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the Knowledge of the Promethean channel is based on the interpretation of Metaphysics
Metaphysics is described here as the following :
What is Metaphysics
– Metaphysics acknowledges and respects the beauty in ALL of God’s Creation ,we refer to it as Great Spirit.
– Metaphysics is a spiritual process without religious dogma.
– Metaphysics does not explore religious beliefs and laws created by man, but rather, it explores the immutable laws of nature, set by The Creator, God/Universal Presence/Great Spirit, in the creation of the Universe.
– Metaphysics encompasses philosophy that studies the ultimate nature of existence, reality, and experience without being bound to any one theological doctrine or dogma.
– Metaphysics includes all knowledge about spirituality, religions but transcends them all.
– Metaphysics is the study of ultimate cause in the Universe and our interactions with it, which also defines the interaction with our sacred blue print of humanity within The Creator, God/Universal Presence/Great Spirit, in the creation of the Universe., as it is all within humanity.
– The Metaphysics is the only science capable of inquiring beyond physical and human science. NO other man made science can and will ever define metaphysics.

Metaphysics contrary to Greek history in keynoting that it was created by Aristotle is incorrect.
Aristotle only remarked and acknowledged his point of observation in recognized the communication within this reality and the interaction of the Universal Creator.

Meta, meaning over and beyond – and physics. Thus, the combination means over and beyond physics.
*word-forming element described from Greek meaning 1. “after, behind; among, between,” 2. “changed, altered,” 3. “higher, beyond;” from Greek meta (prep.) “in the midst of; in common with; by means of; between; in pursuit or quest of; after, next after, behind,” in compounds most often meaning “change” of place, condition, etc. This is from PIE *me- “in the middle” (source also of German mit, Gothic miþ, Old English mið “with, together with, among”).

The notion of “changing places with” probably lead to the senses of “change of place, order, or nature,” which was a principal meaning of the Greek word when used as a prefix (but it also denoted “community, participation; in common with; pursuing of…

metaphysics is referred to as an awareness or philosophy that deals with first cause and the nature of being.

In mainstream media the authentic meaning has been dismantled to give a hegelian definition of an ancient science where, . It is taught as a branch of philosophy in most academic universities under the label of “Speculative Philosophy.
or quantum mysticim
Metaphysics do not worship nature, nor any other deities except respectful to nature and all that which is found in man, is also originating from its Creator or Great Spirit…

spirituality in the potential of unmanifest accumulations of personality, the charge of the fires of spiritual creation;
the cordial presentiment of the presence and demands of the spirit, spiritualization of the fire of centers, glimpses of self-consciousness of a spiritual person;the imperative of the spirit, the action of the spiritual fire of the centers in the heart, the kindling of the fire of the spirit, the formation of the orientation of the personality to the spiritual improvement of life; the dawn of spiritual aspirations, the action of the fire of the spirit in the heart, searching spiritual work, aspiration of self-consciousness to acknowledge the presence of Great Spirit;
the maturation of spiritual accumulations, the purposeful spiritual creation, self-awareness and realization of a person as a whole being within the spirit;
IIluminatio spiritalis is the beginning of the fiery transmutation, the lighting of the achievement fire; revealing the identity of man – the earthly carrier of the Thoughts of the One Spirit;
Creatio Spiritalis is the beginning of fiery creation, the action of the fire of achievement in the heart, the revealing self-consciousness of man as the earthly carrier of the Light of the One Spirit;
Servitus Spiritalis is the carrying a consciously accepted duty-commission, the synthesis of spirituality in the clarity of knowledge of a fiery man

Metaphysics is NOT….

Quantum Mysticism
everything around you and all at the same time, without any specific definition, not unified. Not a philosophy, but a technological scientific pseudo description of what they perceive as metaphysics

Quantum Healing : Quantum healing is a pseudo-scientific mixture of ideas which purportedly draws from quantum mechanics, psychology, philosophy, and neurophysiology. Advocates of quantum healing assert that quantum phenomena govern health and wellbeing

Syncretism : the amalgamation or attempted amalgamation of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought.

Religious Syncretism : Syncretism has been a part of Christianity from its very beginning, when early Christians expressed Jesus’ Aramaic teachings in the Greek language. … In Christian theology, use of syncretism shifted from a compliment during the Reformation in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Buddhistic Syncretism : share the same shrines with different identity. There are common rituals and celebrations among these religions. The borrowing and amalgamation of religious tenets from each other’s religion, the Hindus and the Buddhists presents most outstanding example of religious syncretism

Syncretism in Culture : Cultural syncretism is when distinct aspects of different cultures blend together to make something new and unique. Since culture is a wide category, this blending can come in the form of religious practices, architecture, philosophy, recreation, and even food.

Gnosticism : is a collection of religious ideas and systems which coalesced in the late 1st century AD among Jewish and early Christian sects. These various groups emphasized personal spiritual knowledge above the orthodox teachings, traditions, and authority of religious institutions, maintains that Spirit is only female and acknowledges that masculinity is vilified as an archetypal villain..proponents of feminism, neo-feminism

Paganism : Pagans worship the divine in many different forms, through feminine as well as masculine imagery and also as without gender. The most important and widely recognized of these are the God and Goddess (or pantheons of God and Goddesses)

Paganism separates masculine and feminine principals…and worships multiple archetypes that define itself as gods or goddesses…

Paganism does however use magical rituals to qualify their beliefs, does not recognize that magical properties or gifts already within mankind …

Satanism : inverted Paganism, chosen path to worship darker archetypes , deities are called devils and or demonic aspects. Ideologies of various religious or counter cultural practices and movements centered on the archetypes figure of Satan, the Devil, regarded in Christianity or leviathan if Gnostic or Judaic. Footing the beliefs that raw nature of baser personality is what must be venerated.

Oneism : A religion about Solipses or the belief that all events and religions or experiences are because of or due to person who is experiencing it. Oneism is defined as the worship of creation, where all is one when creation is worshiped and served as divine. In Oneism all distinctions are eliminated and through “enlightenment” Oneism proclaims that man is also divine. all is one,….this is simply not true. therefore ties into the belief of one world religion tying into the propaganda of the lucis trust.

Twoism : is defined as the worship of the divine Creator of all things. In Twoism God alone is divine and is distinct from His creation, yet through His Son, Jesus, God is in loving communion with His creation. Religion Christianity.

Omnisim :the same as Oneism

Luciferianism :is a belief system that venerates the essential characteristics that are affixed to Lucifer, the name of various mythological and religious figures associated with the planet Venus.

Shamanism :Shamanism requires physical and spiritual aspects to blend through suffering to prove the essential connection . however it does not mean that all practices are related to suffering, the use of psychedelics are also used to travel through inter dimensional experiences.

Theosophy : teaching about God and the world based on mystical insight. 2 often capitalized : the teachings of a modern movement originating in the U.S. in 1875 and following chiefly Buddhist and Brahmanic theories especially of pantheistic evolution and reincarnation.

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