War of the gods -Subversion leads to Capture

The War of the gods

the Promethean- art of subversion

Art of Subversion

the topic for this body of work is called war of the gods…
because without fail sooner or later man claims himself to be a god…and man is at this moment at war with himself
…however..it is my opinion….from what i can see…right now….

today we are looking at the Art of Subversion. Subversion is an important aspect to consider to understand in its expression :
what does it mean…:

“the undermining of the power and authority of an established system or institution.”

Subversion in the physical man made sense is also a man made invention, therefor it is a contract…a contract can be made between two parties, for a third outcome also…

Subversion causes capture…


Its not been an easy path that humanity has had to endure for a long time…particularly when what you have once believed in things long before and it had turned out to be something that has made you doubt and feel down about….this art of of subversion made into an ancient practice already existed long before today, many thousands of years ago…and yes it is an ancient fracture…a fracture that came about by wanting to covet something , to take from another person …theft…really is the baseline for this ancient fracture..

If we want to understand what subversion means in its causal state, this means that it was implemented, because of something that lead to it…, than we must look at what it means in a deeper perspective…

We are looking at what it means to be captured, to be mesmerized to be hoodwinked…there is a spiritual , emotional and mental agreement within a human being….when one is subverted, one is captured…


to be captured means that there has been a psychic, psychological , emotional,physical and spiritual or metaphysical energetic agreement to become subjected through subjection or bullying or bombardment to agree to a program of subversion.
In other words, we may have agreed to these contracts or agreements without really understanding the magnitude of how they are put together…ultimately it is done through subtle subversion…


Its bases is really theft, but because the art of subversion has become an art in itself, it demoralizes what you once held to be sacred….it does not matter what it is….

look at so many countries today and what it was that land “stakers” came to claim…when was it OK to plant your flag on an ancient land filled with sacred lore and traditions , cultures, that are as old as the earth…not by any means was it actually fine….not for religions such as missionaries coming to a “primitive ” culture and to evangelize them…why, how ,is that fine? when they came with medicines to heal them and than subtly convert everyone in their faiths…you see , they have learnt, that it was not a good idea to come and plunder…to fight with a foreign nation…too messy, next time the country would resist…
no had to be more sneakier, more subtle…eroding slowly over time…what they came to take….it was never about the faith…nor was it about actually helping but it was all about what this country could offer, be it rubber for tyres…rough example…

It’s always for minerals…


Subversion is one of the most successful war tactics that have been implemented to bring about a change in the enemy;s country…
subversion was designed to change beliefs…at its root..

These tactics have been enforced and applied to change beliefs.


you posses more power in the ability to change the beliefs of a country by way of distraction,
it is a kind of subjective technology…

I call it a technology…because it is a tool of high magick which is at its base, really the ability to enforce through a kind if magical process, illusion by way of distraction…slight of hand…

subversion in itself is like an illness that aims to aggressively destroy beliefs and the country or nation’s resources, mental &emotional,physical, and spiritual…it forms a pyramid…

if you want to enslave a country, you start with subtle misinterpretations of their codes of beliefs,
you exchange subtly their financial systems,by bringing in your own currency,taxes, education, philosophy, art, religions, folklore, traditions, socio-economic structures….
you erode this fundamentals over time…slowly initiating others who would naturally not fit in to society , due to social disagreements, misfits, to call it that…finding the cracks in the country’s structure…it would not take you long to find some of these misfits of society…and than give them some money , lets say put them into governance…you follow the story so far?

Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov actively worked on subversion in the United states of America,he was called a subversion agent, or actor….

Yuri Bezmenov

He states the following : “before the 20th century, Japan was a closed society,when any foreigner comes onto the shores of Japan, the Imperial Japanese Army would send them away,and when American salesmen came to sell something in japan, they would very violently resist this person or trade,and potentially shoot them , this was decades ago..” they did this to preserve their cultural ideology, traditions, values in tact…japan and the soviet union is virtually impossible to subvert. Both countries have closed borders, they have media censorship for example…but this was before 20th century…

“subversion is only successful when the initiator, the actor or agent of subversion has a responsive target”

Temple of Baal

The Phoenicians

The Phoenician culture originated in the Eastern Mediterranean region of the Levant (Southern Syria, Lebanon and Northern Israel) in the 2nd millennium BCE (although this area had been settled since the Neolithic period). The Phoenicians founded the coastal city-states of Byblos, Sidon and Tyre (ancient Canaan).

