The root Races , Creations, Orions




Root Races, Creations, deluges and hidden Orion Empire


The information on the Root Races and the philosophies on their existence has been tainted by so many, Helena Blavatsky, Annie Besant, theosophist societies, the lucis trust Alice bailey etc.  Given that, it has forced me in a way to bring the information from my personal research into place. Along with my memories and experiences.

It is not important to know how I recall the memories, but I have a few people who know this story for a long time…since they have known me and it can be verified.

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When there has been so much spinning and rewriting of factual archaeological evidence that it requires information to be represented once more.

Copyrighted information, nothing may be reproduced or copied or rewritten from this point forward.

Introduction and Thoughts

The information that I am going to bring to you is not based on what has been founded in this reality, yet, I think I can state quite clearly here that we must look at the world and its controlling influence as a type of hypercube energy. I did discuss this in a previous video about the metatronic cube.

hypercube inside a sphere


And that its archetypal influence as an angel is a type of demi god…in other words, manufactured for you to not look beyond what it states. I am also noting here that this body of work is copyrighted. As it comes from my personal reference to what I have explored.


In the Beginning

I would also like to point out that there has been many, many creator myths, so many that its enough to make your head spin…..

It is also important to realize that in order for any particular force to override a truth, it simply gives versions of that same truth. Media, certain philosophies anthroposophy theosophy etc…has certainly been corrupted also.

So in order for me to explain to you the weight of this subject, I have to take you with me to the very beginning of all things. When they were formulated, and I will try to explain to you the details as they come up.

Lets begin….

The mythology of Creation and the expansion of mankind throughout the ages, expanded throughout the ages have always eluded to the star families, extra-terrestrials or being from out of space. And let me very clear here, I am not referring to the corrupted work do Zacharia Sitchin…Lets get the facts straight. The information on the Anunaki , or as universal studios have now hinted to, as the eternals is false.

Anunaki means from the sky…it does not denote a type of race. Or characters that have been washed and dipped in gold to transfix your mind. Step away from star wars, step away from fake manufactured industrial nonsense. However it must be understood that star families have been influencing the human creation and its reality for a long time. It is commonly misunderstood that all creation started with humanity. It is not…

It is a blatant lie that has influenced and created to change the way humanity believes. Influence not creators. Please keep in mind .The precipice to the creation story of the human being is so manufactured that it erases and leaves many blanks for anyone to even try to do proper investigation. Therefore our forefathers had known that the truth is always going to be interfered with. It is also a common thread to bring in religions, faiths, beliefs…with very little attempt to assist, but a lot of attempt to change and confuse you.

And as I had said this year and the many years that will follow from this one will be the airing out of dirty laundry. No one is spared. Not even the circle of the 9 ….the committee of 300 and their cronies.

The solar system, this one that we live in is shaped like an egg. I will refer to it as the giant cosmic egg.

The solar system or universe is filled with life. The adjacent universes are also filled with life.

The human race is no more different than any other race. However the planet is rather potent, since it is an actual living entity. Or what is called a Celestial. The only celestial still alive. Then others had died during the first deluge or explosion.

The sooner you realize this, the sooner you are able to learn from what you observe in your progress here in this reality. Every race has its own set of genetic imprints, codes and laws, lore and beliefs, ideologies etc, ecology, intra and extra ecology moons, and stars.

However one Belief that stands above all forms of lesser beliefs is that the Cosmic Creator Force or as we know it to be called Great Spirit had been existing since the beginning of all things. All races from all galaxies understand and have made the contact with this Greater force. This planet with humans on it, is unfortunately very far behind. Too many cooks spoil this broth. This is not a universal belief. It is a cosmic existence as a fact.

The mechanics of the construction of this universe is based on the same premise as all the other galaxies. The cosmic egg is also referenced as the giant cosmic womb. This is a reference to the shape. However it is not the destination that you will travel to, when you pass one day.

The solar system had two Suns, the current sun is called Apollo and its Star or satellite  was Chronos, or Saturn.

The other planets or celestials in this solar system all have satellites and stars to accompany them, but for the most part this universe is only using one solar source now. Saturn was also known as a lesson sun or the darker light, is not and must not be deified or misunderstood as an evil influence. Unlike so many well-known researches have wrongfully claimed. When Saturn was part of the solar logos at the time, the solar logos means that the two sources of light operated in Tandem. This was the First Marking of an Age.

