The Biggest Ritual : Sacrificing the Scapegoat & Resurrection of an Older Timeline

The Raven Speaks

The Biggest Ritual of the sacrifice of the scapegoat, and Resurrection of an older timeline. Before i start, i would like to explain that this above subject matter is for Adept, so please listen careful and perhaps follow up with what you may not understand in questions below….
thank you. It is time for us to incorporate this mantra, prayer, or affirmation, label it in any way that you would like, this is Creation to Action now…..

I will be adding this into every video from now on , until we feel that it is done…
For those who wish to hear it and say it…please feel free to do it with me…..



On the Universal laws and its explanations see link:

Chapter 1

The subject matter is related to the events that are unfolding now…
I see Two rituals being implemented, one that is based on a resurrection of a timeline and one that requires ritual sex magic….

Chapter 2

The Ritual is about sacrificing the Scapegoat…..
Now its important to not get trapped by the information in here, as there will be many references to highlight the depth of the process….

The Malevolent forces require the use of an altar….in order to use this altar, which consists out of five kingdoms to perform their rituals….as it takes 5 elements to create a pentagram…..this is not in reference to what the pentagram presents…As this said pentagram is the inversion of the Pagan Star of nature.

The ALTAR requires 5 elements to make it work, the entire ritual is also called Satanic, as it is related to an inverted form or religion

The Entertainment Industry is Riddled with Satanic Symbolism: The Pentagram


the Satanic inversion of the Pentagram
the Pagan Pentagram right side up

Chapter 3

The goat buck as a sin offering (Numbers 29, 5). Wood engraving, published in 1886.


It is vital to understand that the Scapegoat or goat is tied into the symbology of Saturn…And that Saturn is tied into the one who holds Time, Saturn is also called Chronos….The Goat also represents the soul or the anima mundi….and this is relevant to reference of the anima mundi….

Chapter 4
The word scapegoat is ritualized, with the “social-psychological sense of a person or group singled out for blame, see Scapegoating…”

According to an old Biblical ritual, “a scapegoat is one of two kid goats. As a pair, one goat was sacrificed (not a scapegoat) and the living “scapegoat” was released into the wilderness, taking with it all sins and impurities.
The story of the Scapegoat mentioned that a goat is designated to be “cast into the desert to carry away the sins of the community.” the goat represents Capricorn often misrepresented for a ram…as in the Abrahamic story , when Abraham was told to sacrifice his first born….in other words, sacrifice your first born right, or free will….The other goat is sacrificed so that the scapegoat can live free in the wilderness…..
“Then it was said that laying both hands on the head of the live goat, and confessing over it all the iniquities of the people, and all their transgressions, all their sins, putting them on the head of the goat, and sending it away into the wilderness by means of someone designated for the task.
The goat shall bear on itself all their iniquities to a barren region or desert… and the goat shall be set free in the wilderness”

William Holman Hunt: The Scapegoat, 1854.

Similar fashion it can also be referenced to the Kain and Abel tradition….After Kain killed Abel , he was cursed to roam the wilderness.
The wilderness is also a place or conscious state or no reign over the wild nature of man.It was also commonly misunderstood that the Wilderness was tied into Free will….
When one utilizes Free Will…it denotes that one is balanced to have common sense and of sound mind to apply choices in one’s life…taking responsibility for oneself is what we are doing…unlike those who are spinning things to fit their agendas..

Chapter 5

Anima Mundi means : “The world soul or Soul (Greek: ψυχὴ κόσμου psychè kósmou; Latin: anima mundi) is, an intrinsic connection between all living things on the planet,, its place of origin is Ethereal, which means it operates from within a reality that incorporated to this world….as said before…The Spirit is really the Origin of all life, using the Soul as the vessel to traverse through this world…..
Therefore, we can state that: this world, this plane is indeed a living being endowed with a soul and intelligence … a single visible living entity containing all other living entities, which by their nature are all related, for Great Spirit to exist in…”

“They” believe, that it is imperative to Sacrifice of Soul or the feminine principal that is a vital force in the universe.

