The Libertean

And while Atlantis is falling in this golden Age, the Aeon horus child, rides on the coat tails of the Morning star….mixing all the right ingredients to take the over the show….

because the Towers are falling…..from all over , from where you see and sense…when it feels super chaotic…in a sense it is good, because chaos give space and time to bring in many truths…many revealings…better chaos than order, right?

In our Case it is best to see that our Chaos is really the better one , because it leaves us with many chances to rectify a Greater Spirited Order…one that Organic Human Infinite consciousness….

Our Order is their chaos….perhaps we need to keep that in mind….

Im going to bring in a few archetypal elements just as i have done in the previous material….when i reference who Satan as an archetype represented… …
remember everything is from the internal and Spirited perspective and reveals in itself many layers , that we are removing , such as the cleansing the garden of Eden which is our Greater Consciousness

…metaphorical Archetypal energies that are personified over the many ages of the human existence…spirited mythological elements that are made to represent humans or made to be believed in …to strengthen the belief as such…..Egregores
statues or buildings that are given human or life like personalities…
This is the realm of Magick in its deepest form….Creation in its darker unbridled formation….
Abusing it , or using it….

Time to unveil the Truth…

I am going to bring in the element called Lucifer…and before you grab your hats and socks and bolt…please be mindful , this body of work, called the Libertean…has got nothing to do with the beliefs or fairy tales , mythologies of what everyone has been made to believe…not at all….
If we can clear up and cut away all the dead leaves and snake veins, such as many grape veins…from what is actualized, rather than what is fabricated to drive us away from it…

Who or What is Lucifer….?

Morning star -”

“hosphorus (Greek Φωσφόρος Phōsphoros) is the Morning Star, the planet Venus in its morning appearance. Φαοσφόρος (Phaosphoros) and Φαεσφόρος (Phaesphoros) are forms of the same name in some Greek dialects.This celestial object was named when stars and planets were not always distinguished with modern precision.Another Greek name for the Morning Star is Heosphorus (Greek Ἑωσφόρος Heōsphoros), meaning “The dawn-bringer”. The form Eosphorus is sometimes met in English. As an adjective, the Greek word φωσφόρος is applied in the sense of “light-bringing” to, for instance, the dawn, the god Dionysus, pine torches, the day; and in the sense of “torch-bearing” as an epithet of several gods and goddesses, especially Hecate but also of Artemis/Diana and Hephaestus.[1]The Latin word lucifer, corresponding to Greek φωσφόρος, was used as a name for the morning star and thus appeared in the Vulgate translation of the Hebrew word הֵילֵל (helel), meaning Venus as the brilliant, bright or shining one, in Isaiah 14 (Isaiah 14:12), where the Septuagint Greek version uses, not φωσφόρος, but ἑωσφόρος. As a translation of the same Hebrew word the King James Version gave “Lucifer”, a name often misunderstood as a reference to Satan. Modern translations of the same passage render the Hebrew word instead as “morning star”, “daystar”, “shining one” or “shining star”. In Revelation 22 (Revelation 22:16), Jesus is referred to as the morning star, but not as lucifer in Latin, nor as φωσφόρος in the original Greek text, which instead has ὁ ἀστὴρ ὁ λαμπρὸς ὁ πρωϊνός (ho astēr ho lampros ho prōinos), literally: the star, the shining one, the dawn.[2][3][4] In the Vulgate Latin text of 2 Peter 1 ( 2 Peter 1:19) the word “lucifer” is used of the morning star in the phrase “until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts”, the corresponding Greek word being φωσφόρος.”

the biblical mythology refers to Lucifer as the Fallen….the one who shone the first or the brightest fell from kingdom….
We have to look at it deeper than just what you read…A theological scholar Borris Zirkhov explains…from Latin…from the Syriac bible….much older than the original scriptures… **Syriac version of the Old Testament and the version of Aquila derive it from yâlal, “to lament,Lucifer the principal fallen angel who is supposed “to lament” the loss of his original glory, bright as the morning star. Other Fathers of the Church maintain that Lucifer is not the proper name of the “devil,” but denotes only the state from which he has fallen **

Lucifer is thus represented as a state or an emotional or energetic fall, to have dropped in frequency….for interest sake , when we switch electricity on , it rises…is reborn, and when it is switched off, it falls…it dies…
When light is fallen….it loses it potency…the devil is thus none of these but the time itself that is between on and off…birth and death….

