The Metaphysical Journey- A Discussion with Aurora and Lauda Leon (Sovereign Ki)

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via The Metaphysical Journey- A Discussion with Aurora and Lauda Leon (Sovereign Ki)

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This discussion explores the metaphysical aspects of the multidimensional nature of existence pertaining to thought, manifestation, time, Consciousness, DNA and Spirit Energetics..A fascinating exploration beyond the space/time continuum and it’s relevance upon our individual earthen experience.


Lauda Leon Youtube (Sovereign Ki):

Loose talking points listed chronologically. This list is not necessarily an exact outline but closer to a guide for topics:

1. Old Precepts, Phantoms, Echo
1. Perceptual Convergence
1. Format of Society
2. DNA, Mind, Soul, Collective Field
3. Bubbles Reality, Divergent from Anchor Reality
4. Artificial Leaps, Synthetic

2. Mind, Consciousness, Manifestation, Frequency (System)
3. Veil System
4. Collective Self-Awareness, Self-Consciousness
1. Body Consciousness
2. Distorted Self-Image, Body is Virtual Hologram of Much more Information
3. 360 Degree Information, Body Binary, Physical-Spiritual

1. End of Time, Past No Longer Applies
2. Acceleration
3. True Nature of Consciousness and Time (“Virtual”)
4. Process of Self-Awareness

1. Leading Up To
1. Perception, Physical, Time, Linearity, Cycles, Editing, Non-Linear
2. Time stamps
3. Extra-Dimensional Nature of the Universe
4. Editing Ability
5. Creating what you want
6. Reverse Memory Swipe
7. Creation Through Alteration of The Higher Planes in Correspondence with the Material and Biological Planes and the Lower or Sub-Material and Lower Consciousness Planes
8. Reverse Birth, Radical Paradoxical Existence, Ontological, Autopoiesis
9. Only God Creates the Self
10. The Process of Creation is What’s Realities
11. Variations, Different Speeds, Other People Not Experiencing This
12. Incomplete Collectives Present
13. Stress Weight of Collective Carried is Handled by Smaller Groups who Are Carrying the Species Forward

14. Forget to Remember
15. Clear State, Purification, Ego
16. State of Consciousness stuck
17. Virtual Shadow, Virtual Illusion, Propagated Programmable Time-Past,
18. Past No Longer Applicable
19. Nature of Consciousness and Time, Coming to Real, All that Is
20. A Game, Trying to Create Life to Get to A Dream to Wake up in a Dream to Create a Higher Reality
21. Build Up of Energies, Handling Stress and Suffering, New Change of Less or No Suffering
22. Death System
23. EGO says I AM (To die) The Ego Dies to Let the Spirit Lives

1. Technology, Nature, Biology, Consciousness
1. No Mistakes, Only Benefit
2. Veils, Corrupted Restrictions Based on Artificial Progress,
3. System is Artificial Progress, Matrix, Treadmill, Artificial Time, Time Resets, Memory Wipes
4. New DNA and Atoms, New Consciousness
5. New Universe
6. Projection from Experience
7. Energies and Frequencies Not Applicable Before
8. Requires Internal Access, No External Access
9. Collective In and Out, Always Have Players in the Game
10. Shifting the Mind to Meet the Energies and Assist in the Process
11. Play the Game or Assist in increasing the Self-Awareness of the New Mind
12. Happens so Quickly, Time Does not Capture the Frame Rate or Frequency of the Events
13. Thus the Event is Supra-Conscious, Hyper-Dimensional, A Collection of Experiences from a Collection of Individuals from a Collection of Multiple Realities Unified through Self-Awareness

2. Tribal Mind, Collective Mind
3. Quantum Adjustment of Energy, Collective Mind, Spirit to Material Plane
4. A challenge is also a message or a direction
5. Someone Moved Faster than the Collective,
6. Possible Interlopers
7. We have to Accelerate
8. A Self-Consciousness System, A Process of a Hyperdimensional Entity Becoming Self-Aware through the Self-Consciousness of the Material Plane
9. Collective Dark Knight, Preparations of the Soul-Awareness, Memory, Trauma, Truth, Reborn, Waking Up
10. All Potentials in Potentiality System
11. Virtual Potentials, Mixed with Organic Projected Temporal Trajectory from the Soul Level
12. Artificial Merging, Makes Delays, Distortion, Confusion, Focuses on Development of Shadow for Process of Increasing Self-Awareness
13. Old World System, Based on Suffering and Control of the Collective
14. Entire Collective Restrained
1. Leads to Accelerated Motion
2. Required, Increased Suffering

