The Spirit within the Winds of War 4 : Diabolical Serpent Tongue Glamour

Diabolical Snake Tongue Glamouring

Today, i will be discussing how the power of language influences the spirit and its Creation…..i will highlight how it is done…why is it important to be mindful how we speak and what we choose to see or to look at…

i will also cover how important these magicians value the power of
modern technology…and how all of the above said inter link with each other…you have to apply Critical thinking and emotion, spiritual Intelligence to be mindful of the current practices….

Reference taken from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (first appearance)and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

snake as reference for Hegelian dialect

Harry first experienced conversation with snakes at age ten when he was taken to the zoo(zoo is the baser animal instincts of humanity) with his cousin Dudley Dursley and found himself communicating with a snake while in the reptile exhibit. (primal fear tapped in, modula oblongata).

“Hannah, he’s a Parselmouth. Everyone knows that’s the mark of a Dark Wizard. Have you ever heard of a decent one who could talk to snakes? They called Slytherin himself Serpent-tongue.”-Ernest Macmillan regarding Parseltongue’s infamous reputation[src].

Parseltongue was the language of serpents (as well as other magical serpentine creatures, like the Runespoor and Basilisk) and those who could converse with them. A wizard or witch who could speak Parseltongue was known as a Parselmouth. It was a very uncommon skill, and was known to be an almost exclusively hereditary trait.[1] Not counting Herpo the Foul, who predated him by several centuries,[2] nearly all known Parselmouths were descended from Salazar Slytherin,[1] with Harry Potter being a notable exception (although he gained his ability as a Parselmouth in an unorthodox manner).[3] sic*What does parsel mean?
A person naturally able to speak the fictional language of parseltongue in the Harry Potter universe.

The above said Quote highlights the principal of how Fear as a primal bases in a factitious language is used to propagate a frequency to become subjected to in a make believe universe…
in other words a false world…through language…

“Parsel tongue” reefers to the deliberate confusion of words to bring a deliberate conflict within the basic mind , primal root of understanding…

A Deliberate Conflict can also be seen as Hegelian…

How does language affect the Mind…?

Language is based on what is familiar to you….
Language can be used to communicate,we communicate in English because it is the most universal language spoken in the world, with Mandarin Chinese second, Hindi and lastly Spanish…

Light Travels through the optics, eyes and nerve delivering signals from the eyes to the visual at the back of the brain…
Through hypnosis….repeated extreme cases can derange the brain….hypnosis takes you to a state of memory related stasis…switching a person between timelines…past familiar and present adaptive familiar…during hypnosis the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex becomes less active, this part of the brain makes you normally hyper aware of your external environment…present time..
David Spiegel psychiatrist notes that highly hypnotize people are also more likely to lose themselves in a sunset or a movie. see reference link

In patients under hypnosis, scientists find distinctive patterns in the brain

How does language affect the mind via the spirit….or consciousness?

It is important to be mindful that we understand the basic principal of how creation functions….what happens when we listen or observe any…etc….depending what it is…We can determine that when we observe or listen , during our first observation, our optical nerves and auditory synapses becomes charged with frequency this creates stimulation….

This is where Critical thinking comes in

Recognize what you are looking at, recognize what you are feeling…first hand…music is also something that you should consider, i can remember music affecting me when i was a child…

Belief in a subjected reality is one step into becoming compliant to numerous forms of mind control, in any form…

The agenda is subjectivity…It is familiar to us as babies, when we were taught by our very parents or experiences in our innocence or impressionable age when a parent says or suggests, that one has to do something that is expected of you….be it positive or negative…

from Intention to counter intention…intelligence to counter intelligence…through the Thought field projection….
Mass Media, hypnosis, hypnogogic state…through the waves of the brain or manipulation of thought field penetration…and projection….

Intelligence to Counter intelligence
same details apply….counter intelligence to distract you with certain information, psy ops..or psychological operations, military industrial technology through mind control….

This behavior has been going on for a long long time…
in the oldest books written , the older stories being told, the poets that spin yarns of how heroic their heroes were…slipping in a little over embellished ideology…
even statues were explicitly made to showcase the king or the heroes prowess…so you see the little subtleties of little lies…how it conforms to the same dialectic imprint…

the ministry of Magick handle the special little groups, these little inner circles…all puppets, the more intrigued the elite power circles are the more they are being handled by the mystery of magick…in other words The Elite are handled by the Wizards…the outer circle…
the inner circle is the bulls eye….the target…

They use the Elite to draft the fakery…to play the parts…we know this…becomes more obvious when we talk about it…right?
They seek the compliance…through technology…beliefs, banks…politics, society, social engineering…of beliefs…hypnosis…etc….

what do they want…?
for you to comply to their beliefs…
no you wont find this out , they wont try to make you see it, they want you to experience the subjectivity…then you can learn ….like becoming subjected to learn about their faith…to comply to their belief systems…
we have seen it in a series (vikings)quite interesting….its more about the beliefs in their gods…rather then what political power they have…it’s a bonus if they have it though…The drive is for a new religion…a new belief…..

what happens when they have achieved your compliance…?

the energy shows that after there is a submittance to subjection…
You must not have an awareness of your spirit…if you do it means that you do not comply to what they want…
think about it ….
all of this bullshit in the news, the politics, drama,critical race theology…mystical science…space Jesus…alien is the new space Jesus…psy ops…
all visible signs for us to see their plans…

the try to bamboozle you to override and lose touch with your spirit….which means, as i have said that the spirit is the key to the original blue print to who you are and where you come from….
they need others to sway you , to keep you swayed via Hegelian dialect…or Hegel;s philosophy…

what is Hegelian Dialect…?

manipulated into what is called the Hegelian Dialect…for those who do not know….please see the following diagram….