This Age had two solar sources and logically did not operate in the same linear time pattern as what humanity currently is existing in as. Time was not kept in the same way. When you have two light sources, one is light and the other is darker or duller, time runs at a much slower process.  Time happens, when you look at one source of light , and as you look at the other , time stretches and wanes elongating the period of the source of light. Time, light and fractals make up universal timing. Spatial time. Linear time is man-made.

In other words, there were two time streams at work. Author  in his Introduction to his collection of astrological reports has noticed that the planet Saturn was also designated as Šamaš, i.e. “sun” by the Babylonian-Assyrian astrologers and he quotes the statement of Hyginus to the effect that Saturn was called “the star of the sun” from the record or journal of Morris Jastrow Jr

Link :


This Age with its two suns, refer to the way this solar system was created. The two suns were also metaphorically referred to as the twins, not in astro-theology where the twins are two stars referred to as castor and Pollux.

When intention is light and as it expressed itself becomes yet another version of that same light, or a lesser light. Altered beliefs and understandings were interfered with and conflicted beliefs, such as religions had damaged the original blue print of this Truth. Some remnants of this are found in old books, during the time of Babylon and mesopotamian astrology. As I have stated every creation uses the same formula. Creations start with the Cosmic Intent to announce the Age. A living tangible cosmic Being called Cosmic Creator influences this . Each Creation is an Age, there are 7 ages, and Each Creation attains or brings forth a root Race. With its sub classes.

The Universe is in the shape of a Cosmic Egg

The Universe is coiled inside the egg, like the peel of an apple. Time, events, planetary alignments and space folding into each other like the missing a substance with water.

Like mixing gas, air, fire or hot air or cool air, aether with water.

The Pneuma or Spirit Cosmic Creator resounds or speaks into the aether resounding energy and it falls into the energy field like a drop of water in the centre point. It is not big bang. Followed by the development of energy matter aether solidifying and yet not fully matter yet, but magnetising as the feminine or zero point or omega point…while the alpha stage develops around it. The planets within this solar system were created in the exact same way.

shape of universe in planes

Each planet or sphere has a magnetic north point or zero point.

The stages will be explained more in the formation of this earth planet. The magnetic point is also known as the mythological tree of life. the center point starts out like rings expanding and building until it folds over and into itself, creating an implosion .We have in breath inhale , implode, and exhale , explode and formation expression. The cosmic pulse of the planet and the pulses of life operates in the same way, Seasons operate in the same way. While this universe is in its constant flux of Creation ,life goes on, there are many star races or extra-terrestrial races present beyond this universe, this galaxy is part of all the other galaxies, you could say it is like string of pearls. Many races traveled within many galaxies or universes to this one and back. It

SIdenote on Moon Landing was done because they ran out of resources, and was too embarrassed to admit that they did not accomplish what the oppositional managed to do.

Worlds within space has already been colonized. The current space that surrounds the planet, is difficult to penetrate or break from. The moon is further than it appears to be or measured. Many planets, their distances and conditions are not as it is made out to be in the mainstream educational systems. The earth is also not entirely round , but slightly bulging on the sides, making it look like a lump of rounded dough…it is not as round as it is depicted, no planet is depicted as perfectly round, since the gasses change the density of its contained ecology all the time. All the planets were alive and filled with many colonies, many civilizations had existed, before the war happened. The earth is the only living organisms still active, all other planets all have a direct magnetic field impact on each other.

Saturn got knocked off its course, during the first deluge or explosion. More on this later. Each planet collectively circulates the sun along with the same path as in which earth is on. Planes are not literal, no it does not denote flat earth, it denotes and energy field in which every planet is in. like a plane of water. This is why there is immense pressure in the space field. In each quad or corner or field, are formations of the planets, their moons, and how they all interact with each other in relation to the plane in which we exist in. Each planet has its own feminine satellite accompanying it. Mercury is closer to Earth, it is androgynous meaning masculine and feminine in its structure, and is often referenced as the hidden one., misinterpretations have called it Niburu, it is in actuality really called Mercury. While Pluto is at the bottom or closest to the omega point. Mars is accompanied by Venus in the third outer realm or ring of the egg.