15. Self-Acceptance, Or Self-Abuse, Self-Delusion
16. Parallel Self, Self-Reflection
17. Collective Mind Creates Worlds
18. Purpose of Reality Bubbles, Nature of Collectives, Gravitating Experience Around Itself for Incorporation or Integration of Multiplicity
19. New Blueprint for Reality, Clarity, Less Distortion, Noise to Signal Ratio
20. All Realities are Real, Not All Realities are Physical, Not All Physical Realities are Realities
21. Self-Abuse, Or Self-Test, OR Self-Message, Or Self-Destruction
22. One Collective Communicating in Self-Development to Other Collectives
23. Different Truths, Different Yous, Different DNA, Different Frequencies, Different Origins
24. EGO, new mind, Transcends Fear, Fear Separation Based, Anchored through Artificial Complex Carefully Inserted and Energetically Implanted through Mind Control, Indoctrination, Psychological Warfare and Corruption
25. Experiences are for the Soul Level Now, Not EGO, Will make or Break the EGO, GO TIME
26. Intentions, Perceptions, Clear, Then Trajectory Cleared to External Influence “Manipulation”
27. What is an Intentional Accident?
28. Easier, Automation, Less Awareness, Activate Quantum Potential Between Spiritual Intent and Physical Perceptions
29. Hypnotic Trance, Automation System
30. Breaking through, Stepping Sideways off the Time Treadmill or Using Force and Direction to Move Forward
31. Exceeded the Potential for the Limitations of the Old Platform, Compression Transition into New Phase
32. Death Phase Result of Artificial Decoherence, “Simulated Life-Death”
1. Metatronic Universe, Architect Funded and Maintained by Old World Energy
2. People Must Let Go or Face Destruction
1. Only the Mind is Destroy and Through Experience The Mind Is Always Shaped
2. We Create Experience through an Interface of an Inner Template and a Universal Template
3. All Experience, Convergence, Check Point, Nexus, All Incorporation into Simultaneous Awareness in System that Enables Continuous Non-Linear Experience (Multi-Phase Body)
4. Spiritual Growth is a Series of Interconnected Mandala Effects that Result in the Consciousness Diverging from What is a Phantom Reality Blueprint (A corrupted Non-Local Temporal Incursion) Into the Corresponding Physical Material Body of a Corresponding Universe Containing the Appropriate Adjustments in Parameters for Unlimited Growth,
5. Not One More Growth, All Unlimited All At Once, Insanity Testing, Creating, Making or Breaking
6. Feedback System of What is and Always is And what Could be or Has Been into What Is Always
7. Paradox
8. Acceleration, Lucidity
9. Trauma and Waking up, Outside Cannot Remain, Not Energy Efficient Format
10. Acceleration Curve, Equates to Exponential Increase, Exponential Increase, Activation of Non-Local System of Simultaneous Self-Awareness
11. Image of Ego in Water, Breaching Water, Image becomes Corrupted, Destroyed, True, Reality Fundamental Truth, Personality Unveil
12. One Mind, Who’s Going to Become God, From What Position on Earth? What’s the Difference? Is Everyone Aware of The Truth?
13. Selfless Creation
14. Self is Tricking Other Self
15. When We BeCome Your God Self, You Are in A sea of Your Own Thoughts as a Collective of Self
16. Artificial Expansion, Projected Space-Time
17. Spiritual Expansion, Learning and More Clear and Awake Self “Thoughts”
18. We’re in that Sea of Thoughts waking UP

33. Scientists are the Creators of this World. Everyone is Mixing Chemicals, messing around to map reality and this ultimately brings about more abilities when others integrate


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