On the cosmos….it is once said that Venus and the Earth were like twins…two sisters in the same universe…because of their equal distance to the sun…
that and that they are almost the same size….Venus in its own existence became the scapegoat for Earth, in other words , she would through empathic transference , absorb all the malice from Earth….
all of this came from papers written in the middle century….

Venus is the brightest in the sky…not so?
this above said belief was also used to vilify the feminine principal….as such…since many of them forced this belief into churches or die if they did not accept it…

Venus was therefore called Lucifer, and perhaps made known in the roman catholic Empires…

Lucifer is also called eos-pheros…

Therefore Lucifer is masculine ans feminine…..

the feminine side is pre-christian….pagan….
suggests that just as the morning star comes to bring the light…of a day….so it was also referenced as
Aphrodite, born from the sea…personified as the Dawn of the Day….Aphrodite was also known as Mother Nature…
The morning star also references Jesus….

Historical footnotes,

so what we are in actuality are looking at is the misrepresentation of planets, the heavenly bodies…yet again we can see how the planets were all misconstrued to represent some deity or god that has a certain influence over the minds of man….
**”the metaphor of “the morning star,” is applied to both Jesus, and his Virgin mother, and that the planet Venus-Lucifer is included, moreover, among the “stars” of the seven planetary spirits worshiped by the Roman Catholics 5 [Footnote: 5. The famous temple dedicated to the Seven Angels at Rome, and built by Michael-Angelo in 1561, is still there, now called the “Church of St. Mary of the Angels.” In the old Roman Missals printed in 1563″

then the Greeks changed the names of the planets in the oldest Mazdean allegories, Mitra conquers the planet Venus, in Christian tradition Michael defeats Lucifer, and both receive, as war spoils, the planet of the vanquished deity.

therefore to bring it more closely….we can say that there were far too many theologies, based and remade or copied from the pagan beliefs…and when i say pagan i am referring to Mother nature , Natural science, Nature in eternal balance…not overpowered or dominated by abusing the sacred masculine or feminine elements …*A deceased emperor held worthy of the honor could be voted a state divinity by the Senate and elevated as such in an act of apotheosis. The granting of apotheosis means that they made him the equivalent of god on earth.

Creating Papacy to propagate their power again using the luciferic element but this time through the Venusian portal….

creation of the papacy where the Pope is considered the Vicar of Christ.
the Imperial cult as an Empire-spanning cult, it cannot really be argued that the Imperial cult was ever a strong enough religious institution in its own right to stand against the rise of Christianity. However, as a political instrument it was indispensable, and as such its religious nature would be subject to change if this was necessary for its survival and this precluded the friction that one may have expected between Christianity and a pagan cult.

None of these pagan cults, nor the so-called divinity of its leaders could compete against Christianity as a whole but the power of the leaders prevailed and their divinity was preserved in order to establish a new Roman empire through politics.

nothing more than babel worshipers….

We are setting the records straight…

to put it mildly…..
Pinocchio, Jesus, Prince George are all inverted elements of Lucifer…Jesus must be known as the Christos…
Jesus the messenger or son of man…human…
Christos….the spirited expression of the first thought put into action….through the son if man…
or the sun , in which they are trying super hard to kill off this sun…so that it can be replaced by an artificial one….

for example…
I am inspired (spirit)…I seek the express(Lucifer)
I express(Christos or mercury),I Create(Adam), i incubate Creation(Eve),Creation becomes matter(Electromagnetic energy) earth or garden of Eden the consciousness of infinite consciousness….i judge my own creation (Satan)…..
i start again…..

