Timekeepers, Thoughts and Realities

Journey from within the eye of the needle inward out…We are currently in the signing off of the first chapter of a three part series spanning over the next two years.
In the first year , we were given guidance to know how to understand that we are Great Spirit and that we are the Creators of our own realities.
We have entered into the next passage of this plane , where we are learning to be mindful that we do not get tricked by those who carefully try to initiate us , our thoughts to what they would like us to to take note of….in other words, we must be mindful , to whom, and to what service do we give our Electromagnetic light to.
Much love

On Timekeepers

Chapter 1 is the year 2020 the first chapter in the creation of the new reality, our Reality

Chapter 2 is the year 2021 the progress and the implementation of the new Reality, Our Reality, the year will be one that will forge our fires, but one that we will own, as we are already doing so. Irrespective of what you see, remember the most important element is that what we give sight or our attention to , has the power to draw our magnetic energy into its projected reality. The It , is whatever we focus on…

Chapter 3, the year 2022, Is the implementation of the new Reality ,and how we function in our reality and what functions in our reality.


Stay Vigilant,

Much love


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  1. As always spot on with correct free will guidance. Chapter 1 creating the ne reality in 2020. Chapter 2 progress on mplementing of the new realty. Chapter 3 implantation and how we function in new reality.
    Under you guidance I am super excited.
    Blessed be and so it is.🙏

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