Apollo and Artemis its moon above Mars and Venus The earth along with all the other planets are what makes up, alongside other planets, smaller star clusters, and smaller galaxies inside the egg.

It has one sun and one moon, male Apollo and female Eris, and therefore is believed that earth is the child the moon and the sun are parents. Which was used to create the Christian myth of the trinity.

One Cosmic Creator

We have One Great Cosmic Creator, it does not and never will ever allow itself to be tied into any race’s beliefs. In order to know this Cosmic Creator, and you would need to expand your consciousness by going into yourself. You have soul, spirit, dna , body ,mind and intelligence compassion and love. Every Age is One Cosmic Creation, it would be 24,000yrs that would equate one Creation Day. One creation Day is called an Epoch or Aeon. The moon is not hollow, it did contain living entities within it…it is a satellite…how far is the space war, with regards to this information? Far enough…given that technology has been created, but not as successful as it appears to be. Therefore you will have half-truths, but not whole truths.

The moon was used as a type of technology to draw spirits out during certain seasonal times, deaths, hence many pagan beliefs tied a certain belief to life and death with regards to the moon.  It was weaponized but that technology had since than been made obsolete. All Races can be noted as extra-terrestrial and intra terrestrial races.

“This includes the human race. “Albert Einstein. Carl Sagan personally estimated that this planet has been visited at least 5,000 times. In the book, Mankind, Child of the Stars, the authors quote Dr. Harrison H. Brown of the California Institute of Technology who they say:  …estimates that virtually every star in our galaxy has a planetary system, in each of which from two or four planets might have an Earth-like environment and chemistry that encourages our kind of life to exist. He gives the enormous figure of 100 billion stars with planets in the Milky Way galaxy alone.”

It is important to take note that just because there is a higher Superior presence within our existence, the fact that things go the way they do, is because of the abuse of free will. However we can also relate that when things get to such a place, that Races also need to work on its individual and collective karmic influences from previous ages. And as you will undoubtedly discover, when the root races come to a peak even if it’s a negative peak that nature does reach in to assist to bring a balance back into place.

It is therefore important for every human being to take note…that you learn from your experiences and that you connect within the self, so that you can learn to improve your own life. Individual consciousness is vital to the survival of the human species. There are and never will be a savior to come to save you. This is a fallacy that was created to remove the passion or fire for self-improvement. It is important to explain that once you know the story or the mechanics of the Creation of the universe, that you will also understand how this planet exists, and that we will than bring in the root races.

The current human root race is currently embarking on the brink of the 6th root race. This means, that the 6th root race is a certain classification of human species that live within the age of the nuclear power. In other words, current.

What is a Root Race?

A Root race is a specification of a specie and its classification is based on its inherent original genetic structure, like a genus for a plant or animal.

Root races had existed for a long time…what I am saying is that there was life for a long time before the Orions came into this solar system. Only when the Orion species had come into this solar system, was the aspect of genetic influence brought in to classify races. Root races had been built from the Lyran race. The Orion Empire had intervened to rebirth the Lyran race, after it had already lived to its fullest evolution.

Why bring back a race that had already completed its evolutionary experience. On the whole the intention of bringing back the Lyran race is really what had set off the plan. And so there were many other races that came on board to also contribute to a conglomeration of species. The expectation was one giant business deal. Many stories have eluded to the story about the conglomeration of species as a type of Ark , but this is also because of the seed bank they have attained…this to have been the ark…this was created by them, and inserted into the theologies.

Therefore Its important to realize that humanoid species had existed, still do, but many species had also been influenced and altered. The alteration had been predominantly been genetic. More on this later.

Only after the Orion Empire had created the united confederation or conglomeration of space, as the foundation for the “advancement of the races “. The star trek movies, have eluded to this as the “star federation”…. From multitudes of races in the entire galaxy to the altered genetically encoded races that you know now…the second Orion empire , as the follow up from the Orion elders the first empire…. we are still dealing with this .

The human races has been categorized and keyed into groups or root races, sub races but allocated to the regions where the many races existed and still exist.

