Spirit amongst the Winds of War Anthology : 2. Shadows w/ Eve Lorgen

My intention is to explain that through a vast growth of consciousness rapid expansion has come with many ideologies, and it is often as we see now , based on the revivalism of primal beliefs, fundamentalism to fuse the relationship with fears and the beliefs in a chaotic manner….

Simpler how is the spirit manipulated?

Quote: “The purpose of Chaos Rituals is to create beliefs by acting as though such beliefs were true. In Chaos Rituals you Fake it till you Make it, to obtain the power that a belief can provide, Afterwards, if you have any sense, you will laugh it off, and seek the requisite beliefs for whatever you want to do next, as Chaos moves you. Thus Chaos proclaims the Death and Rebirth of the Gods.

The Promethean Talks about the Shadow of the winds of war, the first episode of the Anthology Special guest : Eve Lorgen Eve Lorgen is a well-known researcher and author on several books, such as The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, the Supernatural, and Energy Vampirism. Eve Lorgen is also a Consultant in Anomalous Trauma. Offering Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Telephone Consulting Services. https://evelorgen.com
We have some remarkable subjects to cover… .Nazi Parallel Worlds, infiltration of Super soldier Dark Fleets, Nazi Presence in Milab abductions, psychological signs of Narcissists and the consciousness exploration to increase awareness of these aspects and how to avoid them…and how to avoid AI programming and triggering. THE SHADOWS While the system is going through the passage from one reality into another…some would say it is as if we are letting go of one reality going into a new one…but when this occurs, we are moving a lot of shadows along with us…..such as from what we have seen numerous material on the UFO subject…some explain it is a PSY OP and others feel it has relevance to the Disclosure…
Much love
The Promethean


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