You see they have moved around so much, intermingling their DNA with other countries, that its not possible to find their origin…its still an unsolved argument…


what is perhaps the best example of an ancient subversion of cultural language, comes from them,the phonetic language..or alphabet..
who subverted their enemies by introducing their language, in the form of their alphabet
*The Phoenician alphabet is also called the Early Linear script (in a Semitic context, not connected to Minoan writing systems), because it is an early development of the pictographic Proto- or Old Canaanite script, into a linear, alphabetic script, also marking the transfer from a multi-directional writing system.

…and transmitted this across the entire world eventually, starting in the Mediterranean regions…

Phoenicians were also credited for their innovations, in shipbuilding, navigation, industries, agriculture, and government and religion…

slowly introducing their religions, cults, and lore

They imported copper from Cyprus and tin from Turkey (the two metals were combined to make bronze).
bronze at the time was the main material for also weapons manufacturing…
Silver and tin were imported from Spain. For centuries the Phoenicians dominated long-distance trade in the Mediterranean. However, in time the Greeks grew to be their rivals.I think it speaks for itself….

subversion leads to being captured….inevitably…if you agree to it…salesmen advertising subverts the use of your old toaster, for example….but its an ancient technique…

the theory of subversion goes all the way back to more than 3500plus ago…

the first human being who formulated the tactics of subversion was Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu until 3.500 yrs bc. author of art of war…

Sun Tzu

Quote: “All warfare is based primarily on deception of an enemy. Fighting on a battlefield is the most primitive way of making war. There is no art higher than to destroy your enemy without a fight by subverting anything of value in your enemy’s country.”

To implement state policy in a warlike manner, is the most counter productive process of state policy,the highest art of warfare is not to fight at all but to subvert anything of value of the country of your enemy..until such time , the perception of their reality of your enemy is beyond recognition to such an extent that it does not perceive you as the enemy..
eventually, your own system of civilization and your ambitions will lead you to look at your enemy as an alternative desirable and most viable solution…


link provided for the four stage of subversion
material in reference on website



1. Demoralization — 15years — the life of one generation, where education has shaped their minds, outlook, mispronunciations of ideas, history, and misinterpretations of traditions, ideologies,philosophies, religions influences through various methods of infiltration and propaganda methods,music, media in various areas where public opinions are shaped, new age movements, cults, neo-paganism,beliefs,degradation of original traditions, family values, witchcraft is cool,movies..etc
2. Destabilization — 2–5 years — Destabilization of the key factors — Economy, Foreign Relations, Defense Systems, philosophies, religions, arts, politics, laws,Laws are slowly subjected to accommodate subtle changes, manipulations of terms,
3. Crisis — A violent change of power
4. Normalization — Indefinite span of time, cults, socio-political groups, socio-econmics,

Sadistic form of Normalization in “Art” expressionism Spirit Cooking Artist Maria Abramovich coming out into the public, to advertise her art,

Maria Abramovich

she is the one who introduced the art of spirit cooking..art, cyber magick, total inverted state of mental , psychological, and psycho sexuality, inverted morality, subjected conflict, in liberalism, and all of the many smaller splinters that have come up…too many to name,

“The United States is in a state of WAR. Undeclared, total war, against the basic principals and the foundations of this system (democracy.) The initiator of this war is… the system… the world communist system.”

Yuri Bezmenov

Subversion does not happen ,when there is no agreement to accept it….that means literally what it state…if you do not want to be subverted, do not consent to it…
Do not participate in it, buy local, support the man who still makes bricks, who still supplies to you at the market…
find a common ground with your neighbor…your friends…explore your own culture…appreciate other’s cultures for what they are…meaning of life is to be at peace within oneself…to allow oneself to feel at peace…

So they than lean on your economy, small businesses, are cut out, closed down , because you can buy the same plates that old john has been hand crafting , now as a mass produced replica, at the wholesale mall…

Trade is always introduced as a form of subversion where collaboration is urged for a product, that may not be naturally part of the
there will always be certain individuals in society that may be against society, its ideologies, who can be bought subverted and recruited
so that the movement forces society into a crisis of collapse…


