Spirit amongst the Winds of War Anthology : 1. Introduction


Winds of War Anthology

Spirit amongst the Winds of War Anthology

I  have decided to bring in the deeper aspects of how important Spirit in itself is to those who claim ownership of the Higher psyche of humanity…the most important key to recognize is the following quote…:

“In ancient times, they found, a nation’s most sacred place was also invariably its seat of government. Possession of this sacred place, the psychic center of the nation, meant dominion over it. Surviving legends and folklore recount how a battle would rage for the control of a holy place, then suddenly, as it fell to the conqueror, all resistance would cease. Once the psychic center was taken, then all resistance was futile. The country had magically fallen to a conqueror. Such a legend is associated with the Tower of London, and Tara, seat of the ancient High Kings of Ireland.”

Spirits of the land are tied into sacred sites

The spirit of any land is directly influencing the spirit of the tribes or people of that country…and if they claim the sacred site, then they believe that they have the power to own the spirit of the people…any man made object or veneration of a statue of a past god or goddess, becomes an egregore, . Egregores, need your belief in “them”…such as gods and goddesses require you to believe in them ,for them to exist…….….” -Alchemy of the Spirit, The Promethean

in the Anthology , we will discuss many thoughts and understanding , remnants of how the Psyche functions…what to do in how to protect ourselves…

At the end of the Anthology, we will then address the basic understanding of the Spirit and to reformulate the inner understanding and practice of this essentially….

thank you for supporting this body of works…

Much love

the Promethean



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