Remember that the lyran race and the humanoid features of the modern man, not modern as in current, but since the first indication of general man, is the foundation or root of you. This means that the root of the Lyran beings, showed that they had evolved and had progressed to the pinnacle of their evolution. This means that the Lyrans had grown, healed, and reached the height of its Spiritual evolution in their existence. Don’t forget that this is the root race of man’s genetic coding.

Typology of this race, shows that they are naïve, kind, loving and strong, very intelligent. Very spiritual, which means that it is inherent in man even today. What had happened to the spirit of this race is that it had returned back or was reabsorbed back into the Cosmic Creator.

further reading :

Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men The Surviving Elites of the Cosmic War and Their Hidden Agenda by Joseph P. Farrell (


The Orion-Globalist Agenda for the 6th root race

CW Leadbeater wrote the book as said on the 6th root races, and had described the visions that were received by a certain person referred to as king ashoka…the visions were explicitly described to this person, and much reference was also made to the 5th root race that was being created in Arabia… on pg 6. Their intention is to break down all the original root races of all time…to form a new fragmented damaged group of human folk.

However the issue comes with a new set of issues in short quote: about the plan for the human race by CW Leadbeater : “ the sketch for the future shows that , self -training, involving supreme self- sacrifice and rigorous self – effacement , it involves complete confidence in the wisdom of the masters, and said to be something called the Manu.” this comes from the book called the beginnings of the 6th root race by CW Leadbeater, the plans are spelled out clearly in this book for the current race….by the theosophical society or the founder of the lucis trust. I’ve spared you 226 pages of propaganda….


Much information is mentioned about how people should live, communities, family planning, etc..

On the 5th Root race , genetics had been taken from the Atlanteans, so that the 6th root race would be created…which is what we are seeing now…taking shape…energy is extreme, psychology is that of a race that is living for singularity , this is the word for hive mentality. It is also the term given for artificial intelligence or singularity mentality, Vs unified…which is completely off the track. In the book they also mentioned that they had chosen the lower part of California as their ideal paradise.  This is the plan from the theosophical society.

There is also a mention of having to mix up the races from the 5th to create the 6th root race. So It’s become more and more apparent that the plans are to enforce yet again as this is all that they do genetic manipulation…mentioning that certain members will be selected from a segregated group to add their genetic imprint on others. Calling this an act of the Logos, using religions gnostic terminology for this.

Genetic Pathology of the human race is the same everywhere else

Therefore the Full pathology of the human Race genetics lie in the Stars. This means not only from this planet, but from other planets, many races had come to add their seeds to the creative process. This would be known as a type of Seed Bank or Genetic Seed bank.

Why was this allowed?

The Cosmic Creator had seeded life, and inscribed into the life form, the ability to understand the laws of nature, what was right and what was wrong, is and was an inherent knowing. You have to think for yourself, see reference on the Natural Laws, this would explain to you the reasons why certain things had developed in their own way.

However seeding a race still exists. It is just another form for trade and going to countries and controlling their commerce, population, influences, beliefs, religions, traditions etc. today even more so, you are seeing the extent of the re-engineering of the human races. Engineering now is targeting certain root races. However only when it was important for a particular race to progress according to them(which means it could have been too slow according to them, would active wars break out), then in many cases , certain foreign races were brought in to interfere quite radically with the specific targeted race or species in the  human race. Many mythologies explain this. Within the realms of the earth, we can now explain the races as they were seeded from all-over the cosmos and not only from the Orion Conglomeration, but also from many other travelers.

The Orion Empire had prohibited certain races from entering the earth.

The following Races Blue, Red, Yellow and White were the Original Root Races , that which came from these races had mixed and been manipulated thereafter. It is also important to realize that races expand their territories…this is just a snap shot of the activities and placements of the races.

The Seeded Galaxy

Blue races

When the galaxy was seeded with life, it had filled many planets with life that suited that particular planet. I know that Mars had a race that we could relate to people of African descent, the colour of the skin pigmentation had changed over time. But they were known as the Blue Race. Only when most of them were displaced by the Orion Empire had certain characteristics changed, such as the cells in the blood to harness the particular skin pigmentation. Remnants of the Blue Race can be seen in the race wars that had taken place here on earth, when Egypt had been implanted as a way of Greater control and Commerce for the Orion Empire.

