The Promethean talks with Inge and Marieta about some deeper truths

My Guests

Meet Marieta Weemen and Ingel Blei, two of my guests from Netherlands , while we discuss in a deeper manner , the realities and what we have been dealing with over the last two years, 2019, 2020…when we know we had to already have made the choice.

Right now , we are entering into chapter 2 or the second realm of convergence….We discuss laying down the foundation of the House , and as we continue to build on this foundation and furnish the walls, we delve deeper into the realities of the identities breaking down, of false facades that we know may have been built into the collapsing of the false realities….and so much more…..

Background of Marieta

Marieta Weemen

Personal guidance, coaching – a different view on questions such as Why do I adapt like this? or Why do I keep getting discouraged by that? can help you better focus your energy and attention on what does help you (and any family and loved ones).

Coaching can also be useful if you are not experiencing these feelings, but can still use help in making an important, far-reaching decision, in coping with grief, or simply to explore and clarify what is important to you together with someone else , for example at work or in a relationship.

There are various options for personal guidance. Think of a number of conversation sessions (in practice, at your home or elsewhere). Telephone support is also possible. It is always a matter of coming together to clarify the situation and the choices for change that you have at your disposal. In what other way could you look at the situation? Are you objective enough, or do you make too much effort to please others, and how (and why) does your environment respond to a particular problem or change? A period of reflection and reflection, critical but also with warmth and support, contributes to positive change and more balance.…”

Marieta Weemen
The Golden Travel
Practice for Naturopathy, Spirituality and High Sensitivity.
Bleijenbeek 17, 5851 EE Afferden


Inge Blei

Inge Blei is Co-Receiver of The Butterfly and Head of Butterfly Philosophy, Energy Movement.

Co-Receiver of The Butterfly & Head of Butterfly Philosophy & Energy Movement

“Throughout most of her life, Inge felt most at ease interacting with animals and plants. She often wondered why others would not connect more often through thought. Helping others to find relief from physical and emotional pain was experienced as a natural flow, not as a conscious decision to engage in a Loving act or not. Deeper understanding of life and the energy of creation were just there and did not need to be discussed”

the Promethean




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