There are some Factors which seemed to have taken the sacred Infinite Knowledge a little bit too far, and can explain roughly how this had changed the reality to suite their own egoic needs…

Aside from the fact the Religion, irrespective from where it comes from , had needed to create a super villain to stop you from thinking for yourself, the very fact when you think and ask copious amounts of questions, could also be known as demonic…did you know that?
the word Demon…means deity, genius, The Ancient Greek word δαίμων daemon denotes a spirit or divine power, much like the Latin genius or numen…divine principle or inward oracle.

Simply put…if you ask too many questions, you are also branded to be a little demon…you may even have horns…such as the two horns that are sprouted from most pictures…why two horns?

because , try as they might, there are two psychic pillars of light that fold around your head…plume over you, these are part of your pshyic energy…masculine and feminine psychic energy…..

another one is called the aeon of Horus….another mirror of Lucifer Venus, Jesus and Mary….Jesus and Mary the same energy…one is masculine and the other is feminine…Mary is again as said tied to Venus which is tied to Lucifer…are you starting to see the picture?

What we have to see is that there are far too many idol minds interfering and rewriting and re scripting beliefs for us to follow, like the snake swallowing its own tail…the romantic version of the snake swallowing its own tail or the ouroboros…
swallow you tale…swallow this story….

This reality and all the bullshit in it right now as we speak, the little movements, the drama, killing people, the stubbornly getting away with murder…with anything…as if there is nothing else that is stopping them …they have magicians who are spinning the truth at every angle….using every angel ….think logically….

We are dealing with a far Sinister Plot in the background…than what you are seeing right now, no its not the NWO…no its not war…no its not this covid shit…
none of this…these are all part of cluster chaos creations to distract us…from the actual enemy in the background…

All these Occult rituals are doing , are trying to bring in frequencies….twisting the original Spirited energy of the Greater Spirit of which we all exist of ….in ou individual consciousness…as unique…Fire branded in our energy…..
that’s all….

The occult rituals only splinters with sharp edges of the same mirror

there are two realities going on….

let me be very clear here,….there is the main stream reality, which shows you the NWO, the polities, the covid, etc…then there is the one that shows all the deeper roots of the entire event in itself….the Back end

Remember when there was a big story about the Event?
in my previous video i had mentioned it is called the The Event Horizon…i also said to be mindful that it will happen when the Titans were released…which is why we are looking at the current dynamic of what Lucifer is and how it was constructed as a malevolent scapegoat…

which ties into the other aspects that i will bring in , in other words, i wil highlight the factors and persons that could have contributed to creating a Demiurgical delusion …hence why the temple of Babylon is falling and why the Atlantis is what we are seeing now is the Drowning man….
they are pushing for the agenda even more now…have you noticed?

The simple reason is really longevity and eternal life…in the physical, but at the same time to wipe out all Spirited consciousness…by introducing a religion…its not necessary a christian religion…but it does have the monotheistic religious feel as in the new world order…..

I’ve mentioned this element before…it is the inversion of the Light Bringer……

The Light Bringer or Lucifer , or the Morning star….is an archetypal representation of energy,Free unlimited energy, Tesla…uses that same energy…
More simpler, the energy that surrounds us, the electromagnetic energy, is Etheric…it is shadow , it is dark but only because we are not fully aware or can comprehend its full potential….only if we achieve infinite potential or the awareness of we actually are, are we then able to go through the process of seeing our own immunization…this word describes the Lucifer effect as such….this is one part of this explanation….

The next part of it , as said is free energy…electrical impulses….electromagnetic energy is masculine and feminine, the ability to use this energy as technology is Lucifer…or known as Lucifer…the name Lucifer means to bring light…or the barer of Light…and has absolutely nothing to do with the deviation of the beliefs of evil element….this cuts through a lot of bullshit…

masculine as electricity creator and feminine magnetic as creation….

when upon inventing through magnetic and electrical impulses, during their experiments….and these guys were the ones that wanted to share it with us, with the world….their findings were that of the seeing that the Original True energy which is symbiotic , if you wanted to make the ship fly…had to clear your mind from all other words, infinite consciousness….link

This energy is the True Technology that the human race are meant to have, not false towers or False Atlantian empires….