Nubia was one such a race that had fought the original Egyptian empire. False stories about Seth was also referred to as the evil one. The mythology of Seth was depicted as blue black. One of the original root races of mars. The creation myth story came redefined and scrambled to eradicate the story or lineages, sacred lore, traditions and beliefs, cultures, etc of the Nubian empire. Egypt was corrupted to an unrecognizable country. Blue became yellow became green or olive tinted pigmentation, then from olive skin pigmentation to pale or white to have blueish in tones.

Red Races

The Asian, Polynesian, races in appearance, had the original skin pigmentation of Red, but also because it had been seeded in this earth had the skin tone from red to copper to golden. Because of the active transformation of the cultures.  To eventually become yellow to olive. Climate changes also acclimatized the red races to have a different pigmentations and so also influenced many other sub races, so it is vast.


Yellow –Olive races

Young Mongolian boy in traditional Mongolian dress holding his falcon on horseback. Young children start training with falcons prior to working with golden eagles. Ulgii, Mongolia.

The eastern cultures, Mongolian, sub races Phoenician from sudden warm to  colder climates, Russia now or rus, was known as the Yellow blue Race, due to the pigmentation from the Pleidian genetic coding. Yellowing of the skin tone had gradually become lighter with a blue undertone. Ironic that their flag today is red. A reminder of seeking warmth and to return to its origins.

The East was predominantly infiltrated by the Orion Empire much later, and had become known as the Orient or trade rout or the silk route before it became China, linking west to east and Asia.. Many Yellow pale pigmentation with blue, yellow tinges, had than later become olive skinned towards the Asian Mediterranean Iranian regions, Hebrew, Jewish people, amongst these races.

Olive skinned toned yellow and pale yellow had eventually become paler as in Caucasian or white skinned…than blended with red skin tones….so you can see that races had blended along with expanding along the regions of the denser populated countries and or regions of the world.

And the other races that had populated much later were known as the White Race. Not Caucasian….White toned skinned races had its interdependent origins also, but had intermingled and would be known as the western races, situated from the Caucasus Mountains, slowly traveling Asiatic southern regions. Skin pigmentation was determined by weather. Weather on this planet influenced the original Pleidian and Lyran DNA.

Please keep in mind that brief description on the progression of the main root races have only been given as an example of how the races expanded. Races were not known by what they are know now, the names that were given to them now in the later age , was given or denoted by the regions in which races live or with regards to beliefs.

 White Race

example modern human race or 5th and 6th root race

On the White race, given the region they had existed within, was much later denoted as in the Caucasus region: The Caucasus, or Caucasia, is a region spanning Europe and Asia. It is situated between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and mainly occupied by Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and parts of Southern Russia. Pliny the Elder’s Natural History (77–79 AD) derives the name of the Caucasus from Scythian kroy-khasis (“ice-shining, white with snow” German linguist Paul Kretschmer notes that the Latvian word Kruvesis also means “ice”.

Root races do not have anything to do with race or traditions….but does reference its root or origin due to its genetic coding or Marker.

The Orion Empire Influence

The Orion Empire is a good Reference Point to explain how things happened.

The book of Enoch, amongst some historical books and scripts had not fully grasped who the visitors or star race but did try to describe them in a limited manner.

It is very important to not get mixed up with all the other visitors that had come to this earth. As I had said before the solar system was and some places are still filled with life. Much of the genetic manipulation had influenced the abilities to have extended consciousness. But again, just because this has happened, does not mean that humanity is a lost cause. Far from it. As I have mentioned brief rudimentary descriptions of the Orion Race had been mentioned also amongst other races who had come to visit this planet so do not get confused., see here, quote: “historical books of faiths, religions and such, also the Bible and the Book of Enoch, in particular, relate that Earth’s Sovereignty was violated mixed with those who also came to try to help and encouraged growth.

