The Greatest Showmanship

the greatest show

The Greatest Showmanship

Prepare for the Showdown
Two Creations

In my opinion and based on in depth research and internal searching , I can say ,that I am sure that this particular man is really the archetype for what the Demi urge would look like…
as oppose to what John Dee had manufactured…

John Dee

Potentially John Dee was often noted as the Demiurge….however i have explored this …and i found that this man had really influenced those that came after him….in many deeper psychological ways….
Who was John Dee, a story for another day….Read  more

What is the Demiurge?
the demi urge is a gnostic archetype that defines the alter egoic god that was part of the first creation , and this relates to the first creation….

Truth in the way we Observe

The way we must look at how the system works, is to look from a higher place…observing, in an objective manner…
Everything in this reality consists of layers , frequencies, or levels….each level keys into the next level….
in other words, we are spirited beings, we exists as unique individual beings who are able to create ,

When you look down on the entire picture , we see this fundamental principal…is it flawed,..? or is it abused…

Every circus needs a ring master….
Every Circus show requires an audience…
Every circus show requires active participants, role players, it requires a program, for you to follow the story line…..

In the Magick world, every Cult needs a leader, master etc…
Every cult needs to have active participants
Every Cult requires active rituals and sacrifices, alive preferably
Every Cult requires a book of magick or grimoire for each participant to follow to learn and to study the story line….Media
however for those who know how this channel works, if we want to shut down some elements , we merely have to dismantle it in the presence of the Great Spirit , in which we are all part of…individual organic beings many many points of light in all frequencies of energy….By speaking of the problem we break it down to its particles and so dismantle its progress….

hold this in mind…at any given time that you listen….
this is how they twist your mind up…..
be careful in how you look and perceive what you see and hear…
it is apparent that mainstream is using the old psychological egoism thesis…and deliberately creates conflict …
Quote: Psychological egoism is the thesis that we are always deep down motivated by what we perceive to be in our own self-interest. Psychological altruism, on the other hand, is the view that sometimes we can have ultimately altruistic motives.
*Suppose, for example, that Pam saves Jim from a burning office building. What ultimately motivated her to do this? It would be odd to suggest that it’s ultimately her own benefit that Pam is seeking. After all, she’s risking her own life in the process. But the psychological egoist holds that Pam’s apparently altruistic act is ultimately motivated by the goal to benefit herself, whether she is aware of this or not.*Pam might have wanted to gain a good feeling from being a hero, or to avoid social reprimand that would follow had she not helped Jim, or something along these lines.”

This is conflicted , in my opinion flawed thesis, i want to call it flawed is so skewed , and it is this that ultimately under writes the conflict in the conditioned societies this is where the belief or ideology of the greater good fits in as a type of band aid….

This above statement was formulated or should I say comes from Friedrich Nietzsche


Why is it important to take note of the this particular showman and his inverted ideologies, philosophies, psychologies?

because he inverted an entire belief system that in my opinion snuck through all the other noise makers….you know the ones that propagate their theologies, and fake ideologies…

*Nietzsche claimed the exemplary human being must craft his/her own identity through self-realization and do so without relying on anything transcending that life—such as God or a soul.*

So much time was spent from what i can see in how active he was working to show in his opinion the Marxist ideas in an inverted manner, yet he publicly was opposed to it…..
Quote : Once again, the difference between Nietzsche and Marx seems to lie in the fact that Marx analyses the development of Western philosophy within the socioeconomic context of class conflict, while Nietzsche views it as an expression of the dynamic will to power that guides all human behavior and reasoning”

the expression of above said quote in action can produce the following examples such as : the fourth industrial revolution, resets, mass political agendas, mainstream chaos toxicity, clashes of narratives, requires active participation, role players, and a program to show the story line….

So I feel it has become more and more apparent that we are dealing with something more sinister than what appears first in objectivity…

What does this all mean in a metaphysical reference ….
the only reason they get away with what they are doing is because as i have stated in the beginning , they need an audience…they know you are watching….

We are Playing multidimensional Chess…this is what metaphysical views mean…

I would say it all started with the two creations….

Background reading
“The Bible has a great deal to say about Babylon. In its first chapters it records the building of the Tower of Babel, and the subsequent scattering of the population throughout the earth. Later the Kingdom of Babylon attained power over all the civilized world. After its fall the religion of Babylon continued as a system which exists even to this day. ” – two Babylon’s Gordon Lindsay

The Two Babylons by Gordon Lindsay PDF

The first Creation was designed by way of its structure as one could reference as the building of the First tower of Babylon…..

incidentally referenced as the ritual of destruction (tower card) of the twin towers…

meaning initiating the first thought process….
when we read from the biblical history, that in the beginning there was darkness, and the earth was void….