This technology uses consciousness , it is the same energy that was used now abused by the archons who are also archetypes of the entire anti Free life or the opposition….
Everything else, every single other factor or faction that you are seeing, every little movement, every little group that jumps on the band wagon and is triggered…are all fractals or refraction of something that is far far larger than anyone can imagine….
This may feel as it is above what you are normally used to…..

What about the children?
The children have been the targets for centuries….slowly incorporating their energies , pure spirit energy….into rituals that venerate the beliefs of old Atlantian and Orion frequencies…Orion, the Hunter….

And while we were bringing into ourselves our own inner liberty, our inner sovereignty…they attempted to yet again piggy back on our power,
bringing in the aeon of Horus,(remember i said horus Ra is the same thing as Lucifer Venus) except for what they then do during these rituals….that’s why children are so important to them….every child can be sacrificed in a particular manner and while the child is traumatized, they call into the falling body of the child and soul…a dis encarnated soul…preferably one from sources of the encohian magic, or the lesser keys of Solomon amongst the many watered down versions of sources that they use…….and while the child receives this entity….they kill the child to create the actual ritual of sacrifice ….for what it is that they are looking for….wanting , desiring etc…what ever floats their destructive warped psychopathic minds…

Why are the youth of society so angry?
because they are influenced to be angry….this child is the alpha child…they want this…

they have done three major rituals prior to this one…
Remember now, that they use the electromagnetic power of the energy of the archetype called Lucifer…and that Lucifer is nothing more than an energy…etheric energy that is also tied to a planet…that’s it….nothing more….
if i want to create some trouble for you…this is just an example…i will take something from you…and use that to hex you…

the gordian knot of all knots

and if i want to create chaos in the world…because i am unhappy….or narcissistic…i just use your energy , since you have the natural stuff…i would have to manufacture mine , so its best to sell it from you…and then voila…ritual made in progress…

What is the Light bringer?

It is the same energy that was explored and used as Tesla technology…it uses the null point , as the heart energy, you all are familiar with…Electro-magnetic energy…Nikola Tesla was a light bringer
We are light bringers….

Magick uses electro magnetic energy…..Lucifer is Electro magnetic energy….how was electro magnetic energy…. Christos the expression of this energy…all of this inside of you…

And then some more insights to share…..such as the following ones…

Their aim was to try to bring in a “New Aeon of magical consciousness to change our existence….they call our living in this reality materialism….”

The reset…the smart cities….would you believe it was actually planned many hundred of years ago by a philosopher called Jean Reynard…heavily influenced at the time…before Adam Weshaupt…before the illuminati..”A particular french Philosopher Jean Reynard wrote some papers, and on my deeper investigation, i had noted that the entire process of how to build a smart city was mentioned in 1863….written by this fellow….so this smart city story…has come a long way…

Fact is , which i feel is important to note , is that this person , who was an avid believer and follower of a group called Simonism….based on simonism….he founded almost all of his material and papers including this for interest…that the human society needed to be controlled through a system of cities, between each city there is a measured space, that could be used or utilized for whatever was needed, such as military cities or farmer cities…etc…
Endless waxing …..

symbol for Christianity
“From the general principles of housing aggregation…
ref to Christianity symbols of the 12 apostles

Inverted Faiths

Venus metaphorically used as the scapegoat for earth
when we look at beliefs, for example, religion…we have to note that religion such as any civil society built their societies on the foundations of forgotten paganistic beliefs…

Religious dogmatic inflictors….these are people that change or alter the concept of the religion itself
…the inversion yet again of the system….as said from before don’t forget about the misinterpretation of the snake in the paradise…

there are gardens …one is Eden and one is Atlantis …one must fall…and we know which one…

the same misinterpreted explanation of an archetypal element called Christos…not the person the word…the word represents the twisted frozen aspect of to freeze The fire of Warmth , the heart…

Alien vs Predator…..psychopath Vs narcissist
same Danger….