For them ,it is important to get rid of the Great Spirit Original Force that we exist in and exist as….or what they would call god…to replace one god with another god…
To Create is masculine, the receive Creation is Feminine…
Killing off or weakening of the soul or Feminine Principal…
Chapter 6
The injection means : Latin iniectus “a casting on, a throwing over,” past participle of inicere “to throw in or on; insert, bring into,
“injection : “a forcing of a fluid into a body” (with a syringe, etc.)….
Injection leads to the next ritual….

To Inject

On a side note, its very important to be mindful that when there is any particular piercing,scraping or external elements harming the body, it also pierces the Auric field or Egg.. this is field of consciousness of the soul energy…this is generally speaking…this does not mean if its done with ill intent…
which could potentially create some confusion….as there will be many who will think that they are doing the right thing….even radiate it…in my opinion…
this INJECTION is designed to damage the sending and receiving of the soul….according to them , they consider the soul as a by product that is irrational…

Therefore the Piercing of the Soul energy, leads to the next Ritual where time is created…..

Chapter 7
The ritual requires that when there is enough soul energy pierced, that this will collapse the timeline in which we exist…remember that the Soul is etheric, which means it is folded into time and space…it traverses…the soul is also a time traveler….

But what happens in actuality…is that they cannot create time…they don’t possess the connection …they don’t have the ability to Create…only copy…so they create a ritual of Illusion of TIME…..

Chapter 8

Illusion of form – is manifested by creating an image with a range of value. By accurately placing highlights and shadows an artist can create the illusion of form. Chiaroscuro – An Italian word that means the arrangement of light and shadow. Today chiaroscuro is also called modeling or shading.

The first part of the ritual relates to the timing of the transits of Mercury and Venus. Spring Equinox…
1.. The timing of the celestial energy requires that the heavenly bodies enter a period of transmutation….in other words, Transits, when major planets are moving from one house to the next…creating a field of kinetic energy…
2. The Second part of the ritual requires the injured or weakened soul to give up its root existence….and what they perform is a sex magick ritual, because The sexual act in itself is kinetic and electromagnetic…if it is done with awareness…
Children are innocent, are electromagnetic and pure…and are used are vessels for their gods to come in. they entice these gods, they hope its a main one that people believe in so that a particular god can be sacrificed or killed…killing the god in the chosen child , is how they kill that god..these are their beliefs…

Again….Remember that it is not possible to trap Great Spirit….as we are all Great Spirit…and we do not consent to this ritual not in any form…..



We know that there is a mad rush to project an illusion of time into this reality…
we also know that they are desperate….so they are ramping up…
we also now see that all that they can do is just replicating and copying and spinning and scaring….ad nausea….remember the Illusion….when it comes up you will know….

While all the rituals are taking place, We have the transmuting the energy of the time and space through our mantra and our awareness…

The Truth about their weakness is that they had forfeited their Soul covenant with Great Spirit,some chose to play evil, while others may have existed without life…as parasitic…Like the viral infection…elusive, real enough…and so on…the chimera…

the rituals may be displayed through media and all other forms of mirror prepare the audience…it is beneficial for them that we focus on their illusion to fuel it, so they may amp things up, things may feel a little out of control…etc.

their Rituals can only can only be given life, It can only be acted out during when they have the planets in alignment….
again it signifies that they are not able to create independently but from what is already there to work with, that means what we have focussed on , or what they expected us to focus on…so they will give a runway for the energy….
The actual reason for this , is to use energy to create what they want…because they forfeited their soul covenant or contract with their own humanity….psychopathic…

What is going to happen is an astrological movement which announces the collapsing of the Iron Age, and it is entering the age of Bronze, this is related to the timing of the Awakened,enlightened but also Technology….Of course it depends on how we use it….

