the Promethean Talks to Peta Dukes

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My guest is Peta Dukes


Peta has traveled the road of the wounded Healer and has allowed herself to be Transformed by the fires of Life…

She has undergone a Rebirth of the Sacred Path of the Healer, Peta is a Certified Professional trauma-informed, Craniosacral therapy, Recovery coach

Peta works with the unconscious Patterns ”

thoughts about what we can talk about in the interview
address the metaphysical and or spiritual connection that so many may have found themselves disconnected from …the disconnection of the self or from the self…

And we could agree that this disconnection from the self perhaps artificial also ..comes from childhood  perceptions of ourselves,

how these unconscious patterns affect our daily life and how coaching can help with the actual steps to take to overcome them by working with what is happening in our lives in the now and what is holding us back
clearing these blocks then allows us to connect with Great Spirit, we cannot connect when we do not think we are worthy of connection

This all ties in to childhood trauma (often people do not even think of it as an actual trauma)

Deeper Unearthing

An Ancient Fracture of time shows that Approximately 17000 yrs the action was to destroy the connection and the awareness of spirit
now…they are trying to destroy the connection to the personality with the soul….

the Connection of the soul allows the personality to operate…if this is cut off, the energy shows that the person can not attain the full actualized connection with the higher spirit, as the soul is the bridge to consciousness. Peta facilitates in her therapy the connection of the soul, embarking on the journey to learn to be able to feel love that connects to the feeling of spiritual life, and the connection to what is energy…

Technology and beliefs can often shut down the soul connection , so that it makes the person live in a material reality…products very intelligent humans without any spiritual life


change how you look at a rising of sun seeing it as presence of Great Spirit, when you see child in birth , this is divine of process, realization of the fractal of the whole universe
Realize that the birth of the child connects the soul of the child to the mother who is God to the child at that living moment…
when you interpret it as for what it is…it is materialistic


seeing world as a material mentally destructive world…and so indirectly influenced in chaos magick…without soul and ultimate Spirit connection
seeing the universe seeing it as a light emitting light…
sense of cosmic human being….

Creation 3

Enter the cosmic human being :Internal connection within the human embodiment of cells Observation of Great Spirit within the universe and to observe that the exact same cells in the body…is the recognition of the universe itself…
black holes are the irises of the eyes, super novas, Creation in thoughts…




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