There are records of many beings who were named the Nephilim (“those who were cast down”). There are many other names that have come down to the earth that had been described to be visitors and form part of the seeded gene pool of the root races. Some of these who were described as: Anakim, Rephaim,(Judaic references) Djinn, Giants, Titans, Fallen Angels, the Watchers, the Els, the Ari, Elders, Sons of Zadok, Sons of Seth, the Uranids, Cyclopeans, Prometheans, Olympians, the Elect, Asuras, the Illies, Fomorians, the Necromancers, Rayless Ones, Bent Ones, the Dogons, Dagons, the Ana, Amaraka, Nagas, the Rakshasas, Dragon Kings, Naddred, the Brotherhood of the Snake, and the Serpent People. They were also referred to as the Djedhi (see Jedi)

Then Orion Race as an Empire they had traversed many universes prior to this one, and had found many ways to expand their existence, they were also looking for resources, as they had managed to build the empire over many centuries in many systems, it had become obvious that they would literally through trade come to any particular galaxy and try to do trade, for the most part, some races had managed to resist this, while other original ancient races had been destroyed. When I say destroyed, it means that many authentic races had been infiltrated for the most part by the Orions and other lesser races…meaning other sub classes…

The Orion Empire had lost their own galaxy due to over extending and overusing of their resources, greed, and the longevity program which seems to be an issue.. Some earth races are behaving exactly in the same way. The oriental region in the region of the east, or the Oriri, was  a trade Settlement of the Orion Empire.  Traces of heavy minerals were rich in the earth there, deposits of titanium, rare earth elements were heavily sought after for the building of technology. The symbology of  Rising sun(the sun or deification of the sun that was venerated during the inception of  Egypt) on the emblems, also refer to its prowess, the dragon symbology also used, depicts the conquest in draconis. So the dragon even though used as an example of luck is inverted. It is paraded as a symbol of power over that race.

The Orion Empire originally consisted out of 8 kingdoms. The word Ogodoad describes the 8 ruling kingdoms and Ruling Influence. The Egyptian mythologies describe that the ogdoad means 8 fold, however what it really meant was that the empire was officially an empire of 8 smaller kingdoms. An example of the mythology at the time, pre-dates the later history, as the heads of frogs, (men) and serpents (female)..The descriptions are mythological since frog represented water and serpent, earth.

the ogdoad or 8 kingdoms

Orion Empire builds more empires


Pre-Atlantis Seeding Aegyptum or Egypt

The Orion had terraformed as they came to the earth in their droves, after the first Explosion, more on this later.

The explosion was known as the first deluge.

The Pre Atlantean Age, settled on rewriting the original ancient truths, scriptures, dynasties of a land that was situated in the northern part of now Africa, this is later known as Egypt. Before Egypt became Egypt, an already existing ancient Root Race had existed prior to the Egyptians and their technology.

Im referring to the race that had already been living here before the Orions came into this solar system. This race was known as the Tuatha Da Anaan. The technology of the pyramids, water systems, came from them initially…the Tuatha de anaan race was a threat to the Orions, in fact the Orions had been trying to eradicate them. Most information mentioned about them is almost non-existent. The tuatha de anaan race had lived and been trying to seed the human consciousness for a long time…when I say seeding consciousness, it means that they tried to aid for the progress of human spirituality, these are the races that have been trying to inspire and help human races and each other. The Tuatha Da anaan had been driven from out of their lands, during the construction of the Egyptian empire. Towards the land called eire…now or Ireland , but it was known as something else at the time…The entire nation of that country has been driven to a point of almost non-existent. But the spirit is still alive and many old sites are stil holding the energetic grid in place.

Roman Empire

The Orion Empire at that time started to build the Roman Empire, a direct ascended bloodline from the Orion Empire. The Roman Empire had actively been trying to conquer the lands through the world. And it had come to that point where they were losing the original building structure of their own genetic code. In other words, too much experimentation had led them to have practically segregated their own breeding path. They could no longer sustain their own species. But they were rich beyond any other Empire of that time. Roman empire which had been a completely manufactured civilization taking many seeds from all over the strongest races that had existed at that time, the mythology of Romulus and Remus ,depicts two empires, one from the stars and one from earth, or copy, clones, raised by a wolf mother.. The wolf was yet again a repeat of the motif of the dog Sirius star region, along with the dog Anubis from Egypt.

Anubis Egyptian deity


Romulus and Remus

Technology on Earth

Aside from the obvious technology that seems to be making itself more available to the human species, also falls under some companies that I will be mentioning here, something that was called the Chani Project an affiliate to the Rand Corporation.

