The Fall of Atlantis

Fall of Atlantis, the Inversion of Garden of Eden

The Fall of Atlantis….Remnants of a fallen Paradise….the Inversion of Sacred Consciousness….

quote:” The fact that the city which Lovecraft’s “Great Old Ones” ruled over was Atlantis is quite clear, as the city, called “R’lyeh” in the story, is covered with what Lovecraft describes as “Cyclopean” architecture, the same word used by Ignatius Donnelly to describe the architecture of Atlantis.

Lovecraft’s descriptions paint a picture of multi-dimensional, non-Euclidean angles, as if they existed in a space-time different than ours, perhaps in an “otherworld” somewhere in between the planes of heaven and earth. They are described as grand and mighty creatures, with a moral creed similar to that of Aleister Crowley’s “Do What Thou Wilt”, and they trounced on all those weaker than them, bringing destruction to the Earth, devouring every living thing. This is exactly the behavior that is ascribed to the sons of the Watchers, or Nephilim, the Giants who wrought havoc upon the World, oppressed and devoured all of the gods’ living creation to feed their own voracious appetites. Because of the pride and destructive behavior of the Great Old Ones,” quote from the Late Tracy Twyman

The Fall of Atlantis…..
Atlantis is the Archetypal Mythological Inversion of Eden….The Garden of Eden is the consciousness…all forms of it…as said from the previous video on Catharsis…we are taking this one more step further…..

The Above said Quote is based on a Hierarchy Dominance…in the human society…sort of what we are looking at now…

How is the Dominance Hierarchy Related to the Gods of Atlantis?

The interesting thing about Atlantis , is in reference to the archetypal influence that so many have created through their Crystalized technology, beliefs made an external reality(this is by no means a knock on crystals as such..its not relevant to this terminology)

…to crystalize….or Christ-realize…is an organic movement of fire made into reality, or a fiery message made manifested, shared…to break bread…to discuss…not one person is only beholden to that…all is…to share the fire of thoughts, is to burn away old beliefs…not so?
But it must be understood that while it was made to understand that the realities that we live in is made up of layers…like a layered cake…icing in the middle as the primordial consciousness….we must also understand that there is a mirror to it all….
The Alice in wonderland references , through the looking glass…in other words…
We choose to decide if we want to be on the flip side of the mirror or not…
unlike some who are voyeuristically watching us from their upside down world…constantly deflecting what we do…funny…like watching our reactions when they push the envelop more and more….

The Con or the Flip side of belief is empowered by crystalizing beliefs to vibrate in a particular direction…

Their Reset is nothing more than a rebuilding of the Tower of Babylon….and we know that the Fall of Atlantis or the Antediluvian Flood…happens straight after that…
The flood, may not be as literal as it was once portrait….
because we know that Information can come to us as a Flood of insight….

sometimes it can hold so much power that it transfixes one,to believe that the man , Jesus was really the demi god, ,instead of the power of christos…the eternal internal consciousness was really a living breathing single hero that saved us all…that is the transfixed belief….that something that is remarkable can be abused and manipulated to become something idelic…iconic…idolators…
that it became a technology of belief…….think about it….

I am showing you the smoke and mirrors
What does it mean to Crist-alize ….what happens to water when it freezes….?
what happens to fire…when its frozen….?
Freezing the Christ or is it immortalizing Christ….in a frozen state…

what is being implemented here is the Freezing over or Crystalizing of implemented by an old Hierarchy Dominance structure, The Great Tower of babel, Kababel…
Ka soul Babel…babble…of spells…musings…

the Kabal..the Malevolent forces, call them what you will, i will call them mental parasites…as i always do…the only difference is, that what their aim is to capture your creative essence, and crystalize it in their technology…Nanotechnology, New Age Technology is New Order Technology, in theory……or Liquid Cristal Display…Always crystalizing what you perceive…captive audience….Capture through your light, your perceptions what you see and perceive…trying to trap you into their soap opera, their movie…..

always remember that you have a choice in what you what you see….

My personal wonderment….i always wondered about the movie, The Matrix….?
well the movie is based on the reality though technology…not so?…parasites are bots..?

has any one of these characters done anything in an organic manner>?…il leave it there with you….think twice before you choose any pil….the red and the blue is held out by the same character….both are realities that a so called character named Morpheus, represents to you…and then ….glamorizing you…with his musings…hypnotizing you
Morpheus the god of sleep in the movie Matrix
Morpheus *Morpheus, in Greco-Roman mythology, one of the sons of Hypnos (Somnus), the god of sleep. … Morpheus sends human shapes (Greek morphai) of all kinds to the dreamer, while his brothers Phobetor (or Icelus) and Phantasus send the forms of animals and inanimate things, respectively.”

I bring all of these his and herstorical remnants up …for us to look at…please walk with me….

