Hemorrhaging out from the Underground

Journey from within the eye of the needle inward out… Thoughts on the progression of the energy as it stands now Discern, Digest , Express and Expel…..These are the Four Pillars of Gathering Information as Times are now…

FYI” imagine gods competed for dominance over times and the minds of man…ideals compete for dominance….diverse people come together it fights…emergence god today are moral narcissists….fighting to compete…for your mind…your consciousness…for you to adhere to their morals, their codes…their beliefs…until it becomes an egregore…..

Please be mindful, All the energy as it appears to be right now is exposing the underground, that which was always pressed down… Atlas Shrugged Link to the Video

The Great Reveal : https://youtu.be/ybTgQWqZs2U


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