Crowning Mental War


“1650s, “a crown,” from Latin corona “a crown, a garland,” in ancient Rome especially “a crown or garland bestowed for distinguished military service,” “to turn, bend

Crown:, we might initially think of royalty or nobility when considering the symbolic meaning of crowns. But consider where the crown rests, on one’s head of course. Consequently, the crown in the ace of swords is a symbol of thought. Specifically, the clarity and force behind our thoughts

With many extended senses in botany, anatomy, etc. A coronavirus (by 1969) is so called for the spikes that protrude from its membranes and resemble the tines of a crown or the corona of the sun.

The two “crown” constellations, Corona Borealis

corona borealis.jpg

Corona Austrialis

Astronomical sense of “luminous circle observed around the sun during total eclipses” is from 1809.


We face the mental war in the North withing the consciousness versus the physical root of the identity

Corona Borealis North and Corona Austrialis South

“In Greek mythology, Corona Borealis was linked to the legend of Theseus and the minotaur. It was generally considered to represent a crown given by Dionysus to Ariadne, the daughter of Minos of Crete, after she had been abandoned by the Athenian prince Theseus.

Theseus slaying the Minotaur

“The myth surrounding CORONA AUSTRIALIS begins with yet another seduction of a mortal by Zeus, the maiden in question being Semele, daughter of King Cadmus of Thebes.
The great god disguised himself as a handsome mortal in order to win her affection and their affair continued for many months.

However, Zeus’s wife Hera was outraged at his conduct and plotted her revenge. She transformed herself into an elderly serving maid and visited the heavily pregnant Semele, urging her to ask her lover to reveal his true identity.

This she did, and when Zeus appeared before her in his godly state, Semele was struck down by a thunderbolt.

Zeus saved his unborn son by taking him from his mother’s womb and attaching him to his own thigh, there to be nurtured until his actual birth date. The boy was called Dionysius, and when fully grown, he ventured into the underworld to retrieve his mother’s soul.

The gods allowed her to join them on Mount Olympus and Corona Austrialis represents her wreath or crown. ”

The shadow is part of the old energy from many lifetimes ago….this shadow has been tethered to you , your shadow, your old fears….

The first primal sound in space comes from when you were a child is born the first sense of sound and space comes from your internal heart and the sacred breath of your Mother into your energy….

The child is the key to the shadow, a the child memory of the past , the silence that feels overwhelming….

The energy is in flux as we speak… is timeless as it was when the child was inside the womb….Work on your shadow be still within your self.


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  1. Thank you, Aurora.

    I’ve often wondered if it is possible to be a physical, dense being in form, without needing to indulge in duality and siphon energy from lower consciousness, (i.e. plants – I am Vegan).It seems that playing the game of duality veils the true Self (Soul) and we become lost in the ‘dream’. of this life, just as we do when we dream at night. It’s difficult to become lucid and remember ourselves.

    Do you think it’s possible for us to become fully, multidimensional and fully lucid while embodied in form, so we never again forget our divinity?

    Much Love,


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