Programmable Predictive Scripting

We must be mindful what we create, when we look at what we are led to read. The ability for creation requires inner light, we are facing them , and telling them to back off, because we can see what they are writing , by using our energy.

All Creation requires light, light comes from the eyes are filled with light ,light emits into the mind, and the thought becomes a reality, this is the natural process of an Organic human being creating….This light is also called Intromission.

*What is Intro mission light theory?
This theory has been replaced by intro mission theory (or intromissionism), which states that visual perception comes from something representative of the object (later established to be rays of light reflected from it) entering the eyes.

Their Agenda is to acquire your creative power , by coaxing you to read their material, plain and simple….

here is the link for this article that scripts the future, for us to read , so that we must help them to create their agenda.

How do we counter this , we become aware what we read is called Future Faking ?

We know that we are living in a plane or reality of our own making….Because We are Great Spirit . Great Spirit is the multiple points of light that emit as a whole being…

And so…We have to pay attention to what we see, even what we post, are we adding information in speaks or verbalizes things as if its already too late?

for example: “we are all going to die?” this kind if wording speaks in the present , as if you already are dying…it does not give you any option of existence …to live or to survive…Doom chatter…

It is important that when we read what others are saying , we change the energy of the material ,through transmutation. But more importantly…we guard our inner Fire, we guard our Creatorship. We are Great Spirit, and Great Spirit is us….members in particular….


Much love

The Promethean






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