Quote: Hegelia is the philosophy of G. W. F. Hegel which can be summed up by the dictum that “the rational alone is real”, which means that all reality is capable of being expressed in rational categories. His goal was to reduce reality to a more synthetic unity within the system of absolute idealism.)

First things first, to highlight what is the reality of the essence of Great Spirit , we recognize Great Spirit by way of how Creation is applied at any given point…it is a conscious action within each and everyone one of us…whether we are aware of it , or not…..

We need to understand what is Creation and how does it work?

To understand how we are being controlled, we must understand in what way we are controlled….We have to understand and formulate that Creation , if its good or bad, happens in the same process….Understand how Creation works, and you will see how everything else works….We must understand that Creation is not evil or holy…it is a spirited process… there are many many creations

Creation is also within, the kingdom of God is within…not so….?

Inside of us…inside the Mind…enveloped with feelings and inner light or electromagnetic energy…
therefore Creation and its Spirit determines in what way we experience it…if it was done with a malevolent vain , than said creation can be a hellish one…or a heavenly one….

therefore because we are Organic Human and Individual in our Consciousness, we are inherently acceptance of our Origin as points of light or Frequency of a Greater Spirit…We are therefore Great Spirit in plural….because we choose to be so….

We apply Daily Creation internally within our minds and we apply this above said…functions, ….in the following ways: In simple: Creation is based on 14 models…of mental or Mind applications…..more on this in my website…but for this body of work, we will address the more familiar model

Mens – Latin for Mind
animo describes the entire process….Creation in animo

In Thought, Mens
Internal Creation

0.Spirit produces light inside the mind or chamber…light is Thought,
1.Thought becomes fallen light, because light descends into manifestation later…this light is also the messenger, messenger mercurial Intention
2.Intention becomes light as it is explored…..
(a thousand points of light are a thousand points of ideas…thoughts…(note we have claimed this analogy back since it was stolen from us by some occult…remember they are not original…we are…they are copy artists…
3.Exploration and fertilization of thought as light of an idea or thinking,senses..multi sensory..sometimes explored through the eyes as the lenses or doorways for the absorption or osmosis of inspiration…enter a seed of light or thought…masculine and electrical, lightning.light in heavens
4.Thought becomes light frequency….amongst the many fractals, the right frequency is sought…
5. in comes the seed through water, amniotic fluid or fire on the lake, as a reference and settles into the womb of consciousness, Mind and soul processing this seed feminine and magnetic…
6.Mind and Soul gives birth to an idea….as light comes to earth..
7. the idea is a child being birthed, an expression….and action….electromagnetic energy….Five sensory,writing, reading, talking, singing, visual stimulation happens between levels 3 and 7..material realms of experiences…

now that we understand how Creation works, we now can understand that in the same principal, that the ministry of magick, i am dubbing them this …. are harnessing the knowledge of the elements of Creation …..except for a few differences , they use an altar, which is based on

Altars use

Ministry of Magic believes Creation starts like this
Firstly they believe in Duality…We do not…We do not believe, we know we are whole…


We are individual in ourselves…we believe in individual rights to be free and whole within the self…therefore…we emulate Great Spirit as All, whole and in plural….
Individuality exists within the Consciousness of Great Spirit…metaphysically…individual is

1..We are Great Spirit as Great spirit is us…We believe that both masculine 1 and feminine 0 principals exists as one Androgynous element…which means all masculine and feminine principals are equal to each other, the vesica piscis…two circles overlapping each other form the center as the third eye, heart…the middle pillar…when two becomes 3…metaphysically speaking…

vesica piscis

Ref for extra reading please see link Adolfo Rios-Pita Giurfa “The Hive”


Ministry of Magick believes that their Creation requires two pillars from the Kaballa system…

Joachim and Boaz

one Joachim and Boas…on the tracing board, “Joachim and boas represents the dualistic paganism, freemasonic symbolism is bastardized from ancient Jewish Solomonic theology -Jay Dyer”

The Tracing Board is used as similar as referenced here from Aleister Crowley :

“the altar represents the solid basis of the work, the fixed Will of the magicians and the lawunder which he works…the top is Kether
and the bottom is malkuth, this altar must embody the magicians knowledge of the laws of nature…
which are the laws through which he works

Two pillars Joachim and Boaz represent a doorway into the entrance to the divine or transcendental planes of the spirit worlds
Albert Pike referenced that the pope of freemasonry comments that the pillars reference gender, sexuality, relationships and nature and dualistic opposition..

They keep dividing us , we keep putting ourselves back…

Albert Pike also writes that Boaz means unity…and that
Joachim represents Binary…..

Above said columns explains in kabbalah and all the mysteries of the natural political and religion that the origin of women isn’t man’s creation (dont forget woman is also a reference for the soul…) in other words, you do not have a soul…and that the universal creation is the female first principal, a spin on gnosticism
when the principal of existence was made by the creator himself he (masculinized god)
he produced an emanation an idea a yod (jewish language)a point reversing the letters of the ineffable name of god…and dividing it becomes bisexual
as the word yod hey or yah is….As it discloses the meaning of much of the obscure language of kabbalah and it is the highest of which these columns Joachim and Boaz with a symbol in the image of the deity, we are told god created man male and female referencing to the woman coming out of the side of man
as they interpret this as Minerva , goddess female born in Armour….brain of zeus…..arming the word of creative word, either masculine as creative or feminine as in reception….


what is the mirror of Great Spirit…?could it be the demiurge?

To be born in Armour is to venerate that all words , remember the child is the expression of the intention in our creation….Armour is mechanical….therefore there is a hint of eugenics, artificial intelligence…etc…..and so by not accepting that they have a soul….they Abort and transplant into their material Creation…which is a technological substrate mechanical…material….

woman in Armour ?





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