Chani project 1994 – 1999

CHANI means acronym for (Channeled Holographic Access Network Interface)

a group of researchers from an organization/corporation, which Is also called  RAND and Associates, or RA had access to an underground facility . A type of large hadron collider facility in Africa (the location is still classified)- other active projects running concurrently, like Space Time Fabricating, Simulation by Atom Replacement and Removal, Holographic Programming of Dark Matter, Manifestation of Quantum Energies and Associated String Programming with Ether/Etheric.

– A contingent of AFRICOM security tasked with securing the base. –

-Between 1994 and 1999 researchers started to receive communication from an entity and had stated that it as so many other races had been endlessly trying to merge with the human races…but also tasked to observe humanity. It was doing the transmission through the technology…it was also wanting to see how human and alien technology would interact with “playing with dark portal matters” this is the foundation for the new or late developed technology called the metaverse ….tesla technology has been used for numerous things.

The information on the Chani project will be posted on my site. Counsel of 9 is the brain behind the committee of 300. The counsel of 9 are not human, well some of them are not human. Their references to who they may be is often referenced everywhere. Im thinking and actually making a prediction that this body of work will certainly attract their attention.

Gene manipulation is No different than what it is now

The mythology about the fallen angels very aptly puts the Orion Empire here describing them as the fallen angels or race. However much of the history had been wiped out.

Which means that they had the overhand in most things. But it goes to show that when they had due to their free will chose to walk away from the Laws of the Cosmic Creator, that they were essentially the ones who had lost out. Remember the story about the void.

We can still see how they are still very much acting out their anger over the human species of today.

These people had managed through interbreeding and re-engineering their own gene race managed to become a more superior species…this was the intention. And as they had continued to infiltrate and chop and change DNA, so they lost their path back to the Cosmic Creator. The human race on this planet are as said not the only ones who had battled them. So the battle is not in the space anymore, it is on the earth.

The First Deluge War

The entire galaxy was teeming with life, Before the Orions came along.

it must be noted here that if there is an ongoing genetic tampering of the original genetic base code., that you would lose the structure of the multi layered DNA sequence, the DNA is electrical masculine and contributes to the housing of the soul or interface with that which is surrounding it.

The soul is the secondary component like a satellite to the already existing Spirit. This is the root or foundation of any living being. The Soul is also magnetic or feminine and runs along the same synaptic frequencies or impulses of the heart which ties into the soul. All the other organs speak in the same way in the DNA. There is no such thing as junk DNA. All parts of the human DNA code is founded as the LYRAN genepool. The humanoid features comes from many other races such as Pleidians. The parts of the brain come from the reptilian races, feline races, etc.

Orion had tried to take over most of the planets, and their inhabitants, trading and getting into the business of DNA , references to this is in the many Creation myths.

The Biblical Mythology of Creation describes it the best

When the Orions came into the Solar system which was known as the Garden of Eden…darkness came into being, darkness as ignorance had drowned out the ability of life to prosper. This was known as the void. The void is the lowest quadrant of energy for the rest of the universe to consist out of. When the inhabitants were tempted with the knowledge of good and evil, as it goes, it really meant that the knowledge was to trade with the Orions. To join them in a business to gather and collect DNA from where ever they go. The Orions who had lost their ability with their Spirit and essentially also parts of an inactive soul had become known as living Souls. Remember that we need soul and spirit to know we are human, that we are alive and that we can create, if we forfeit this sacred right., we lose our opportunity to return back into the Spirit Matter of Great Spirit.

The Orions had forfeited this right, when they stepped up from the Orion Elders. The Orion Elders were the first generation Orions. Same agenda, but more stable. The children are worse. They are not Creators, they never will be. What happens to one of them, when they die….? Nothing….returns straight back to the void. The void time or period as the darkest time of the civilization of this universe, had become like a rift in the aetheric space field. Which means, that it is like a wormhole that functions as antimatter. This does not mean that antimatter is a super villain….it means that that which cannot be created, returns straight back to its original nature. It is important to realize that what had brought the Orions here to this earth at the time, the second earth your processors, was the need for monatomic gold. Monatomic gold is described as the building blocks of the Genetic technology King Solomon’s gold , was a mine filled with monatomic gold, and we can see how that turned out to be. Solomon was an Orion. “Monatomic gold : ” a white powder of gold is a multitude of things. It is in essence, the elixir of life, it is likewise. The philosophers stone in alchemy, the manna of ancient Hebrews amongst other races. In science the white powder of gold is the ORME -i.e. gold in its monoatomic form-which can be resulted in super conductivity within an organic body. I see there is interest in manufacturing nanowires with this substance. When the white powder of gold is mixed with water, it becomes an elixir of life , Egyptians refer to it as the golden tear from the eye of horus or that which comes from the mouth of the creator. it was also called the spittle of god. not the word of god , but spittle.