The announcement of a new Aeon is described here as the falling down of a statue of gold iron silver and clay mixed with mud is smashed with a stone that falls from heaven as referenced from the dream of Nebuchadnezzar”….this information is not literal but allegorical, but symbolic to the nature of the movement of the Races…


When i speak about the Root Races…
I am referring to the 5 main root races from which all life exists…in this reality…in this version of earth….


On a Side Notes…

Aleister Crowley
channeled book of the law….whereby it was mentioned that the previous god had given up its position and was killed, so that a new god can take its place.. and ushered a new occult age…”
the outcome of this example was to try to make the world appear as if it has entered end times…Aleister sighted this from the first person as the god called mega thereon…or the beast as this is yet another ILLUSION being worshiped….
ALL of this is to worship an ILLUSION of a New Age….hence all the theatrics..
The current events as we speak is an inauguration of the above said event

A reminder of the New Aeon, was sighted by an author called Philip k Dick where he explains that we were meant to have had our golden age a lot sooner but that the reality or the timelines had been altered in the black iron prison which is the Iron Age, he defines it as an Artificial construct stuck in frozen time….Ice Age, allegory…frozen movement….stuck….He refers to the destruction of the second temple in 70AD with the crucifixion.

Prior to 1974 timeline
crucifixion shifted timeline. the Black iron prison projected into the past and also projected into the future and present…..three points of time nodes or the hypercube….the System in which the matrix exists in, media has written timelines in fluctuation where lies have been scripted

The Age of iron black iron prison was meant to have ended in 1974
followed by golden age.
It was also mentioned that there will be a race known as the three eyed Race….and based on that, the three eyes, are in reference to ones who have their thirds eyes open….

three eyes race, rises from the dead , meaning that rising out from the dead is rising from a reality that is unknown or not familiar….or during the solstice, which denotes that it will be during a winter solstice, when the planet goes stationary on solstices, it intensifies , the death of the sun….A stationary sun adjusts Time….

Light Affects Language
**language is translated into light and imagery
shafts of light processing information from the alter

time is not happening and it is…but only how we perceive it to be….if we can make this work for us…if we are able to change that energy…..
for example….enforcing the mantra as shafts of light frequencies, for what its purpose is,….through living crystal technology….when i say living crystal technology…i am referencing to the metaphysical reference of the heart , the philosophers stone…
the green emerald….
since we know that they, or call them as the magicians who consist out of five kingdoms
a kingdom for each sense
using the ages against each other
linguistic communication embedded through light, crystals inside computers
As mentioned in prev video with chat to Ivan Teller about the Urim and Thumim as crystal technology, an example of crystal technology.

Urim and Thumim

the first birth of the current reality was manifested through the bending of light in the way words have been made…..Through the first Light or thought of The Great Spirit…

Light Affects the concept of Time Through perceptions of ideologies, they Create illusion of a time….We Create out of their illusions , our Reality  Through our Fire. Therefore we have the Power to change through our words the Intention of their existence via the Revocation.

!Very Important Note: Sacred language spoken with True Intent becomes ascribed or translated into light and imagery…

the Malevolence uses the similar principal to manipulate through imagery….the difference is that our energy , our Creative process, is alive, organic … they steal the shafts of light by violating the soul energy….the propagating through their altar, energy….

We claim back our original FIRE and we power up the shafts of light processing and transmuting through the Revocation  their illusion back into our power, time folds into a Quantum Field…
for example….enforcing the mantra as shafts of light frequencies, for what its purpose is,….through living crystal technology, DNA….when i say living crystal technology…i am referencing to the metaphysical reference of the heart , the philosophers stone…the structured formation of DNA.
the green emerald….
“there is a kingdom for each sense and they are trying to use the ages against each other …”from the gospel of Philip. Each root Race experiences their own doomsday or apocalypse or shift of. This plane is Atlantean age, going from the iron age into the bronze age….!





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