Saint-Simonianism was a French political, religious and social movement of the first half of the 19th century, inspired by the ideas of Claude Henri de Rouvroy, comte de Saint-Simon.

Simon was the backbone for the twisting of the old reforming of the philosophy during the time of Jean Reynaud who happen to write an entire thesis on philosophy and how the world should be divided in smart cities…or as he referred to them as hexagonal cities with spaces of farming in between…divided in classes so that there are more clusters of social classes….for example roughly put, rich people cant mix with farming communities…but the worker class must be the ,middle pillar for them….long story short…here is the link for this…

Aleister Crowley, explains how humanity went from prehistoric, matriarchal psychedelic shamanism (Aeon of Isis) to patriarchal law, control and repression (Aeon of Osiris) to what their current agenda period—the emergence not of the Mother Earth Goddess or Father Sky God, but of the Child – the Alpha child….,
the child that represents this is one of the monarch babies, and then throw in some racial tension and we have a stew of chaos that is related to chaos magik…with a k

Quote from a known author “This is the Aeon of Horus—the hyper-connected, gender-fluid, sexually liberated, mystically inclined and yet endlessly violent era we now find ourselves in”

A book called Generation hex

Author Jason Louv
“The anthology is half autobiographical narratives of lived experiences of magick and half practical grimoire, making it one of the most potent mind-bombs ever dropped on the occult scene. For students of magick, it’s an incredible treasure trove of occult techniques and guidance—a hit of pure rocket fuel for your practice!
“As the Aeon of the fiery young god Horus gets off to an explosive start, Jason Louv has compiled these amazing true life adventures of fearless young magicians on the front lines of the Twenty-First Century Magical Renaissance to remind us that the only true and worthwhile rebellion is against everything you were ever told to believe. What is magic really? And how can it work for you? At a time of global change and crisis, this incendiary, inspirational book can show you how to step out of the turmoil, seize control of your own destiny and participate in the creation of a whole new world… Generation Hex is your invitation to the Party that might just bring the house down.”These above quoted are the ones that initiated the Chaos using the pre existing energies of this reality to create absolute chaos”

above said are the copy cats that use the Infinite consciousness of the Light bringer energy,…..except its warped out of the natural reality of this world….this is the hyperspace kingdom which is detoxing itself from these atlantian magicians….we are not dealing with Lucifer the energy as a code that is used to drawn in all other elemental energies…of the most my argument shows that it is not Luceferic but man made, in the context of abuse of Occult, such as the likes of Aleister Crow lee….etc…..

Its also denoted that John Dee had briefly been influenced by elemental energies, when there was spirit communion for example….People like John Dee and Edward Kelly used Quote” how the angels used Dee and Kelley as agents to establish a New World Order that they hoped would unify all monotheistic religions and eventually dominate the entire globe.”

another quote from author Douglas Rushkoff -“John Dee is the original Elizabethan mage-scientist, who invented the British Empire and invested it with magical power. He is to Elizabeth what Merlin was to Arthur, except he was real. Here’s the original technology of weaponized memes, psyops, and empire building in a gripping, authoritative account of how and why we became an occult society.”

And So the Electromagnetic energy , that which is the Brilliant in its Glory of light, as it is reflected into us and us reflecting it outward , which is Christos…as the Actualized Infinite consciousness, as Great Spirit ….frozen in amber in lies and old hierarchical magic , twisting the original energy so that its almost unrecognizable…

and the lightning strikes it to open the power that is already been in you……

What have they been forcing us to believe in was the other manufactured side of what is original and organic within the self…

This is a body of light it is a lightning bolt that is knocking out the frozen putrification of the truth….
this is related to what has hijacked the consciousness all along…

There are many lies now more then there has ever been…..
Trust only in your inner heart of hearts what you hear and see…….

Much Love

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