Altered Beliefs

Remember the four stages of subversion
Demoralizing : faiths, beliefs in traditional spirituality, etc.. are destroyed and ridiculed, replaced with alluring cults, religions.
Dogmas are eroded, removed from the original knowledge of knowing the supreme being being within ,
Religions are replaced with organizations
distractions from traditional lore
education, distracts from learning construct pragmatic and efficient, history , urban warfare, sexuality, as long as it takes you away
social life, replace traditional values with anti social values, individualism ,
replace republic consensus with artificial democratic controlled bodies,electing minsters for you, do you even know this person?
instead of social life with friends and family, social relations in a natural way, are done away with
power structures,
original lineage, traditional natural elected leaders of society are replaced by artificial knock off bodies of structures,
falsely, no qualifications to keep power
labor relations
law and order, new media, new police, old movies, dumb, criminals are smart, clever, he is unproductive, generals always maniacs, generalization..creating mistrust , moral relativity
all this monopolistic power and beliefs that can break or change your mind…

The Phoenicians have replaced language, they have subverted through trade, religions and faiths of certain countries, by introducing their own belief system , called Baal…

quote: “Baal, god worshiped in many ancient Middle Eastern communities, especially among the Canaanites, who apparently considered him a fertility deity and one of the most important gods in the pantheon. As a Semitic common noun baal (Hebrew baʿal) meant “owner” or “lord,” although it could be used more generally; for example, a baal of wings was a winged creature, and, in the plural, baalim of arrows indicated archers. Yet such fluidity in the use of the term baal did not prevent it from being attached to a god of distinct character. As such, Baal designated the universal god of fertility, and in that capacity his title was Prince, Lord of the Earth. He was also called the Lord of Rain and Dew, the two forms of moisture that were indispensable for fertile soil in Canaan. In Ugaritic and Hebrew, Baal’s epithet as the storm god was He Who Rides on the Clouds. In Phoenician he was called Baal Shamen, Lord of the Heavens.”

the aim of subverting Religion is to break down the original beliefs, of ancient traditions, lore of the Nature, self governed countries, governed by the stars…governed by what nature was, along with remembering the past, knowing that if you look into your own eyes, you are seeing the presence of your inner fire….

It was very important to change the original beliefs of a God structure which was once understood to be an Infinite Supreme force, without any deification or masculine or feminine aspects to it…last known example of Great Spirit was mentioned in the Native American *The Great Spirit is the concept of a life force, a Supreme Being or god known more specifically as Wakan Tanka in Lakota, Gitche Manitou in Algonquian
It must be noted : that this Supreme force is what we are talking about within our works…
It is the first presence that does not need to be personified, in other words given a masculine or feminine but all in encompassing….Omnipresent…

and so Great Spirit and Great Spirit is within us…it is very significant….it is eternally present ,when you are able to actually love yourself enough and to trust in who you are to actually feel the presence…

however the aim of this work is not to disrupt or subvert your beliefs in what you believe, but to reference the process of subversion in its entirety….

You have free will to decide on how you agree to anything you listen to , please always do your own research….


Religions evolve with Culture…culture is more than often used to also emphasize political change in society…

the following part is purely based on on Subversion and implementing religion and how it has been subverted in the similar ways as we now know from the previous mentioned part..
following quote written by Jack heart
author of “those who arouse Leviathan”

“By the end of March 1933 with the passage of the Enabling Act the National Socialists had attained absolute power in Germany and by June of that year, Crowley could no longer contain his enthusiasm.
In the first of a three-part series of articles for the London Sunday Dispatch Aleister Crowley gloats; “At birth I had three of the distinguishing marks of a Buddha. I was tongue-tied, I had a characteristic membrane which necessitated an operation, and over the center of my heart I had four hairs curling from left to right in the exact form of a Swastika. Before Hitler was, I am.” (1) The I Am part means he is not just the power behind National Socialism he is its God… “”


Of the agreement to surrender to the belief and faith that we are powerless while facing the changes of our reality..We must learn to revoke this belief, as it is

Reality of spiritual warfare requires that we are able to build knowledge of all these examples..

