences are connected to your personality, coming from each lifetime that you have lived in.
The ego is subjected to your consciousness, but is also interlinked to your Soul.
In other words, the Soul has a subjected personality or ego.
the ego is an integration to you.

the ego is the lens that forms a projected Self image.
your Soul has created its own personality.

Why are we here?
Because we are learning through the sense of Desire which is the natural process of how Nature evolves.
Desire’s primary function is Evolution to merge with its originality.
thus We evolve…we self improve, we heal while we learn to build and improve our relationship with the Self.

The soul is readjusting its individuality because the God Mind or Great Spirit is adjusting its purpose and evolution-thus purging of old mastery codes to generate new codes.
New codes are Conscious and fluid like like the amniotic fluid, because it has electricity or creative spark as in your thoughts.

Expect a multitude of energy as in elements that are fragmented particles of previous earths to flood into your memories and thoughts.


New Master codes are prior to previous Aeons -the release of knowledge is a feminine and masculine manner.

Expect a unique reality that is based on your Consciousness and your reactions to your immediate environment.

There may be a conflict to establish a new natural order out of chaos sense, on a personal level. A desire to want to merge with your Creator and or not.

this also pushes forward the advancement of technology and the promotion of trans humanism with occult magic. Be mindful that all magic is neither good nor bad but it depends with which heart you are experiencing it.

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