You Matter to The gods


Through out the entire world, we have been inundated with ideas and thought processes that stimulate our thinking….In terms of how we believe and how we move according to our beliefs…

the focus is always to bring us to a point of surrender to another corporate belief, or a system readjustment…

the same beliefs can be applied to the old gods….or central gods…yes the ones who are the upper cream of our society…and who has lived for many thousand of years on this planet…

See they require your belief in them…or else they would not have the socialistic impact in this world…


The gods of today are young and narcissistic, competing for your mind, your power to believe in them…

the stories we have seen in the archeological diggings, the scriptures the murals the books, the scrolls…these are the same gods, they have literally changed their outfits…their technology…

Gods are nothing more than ideals, thoughts that propagated themselves into egregores…

What is an egregore…?

Egregore (also spelled egregor) are as baffling as they are fascinating.
This entity is esoteric, with a vast and amorphous influence that can
vary significantly in design and intent. Be it evil, proper, protective,
destructive; an egregore has a wide range of purposes.

They are ever
watching forces of energy that can manipulate the minds of anyone
under their sphere of influence, whether that person is aware of it or
not. Egregores are autonomous psychic beings fed through willpower,
focused desire, or mental energy from common cause between a group
of people.

Some egregores are no better than wild beasts in their
intellectual nature. However, there are many more that are fully sentient
and independent. An egregore does not come into being without the
generation of humans, but humans don’t know they give birth to

The dominance of your mind has to do with ideals, adverting, social structure, political, religious……each god has an ideal you have to apply to or believe in , live by… compete for dominance represent them in their arena…just like the old gladiators…

….diverse people come together and the gods fight the emergence of a free mind…the Promethean Mind

How do we beat them?

Do we want to beat them?

Some of us don’t….and others do…..

I want to beat them…because i want to live free…without restrictions , free to be in my existence and to learn to appreciate the beauty, love and nature of my own being…

no i don’t want to be high…

but i do want to matter to myself…we all owe this to ourselves….




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