The Deconstructing of the Universe and it Controllers

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Quote: C Jung

“I was driven to ask myself in all seriousness: “what is the myth you are living?” I found no answer to this question, and had to admit that I was not living with a myth, or even in a myth, but rather in an uncertain cloud of theoretical possibilities which I was beginning to regard with increasing distrust … So in the most natural way, I took it upon myself to get to know “my” myth, and I regarded this as the task of tasks-for-so I told myself-how could 1, when treating my patients, malice due allowance for the personal factor, for my personal equation, which is yet so necessary for a knowledge of the other person, if I was unconscious of it?”

Every human carries the signature of the celestial bodies within them, an imprint of the solar system at the time of entry into this world or plane.

We see this in our birth charts…

The “inner cosmic imprint or blue print” corresponds with the current time of entry with the same frequency that the Celestial bodies imprint on us. We experience a constant feedback of effects on creation daily.

we are creation
Saatchi Art Artist Ted Stourton; Painting

We are Creation

We address the Myths have we create inherently as part of the Scripting of the Uni verse, or in Latin word-forming element meaning “having one only,”< Latin ūni- combining form of ūnus one;


When I become still and I allow myself to feel the first Movement, the movement that allows me to feel that i allow my perceptions to steer me, when i take a deep breath and relax……to relax every sense in my body, relaxing every movement of my perception, I feel the Movement of Free flow.

Now…when I feel the free flowing movement of all the simulations and stimulations around me, I feel the walls becoming transparent….and I observe the simulacrum of the Universal great Mind. -Armed Heart

Simulacrum: an image or representation of someone or something or an unsatisfactory imitation or substitute.

snake stories

Deconstructing the Sacred Mythos

We are the mind of god learning to experience itself through the many views….But all gods and their myths were constructed for us to believe in, or be in the lie that we live in.

If we can grasp this, everything else that comes here after will make sense.

There is one Creator myth and that is the one from the Gnostic, more so, it is the most profound and talked over of our time…the Nag Hamadi scripture.

It is important to know that the natural evolution of the human soul and mind is subjective and not objective.

We need to know that the soul is subjective, because the soul is an interface connected through the neurological impulses of the mind and the extended awareness and the worldly impulses and connects indirectly to the Higher Spirit Self, this then Is the extended version of the Greater Supreme Energy outside of this reality. From the Inside out and from the outside inward.

Looking at the Soul more closely, we see that there is a subjective need to always seek and to be satisfied. To be subjective in the sense of what is around us , what we are impulsively drawn to.

anima mundi

The soul is also universally described as an anima mundi meaning a “world-soul” or in the world experiencer”, but must not be seen as fixed but rather as universal in its need to seek and to focus, but individual when there is an identification with certain stories or myths.

We see an example of this in social and cultural environments and the need to always become better or to evolve but an inherited patterned psychology. We humans love storytelling, our ancestors, our old gods, our lives, civilizations have stories about beliefs, fears, rituals, tribes and families.

Philosophers such as Descartes, Spinoza, for example have all indicated God as this nexus of every story ever told.

They meant that the finitude of a soul in matter were only ideal with unreal distinctions; and, so , these philosophers took God as another word for the incomprehensible, unattainable, and as the sole true identity of finite mind and matter.

Story building or scripting the myths personifies the unattainable, incomprehensible shapes and leads to social relationships, family and tribal expansion and promotes many ideologies about how the world came into being by answering it with an anthropomorphic references, beliefs and faiths.

Quote from the Anthropomorphic Cosmogony myths: “Creation myths tell us how things began. All cultures have creation myths; they are our primary myths, the first stage in what might be called the psychic life of the species. As cultures, we identify ourselves through the collective dreams we call creation myths, or cosmogonies. … Creation myths explain in metaphorical terms our sense of who we are in the context of the world, and in so doing they reveal our real priorities, as well as our real prejudices. Our images of creation say a great deal about who we are.”

The gods and their myths are Anthropomorphized, Meaning gods and myths are attributed with human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities. It is considered to be an innate tendency of human psychology to be subjected to something Higher or unattainable but almost equal and not. This also leads to a philosophical and theological elaboration of the myth of the primary or creation within a religious community.



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