Spirit amongst the Winds of War Anthology : 3. Psychonautica w/ Desmund Bernardo 00Dezz

Spirit amongst the Winds of War  w/ Desmund Bernardo 00DEZZ

Introduction : Psyhonautica

I chose Psychonautica, as it refers to a methodology for describing and explaining the subjective effects of altered states of consciousness, especially an important subgroup called holotropic states,including those induced mind-altering substances, ….Holotropic characteristic of non-ordinary states of consciousness such as SUB CONSCIOUSNESS experience, contemporary psychiatry often categorizes these non-ordinary states as psychotic.


Psychonautica, is thus the study of mass psychosis, experienced, during the current event or times, right now, people behave as if they are hysterically driven to plummet over the edge of the cliff…however when we look at the depth of this discussion, we wil see that it is truly a direction of Mass , that would be able to counter this ….a slip stream of Consciousness…that drives in a state of Near Perfection….

Background on My Guest

Desmund Bernardo

I would like to give a bit if background on Des has been bringing an unadulterated truth,…to people for some time….
Desmond and his wife Lauren Evanthia founder of Organic Humanity Movement and their 4 children has extensively toured throughout the entire South Africa, visiting 8 out of 9 Provinces
Desmond gives new defined perspective on history of not only South Africa but also from the world and how this impacts on the future….
National Air Force in 1990 to a Nuclear Professional career spanning from 1992 to 2018


Every thought changes the intention of the direction in which we move
and you say, i quote:

“I have experienced and seen much that I will share with the world. All these events will reshape your thoughts on your perceived reality of the world you live in and open your mind to new concepts and ideas. It is your choice. You be the judge and the jury.
Which side of History will you choose to be on…..” – Desmund Bernardo

On Psychonautica , the Spirit and the Psyche

the war has always been for domination of the psyche….for a long time….similar to the greek mythology of psyche…
the mythos suggests that psyche was never loved , but adorned, for her beauty, for what she represented, and later she became unhappy and allowed herself to become objectified…and subjected…

we know that with everything in this world that we also need to acknowledge the spirit of these things too…..we know that the nazis believed firmly in possession of a country’s spirit was via capturing the country’s spirit or psychic sites…sacred sites…for example would represent capturing the psychic essence of the people…..that said…while you and your family along with many South Africans….

we have systematically been freeing ourselves…organically….from the fairy tale or the narrative which is man made…but when people believe in it…

it gives the narrative life…very similar to pneuma is as we know often trapped inside or placed by high magick inside in-animated objects, scripts, the letters of a word, buildings or statues…egregores,implicating rituals that is called an egregore….or also a golem…..In Jewish tradition, the golem is most widely known as an artificial creature created by magic, often to serve its creator. “golem” stands for “shapeless mass.” The Talmud uses the word as “unformed” or “imperfect”

similar to how the gnostics belief that the world was created by an imperfect spirit, using this ideology is related to Darwinism…where a scientific elite, can exist ….the whole root of the rotten tree….and to believe in sociological examples of ideologies include: racism; sexism; heterosexism; ableism; and ethnocentrism.


beliefs, ideologies are all part or foundational of spirit…this goes beyond the reasoning of religion and or faith….im referring to the spirit of all things…made manifested…an essence or force…has in itself also realities of subjected beliefs, in which people believe themselves to play part of….narratives as it is also stated…

While this is potentially the bigger issue we face now….We know that there is a very direct issue with authority, if there is a belief in a higher form of authority such as belief that it could save you, than there is most certainly also a belief that it would have your best interests at heart…when in actuality we would want to explore and and direct all of that external focus essentially towards ourselves. In this we claim ownership of ourselves..


fear of what there is , is what adds to the devil in its many facets…

through external and internal reflections and reactions…vs critical thinking and degradation of emotional intelligence…

Critical thinking is the analysis of facts to form a judgment. The subject is complex, and several different definitions exist, which generally include the rational, skeptical, unbiased analysis, or evaluation of factual evidence









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