Darkness or void is part of the first level of any creation , because it requires a platform to build on , so that we can see the difference between light and dark and that what we have built upon is part of an awareness to transcend both perceptions or ideologies, beliefs, in other words to see beyond dark and light and to see the entire picture with its shadows and nuances…in other words, I am referring to the way all things exist…

“In the beginning god created male and female….this creation was the first one….and god made man out of dust of the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life…..and he became a living soul….
this was the first creation… was only a living soul…..singular, polarized…they venerate singularity. Polarized light. The energy showed that it was in this way that out of this void was born from a singularity a mirror fractal that is called Yaldabaoth (a demiurge or demi god, reflection of a Great force of light, emulation but null from creation.)..A Creation as Void…with a singular point of light. also known as the circle with a dot…splits into two, as light travels through time and space, to seek itself…to see its own creation, and so formed the polarized existence later known as Circled Dot.

From out of the Void was built Darkness as the heavens of the Void, and in the Darkness light was formed, the Second Creation Supplanted the first creation, using the first Creation as its foundation.

The Second Creation was filled with light, animals, and two humans, Adam and Eve…they were given Life emitting souls, which means A spirit and a soul in tact…meaning it is possible to create, birth right…way of thinking…existing…

And the children from the First Creation who saw the emulation of Yaldabaoth, as their Angel of light, as it only had a single point of light. And not seeing that The Greater force of Great Spirit all encompassing had moved beyond the First, so that the second Creation must become what is …this is why the children of the first creation felt betrayed…” copyright The Promethean



the first Creation consisted of original surrounding or grounds of blood ritual…the blood that spoke when Abel was killed by Cain….worship and ritual….To sacrifice and to deify that sacrifice…they pray to an angel of light…which is an embodiment or venerated element of the lunar cult…

lunar cult is feminine which is only a reference to the soul, temples, hermetic, vatican, hidden inside energies…, goddess, Isis, Dionysian, abandonment, saturnalia “freedom” in giving into the passions, consumeristic goddess gnostic. Jupiter ascending, ideology consumer culture everything has a price,

wonder woman gnostic incarnated goddess archetypes, Minerva, Athena

Beliefs or programs:

female archetype dies for freedom of the amazon women…all women are enslaved by, ideology

Starwars defense initiative, coldwar chaos
feminized global world order
feminist’s new world order

solar cults is Masonic, solar cult catholism, jesus, patriarchy, logos, ,father, portraying these archetypes as the facsist controlling big brother Apollyon religion, reason, logic that is controlling you religion archetypes masculine…organizations, banking…everything you see on the outside…Antichrist themes, saved by the goddess remember they are first creation , they worship monarchy or one eyed moon goddess…Arch of the moon. Antichrist is patriarchal

Ref: Jay Dyer

All blood rituals are based on the first model of ritual….when Cain killed Abel...
the first model of Ritual is based on the veneration of do what though wilt…give in to the first animal instinct…
Cain and Abel were brother….Cain was the farmer (First Born)and Abel the shepherd (second son) first two sons of Adam. Cain was thus a living soul without moral awareness connected to his spirit…and Abel was the son of the Second Creation….connected to his Spirit…

“Friedrich Nietzsche is listed as a Gnostic Saint in Liber LII: Manifesto of OTO, which shows he had, at the very least, a profound influence on the thinking of Aleister Crowley. An assortment of references to Nietzsche by Crowley show that he was fairly well-read in Nietzsche’s thought, especially since translations of certain texts did not necessarily come out for a while.

Aleister Crowley

Firstly, we can see that Aleister Crowley thought very highly of Nietzsche: he was not only included as a Gnostic Saint in Liber XV but thought of him as a prophet of the Aeon of Horus. Crowley said of him:
Nietzsche may be regarded as one of our prophets…”
—Magick Without Tears, ch.48
who was Aleister Crowley ?

“Nietzsche was to me almost an avatar of Thoth, the god of wisdom…”
—Confessions, ch.76
Crowlee on Nietzsche : ““…kindness and conscientiousness and altruism are really drawbacks to the progress of humanity. As Nietzsche said this, and I too agree with him, there is little more to be said.”
—Liber 888
just go back to the psychological egoism quote again….pls

links available

Friederich Nietzsche and Ayn Rand Influences Church of Satanism

Frederick Nietzsche and Ayn Rand’s influence on Satanism…
Article reference examples
Though they may have been atheists, both the German philosopher and the Russian-American author are undoubtedly channeled in Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible.

An inversion of individual liberty Vs animalistic morals

Despite its name, Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan has very little to do with either Satan or his worship. In LaVeyan Satanism, the important god is ourselves and our natural instincts. Borrowing somewhat from English occultist Aleister Crowley and his libertine credo of “Do what thou wilt,” LaVey’s The Satanic Bible outlines the philosophy and rituals behind the Church of Satan, and for the most part, the central figure is the ego and the will of those considered strong enough to accept Satanism. In this reference it does not actually mean

The Nine Satanic Statements included in The Satanic Bible are:

Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence!

Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams!

Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit!

Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates! *which can explain why they are pushing to legalize child pedophilia…in my opinion

Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek!

Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires!

* Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development,” has become the most vicious animal of all!

Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!

Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years!
By focusing on vitality and a hatred of hypocritical selflessness, LaVey and his Church of Satan expose their less outwardly sinister roots. Namely, their philosophy has two chief architects: Friedrich Nietzsche and Ayn Rand.
*LaVeyan Satanism presents a materialist and egoist philosophy in Halloween costume. And even though The Satanic Bible takes magic rituals seriously, those spells are predicated upon the projection of will rather than supernatural intermediaries.
The only thing scary about LaVeyan Satanism is its championing of self-aggrandizement. When LaVey proclaims “Satan rules the Earth,” he is proclaiming the primacy of humanity and the glories of natural instincts. It is, in the end, not terribly different from today’s secularism. Perhaps seeing where his and future generations were heading, all LaVey did was give a name to their practice, thus founding a religion of economic comfort and social ennui. No demons need apply.

Who was Frederick Nietzsche ?

It is important to take note that Quote :”Nietzsche is arguably most famous for his criticisms of traditional European moral commitments, together with their foundations in Christianity needless to say “This critique is very wide-ranging; it aims to undermine not just religious faith or philosophical moral theory, but also many central aspects of ordinary moral consciousness in other words, individual consciousness, some of which are difficult to imagine doing without (e.g., altruistic concern, guilt for wrongdoing, moral responsibility, the value of compassion, the demand for equal consideration of persons, and so on…

In Simpler Explanation here…..
As it goes….i can give you a scenario to explain why it is important to be mindful of the Psychology of the Ring master or Showmanship.

” the only reason thy get away with it, is because you watch them do it, with you….
Showmanship requires your input to fulfill their stewardship….their fate, their creation requires this involvement…remember the first creation…
they need you….to embrace their Fear to embrace it, is to surrender to their abyss….or their void…

Interpret it as fear, but according to them – it was never about killing(the act of the most extreme actions) – pushing you to the furthest edges of your psyche….to touch the void, they want us to help them to see past their illusions or limitations…

They believe being born is a contract where there is nothing more than a life of fate….Fate is fixed…Fate is fixed in the living soul existence….
They also believe that they have power when they can let go of what they constitute as consciousness, in other words, to give in to animalistic behavior…hence what we see is not a pyramid of control…..
Not really….
What we are seeing is the food chain with the apex predator on top…

this is what they want us to see…

We do not believe in Fate…We believe that we are in control of ourselves…our existence is present in our Spirit…and our Soul…

those who believe in Fate is locked into material world, meaning it is your fate if you give consent to a greater good ideology in relation to fixed Fate…crafted since 1871
pitting humanity against humanity…
Godzilla vs king kong
alien vs predator…
twin towers, tower war against tower

Nietzsche also defies the animal instinct in humanity, :”Nietzsche’s best example of hope against a meaningless existence, hence his emphasis on the Greek world’s response to the “wisdom of Silenus” in Birth of Tragedy. (ch. 5).
If the sovereign individual represents history’s “ripest fruit”, the most recent millennia have created, through rituals of revenge and punishment, a “bad conscience.”
The human animal thereby internalizes material forces into feelings of guilt and duty, while externalizing a spirit thus created with hostility towards existence itself.
Compared to a spiritual manner of forming human experiences, the Greeks respected “the anima or instinct in man” anima is not the same as animal and thereby kept “bad conscience at bay”.

They seek their higher purpose to be there for you….but they need you to to witness their confessions….via media…its in the media that you see what they want you to believe…remember they need an audience…

they see that if jumping off a proverbial cliff….such as appearing to lose control of what they are doing….that this is their right to prove to themselves, this they see as their right to life….they believe life in existence as we are, is a delusional creation…..therefore it gives them the reason to do what they want…

They want to be the savior for you….You have to believe or come so close to death that you will want to call out to be saved by them,…..this energy is what gives them life…it feeds them…..

they pray to a goddess, which is soul , or living soul …according to the first Creation….which shows them to have been born first…but only as a living soul ,
which means they do not have the ability to Create, those who can create are lifegiving souls...or life emitting souls….

their goddess ‘s face is only lit up in the partial moonlight, they seek her to look at them , when their god turned its backs on them……they want their god to see their pain….for her to look at their pain…..seeing themselves as the wounded….justified in their actions…..the seek her to judge them , so if we judge them they feed on that too….”

in his work, i have taken quotes to highlight what the New world Order’s Psychology is based on …..such as here….