Atlantis represents Eden as an inversion, the Tower of babel is a reference to laws…their laws……..

But I’ve seen it a few times…Atlantis will fall….its like building a house of only sand…

They use the power of Transfixing your beliefs, into their technology…this technology, is like weaponizing what you see, what you feel…against you…

The Tower is Technology…Atlantis used that same technology…and like parasites incorporated it into the reality of what was sacred…
The same belief that Satan is a singular offensive entity…which if you recall from the video of Catharsis…represents Judge…Judgement…it is deified through beliefs until it has grown to become something so monstrous that it exists in its own merit…

I am not talking about Satanists…..
As far as i am concerned…all forms of anything that requires you to do what they want you to do…is an inversion of your power…they dis empower you…
I am also not denying entities…or demonic things…such things exist because they are part of the realities that we can not perceive…

The weaponizing of beliefs become Nano Technology…Nano in itself means, small…means to dwarf your power…

because of the technology that they used…you see as one goes through an internal cleansing….and when we are weeding out the garden….our gardens….the inversion of this garden falls… means it is a false construct…that seemed to take president over what is original….
the more we are becoming aware of ourselves, our Laws that is Universal, the Laws of the recognition of who we are as a multitude of Many bodies of infinite consciousness…or Great Spirit…individual Consciousness….the more we are letting the false constructs collapse….the more we roll that scroll back up….

Atlantis was designed to fall….its main purpose…as a mythological construct…was to demonstrate that time and time again , a part of humanity, such as those we have seen who give into the crystalizing technology, trans human gender less(not Physical, energetic) societies…etc, monochromatic…singular hive minded lunar magicians…….then that becomes a base for external existence…remember external reality is impermanent….it is every changing….it is alive…its purpose is for us to obverse to experience…but to never idolize…

The Fall is when we have allowed our consciousness to be feasted on by others…..when our creative power was used against us….this video is followed by the Catharsis video….if yo have not watched int, please do so….

They feast on the abundance of your house, and you give them drink from the river of your delights.”
(Psalm 36:8)

The Organic Human Consciousness is also what i call the Garden of Eden…the garden of Delights, Eden,wonderful stuff that are delightful to create and to enjoy
from Hebrew context Reference: ““And the LORD God planted a garden in Eden, in the east,(sun rises in the east, the sun of wisdom, or masculine energy…sunlight)
and there he put the man whom he had formed.(the Primordial Adama…or Adam, the first will of the mind is masculine…)
And out of the ground (earth or the ground on which seeds fall, the mental connection to responding…or universal law of correspondence)
the LORD God made to spring up every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food.
The tree of life was in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. A river flowed out of Eden to water the garden, and there it divided and became four rivers.”

… , also referenced as little fire…
“The name Edan means Little Fire and is of Irish origin. Edan is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys. A form of Aidan”
So its masculine….masculine is the sacred reference to Creator…..the mind…..where consciousness exists is masculine….
in other words, Christ is also Fire…or Edan…or Eden….

Atlantis. The Antediluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly (

the status structure influences how you feel about you…its not learned..its inherent to internal bases for the human origin….

The Back story of Atlantis…..
Atlantis was built and constructed as the foundation of the first expression of Edan…Eden…the paradise….
The primary expression of Atlantis was to test all fruit and to retain that which operates, corresponds to the thoughts and the mental state of consciousness…

What happened though?

The Frame of Importance shifted…..
What was held as importance of greater value was the reflection of the inner sanctuary…that which one feels one can identify with…..when this happened….more advancement took place….
The destruction of the Crystal technology…the using of the technology to improve , to potentially create a new reality…through mind altering the consciousness…the value of the original thought form was starting to fall away….more importance was placed on the relevance of what outside or external could do to sustain that….

in itself technology…temples…gods….false galleries of wasted belief systems that were implicates to create a pseudo reality
there is more interest to get to the destination , the valued goal than the actually goal itself, in that respect the energy demands that you are constantly on the move…on the hunt…such as the Orions have tried to indoctrinate people to believe that there is more value in the attainment of the hunt the attainment of the goal , then the focus on the outcome of it all…..
The San bushmen…from South Africa…a tribal group of individuals , have taught as the natural laws of the universe that all laws apply to the actual hunting down of the food source…everything was set in a space awareness…..


Fall of Atlantis is a fall from Paradise….the falling is part of the indoctrinated, realities that make one feel…loss…due to not having to attained the awareness that
treating people like obstacles because people are naturally used to seek the journey to find the quickest best way to get to point B….
Primordial system suggests that we have lost the way to create in an organic human manner….
If you believe that you have been selected by a certain reality, then this reality will require that you apply the world as a tool….
or such as the Atlanteans required the Sacred Crystal technology as a tool to acquire eternal health , beauty, life…
its the loss of this program that is making a person


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