Demoralizing Ideologies

the aim of subversion through altering beliefs and faiths , has its underlying themes, visible in many establishments today…
what the masses of mind collectively believe is what fuels the power of that reality…

The ideology that there is a chosen people creates a class distinction…it creates the idea of power, supremacy, etc…

everyone is chosen…..
Land is an important factor, remember now ,its really all about the minerals of certain countries…
Palestine is important not only for what it entails in its minerals..but also because of the three
religions that converge there, Judaism, Christianity and Islam and happens to be located upon 3 major powerful leylines

Another reference found to describe devil worship is reference here , they state that anyone who does not believe the way they do , that they are devil worshipers…hence so many movies on exorcisms…to prove their point…Quote:
FROM THE Catholic Encyclopedia:
“In the same way the Greeks and Romans may have worshiped their divinities,
fondly believing them to be good. But the Christian Scriptures declare that all the gods of the Gentiles are demons.”
Catholic Encyclopedia: Devil Worship

Ahura Mazda is the supreme divinity of the Zoroastrian faith, which is called by its adherents Mazdayasna (meaning “the worship of Mazda”). Ahura Mazda is the Avestan name for an exalted divinity of ancient proto-Indo-Iranian origin. It was Ahura Mazda (or Ormazd, in its shortened Pahlavi transliteration) that was declared by Zoroaster (the central prophet of Zoroastrianism) to be the one uncreated creator of all. Ahura Mazda thus represents what some lines of evidence suggest to be among the first examples of monotheism, akin to the conceptualization of God in the Abrahamic traditions. At the same time, with its roots in Vedic religion, it anticipates the development of monotheistic currents within later Hinduism.

Gnosticims or Neo-Paganism rewired
is a reworked and constructed religion that is the foremost basement for Judeo Christianity…
Touching shoulders with the deification of the femininity of the Sophia element, but slowly embroiled and breaking down the masculinity also…

commentary over the years, losing the interest because of the propaganda in things,
deprogramming the propaganda is important to help society to see how these programs are funding agendas

chaos magick,
stands as a form of  gnostic presentation or notion of self creation or humanism which believes in spontaneous creation without any rime or reason and than virtually explodes into existence which is Darwinian,

propaganda that fuels the ideology that the universe pops into existence
consciousness pops into existence
if these can all pop into existence , the argument stands for why cant an Ai god not pop into existence also…
hence it would need an artificial universe…

these are consistent with the drive for self creation or self made or self aware.. cultural and religions engineering uses a lot of resonance from occult and philosophies…

chaos magick and neo paganism very intertwined movements

cyber magick using all forms of magick at their disposal

The powerful reconstructing of the self made god, is known as Apotheosis : Apotheosis is the glorification of a subject to divine levels and commonly, the treatment of a human being, any other living thing, or an abstract idea in the likeness of a deity. The term has meanings in theology, where it refers to a belief, and in art, where it refers to a genre”

Humanism, is also leading up to Trans humanism…
what is humanism : Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism or other supernatural beliefs, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good. … It is not theistic, and it does not accept supernatural views of reality.
for example
supports for the new “Abrahamic Faith Center” based on Francis’ joint statement with the Grand Imam, with the explicit acceptance of humanism. Having become primarily a geopolitical tool / NGO, the Vatican is now positioning itself to become the head of the world religions, with a new sense of “Petrine Office” extending to a federation of the world religions.

solomonic magick origins are also a fusion of judeo-cristian and muslim elements.

The art of magick to invoke angels and evoke Spirits to visible appearance, commons spirits conjured up , Astaroth and Bael…

Solomonic Magick techniques descend from greco egyptian, using invocations from greco egyptian, judaic and abrahamic sources were syncretised with divinatory names, scrying methods, blended in ,


New religion called illuminsm and the duality of it is called humanism

yes they are wanting people who feel demoralized to adhere to this belief system…
i suppose there must be some kind if religion to occupy you when you are all smart up in the cities….

Illuminism is scientific,mathematical , mixed with politics of meritocracy, and new age , weaving out through manipulation of knowledge…The dominance of Illuminism is the drive to create the urgency to merge…and override the idea of the soul , referring to it as a holographic soul which brings in the AI god concept…because it uses the concept of the universe as a holograph…






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