The Good Bad Pattern
Nietzsche identifies two patterns of ethical assessment, each associated with a basic pair of evaluative terms, a good/bad pattern and a good/evil pattern.
Understood according to the good/bad pattern, the idea of goodness originated in social class privilege: the good were first understood to be those of the higher social order,
but then eventually the idea of goodness was “internalized”—i.e., transferred from social class itself to traits of character and other personal excellences that were typically associated with the privileged caste (for example, the virtue of courage for a society with a privileged military class, or magnanimity for one with a wealthy elite, or truthfulness and (psychological) nobility for a culturally ambitious aristocracy; see GM I, 4).
In such a system, goodness is associated with exclusive virtues. There is no thought that everyone should be excellent—the very idea makes no sense, since to be excellent is to be distinguished from the ordinary run of people. In that sense, good/bad valuation arises out of a “pathos of distance” (GM I, 2) expressing the superiority excellent people feel over ordinary ones, and it gives rise to a “noble morality” (BGE 260). Nietzsche shows rather convincingly that this pattern of assessment was dominant in ancient Mediterranean culture

The good/evil pattern of valuation is quite different. It focuses its negative evaluation (evil) on violations of the interests or well-being of others—and consequently its positive evaluation (good) on altruistic concern for their welfare. Such a morality needs to have universalistic pretensions: if it is to promote and protect the welfare of all, its restrictions and injunctions must apply to everyone equally. It is thereby especially amenable to ideas of basic human equality, starting from the thought that each person has an equal claim to moral consideration and respect.

**IN other words, in my words and my evaluation, they see that they are using the Reset or reconstruction as something Noble…because they themselves feel that they are warranted to do so, because we of the people who do not fit in with their moralistic observation….remember they see themselves as good….their version of Good ….is to see that they are Noble in their cause…even if its something in utter destruction and bloodletting…
Remember they need for you to give to them witness of their actions…you must admire this in them….again this is an obsrervation… understand the Psychology Religion and gods of their Creation…..

**Nietzsche considers that morality of the human race is vindictive…meaning if you value yourself as an individual whole organic person a being who is free and filled with higher awareness…that he sees this as vindication to simplify it….so it gives us the explanation of just how warped and inverted he sees things….**

Nietzsche claimed the exemplary human being must craft his/her own identity through self-realization and do so without relying on anything transcending that life—such as God or a soul.

Nietzsche is a self-professed nihilist, although, if we are to believe him, it took him until 1887 to admit it (he makes the admission in a Nachlass note from that year). No philosopher’s nihilism is more radical than Nietzsche’s and only Kierkegaard’s and Sartre’s are as radical.

*Nietzsche claimed the exemplary human being must craft his/her own identity through self-realization and do so without relying on anything transcending that life—such as God or a soul. This way of living should be affirmed even were one to adopt, most problematically, a radical vision of eternity, one suggesting the “eternal recurrence” of all events. According to some commentators, Nietzsche advanced a cosmological theory of “will to power.”

More on Frederieck Nietzsche –

what is Nihilism…?
Nihilism is a philosophy, or family of views within philosophy, expressing negation towards general aspects of life that are widely accepted within humanity as objectively real, such as knowledge, existence, and the meaning of life.

example of nihilism : The passive nihilist values morality as a means to an end, not as an end in itself. … The danger of active nihilism comes from its anarchic willingness to destroy society for the sake of freedom. The danger of passive nihilism comes from its conformist willingness to destroy freedom for the sake of society.

Nihilism is the belief that all values are baseless and that nothing can be known or communicated. It is often associated with extreme pessimism and a radical skepticism that condemns existence. A true nihilist would believe in nothing, have no loyalties, and no purpose other than, perhaps, an impulse to destroy.

Our existence precedes energy, We are energetic, we have lifegiving souls, which means we can create, because we are aware of our spirit and our soul….and how it converges in the center, the heart the third eye…

Our existence in freedom is absolute…. Everything we do, must be a result of being free because we are aware of our choice, which means our free will in awareness..

genocide is part of the nihilism war against Great spirit…your life is sanctity
you have human rights
the other system Darwin eugenics says who is dominant , have the biggest survival
uber, unter and menschen – these are all aspects that come from nietzsche

Nietzsch advocating a fictionalist posture, according to which values are self-consciously invented contributions to a pretense through which we can satisfy our needs as valuing creatures, even though all evaluative claims…..


Ending off..
*Dr. Fuellmich closed his talk on a positive and encouraging note, “It is humanity, versus inhumanity. We are human. We can laugh cry, sing and hug. The other side can’t. The other side has no access to the spiritual side. Therefore, the other side, without any doubt, the inhuman side, will lose this inhuman battle for life….”


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