Copious mining had happened during in the planet. Many stories have been written and speculated about the gold in this planet. Many races had been taken into account to do the mining. Slaves were used and many had revolted against it. Greed drove to more tampering of the slave races now. Don’t forget for the most part, just because some root races were slaves, does not denote that every root race was incorporated into the slave program. They used what they could find. There were also many rebellions who had resisted this slave program, wars and factions broke out. At the given age during this time period, the fall of the Empire had resounded throughout the entire galaxy had taken place. Everyone had enough of the slow erosion of ancient civilizations, eradicating the authentic connection with the Original Cosmic Creator. At the Peak of the Empire and its age of Trade many disgruntled rebellions and enemies of the Empire had committed a War against them.

They had annually held treaties similar to Davos, in fact much of these things are still being done in the same traditions. A bomb was planted and it set off a catastrophic explosion that had set off chain events of explosions in the outer rim of the galaxy. Many races flee to earth. I suspect that the Tuatha Da Anaan were amongst these races. Great nuclear like Explosions had caused such a catastrophic blast that it had literally started a knock on effect so Intense that it had set off a chain reaction that had sent off a heavenly body, a debris from a planet had hurtled past the other planets and the reverberation had been so cataclysmic that it knocked the earth of its axis. Along with all the other planets, the moon took the brunt, Mars had been wiped clean, scorched, since it was the closes to the blast scene.

this Blast had caused a massive first Deluge, the Great cataclysm had wiped out most of the races, giants, rare animals, collapsing the towers of Babylon, which was a port for ships to land, it was known as the towers or now modern version is called Babylon, flooding the valleys and washing out animal fora and fauna with people .debris falling everywhere.

No it was not a comet that hit the earth. It was the magnetic force field that had lost its original axis. Creating a spinoff of the original path it would usually take at that time.. The earth was left in darkness, as much space debris had plummeted into the planets. It had taken a long time before the natural balance could be reinstated. Many old buildings and ancient civilizations that still remained were now being rebuilt, and again what had been brought into place, started all over again.

Post Deluvian

The solar system, and later the Earth, were colonized once more by the remainder of star races including survivors who had already planned as a breakaway civilization of the Orion Empire Whether the disaster was Natural or not, the result was that mankind on Earth experienced total and long lasting Chaos and confusion.

The surface of the planet had mostly consisted of great bodies of water or oceans. The saline or salt deposits that came down as debris from the planetary fall out, had started to create an imbalance in the atmospheres causing later two smaller deluges, weather related that had influenced mankind’s experiences. Many had lost the path to the knowledge of the Great cosmic Creator, while others were reforming new beliefs, temples , new religions, all seeded from the Orions and other visitors.

The Orion Empire, the Elders had stepped down and made attempts for the Second Generation to step up. It was during this process that races had been lost, during the rebellion attack which created the most damaging explosion that wiped most life off the planets. It is unclear to establish whether the explosion had been deliberately manufactured. So that the Orion Empire could bring in a new genetically manufactured root race that would be a far sturdier specimen to live in this world. None the less, the entire historical events that had been catalogued and documented had been wiped out. And they wrote a new story to go hand in hand with this race. They had managed to have saved much DNA from many other races, some who had been extinct, including the main root race groups, had now been divided into 8 more sub-groups to be inserted back into the earth. Perhaps these 8 sub groups were also remnants of the 8 kingdoms of the Orion. This is also unclear. The Elders had not fully stepped down and had intended for the original blue print to be reinstated, this includes the knowledge about the spirit and the soul. First genetic recreation of the human race was formulated out of the many inhabitants from this solar system. The human Race DNA was formulated out of the Lyran Races or light beings, lived out their life to the fullest cycle of evolution.

Many human races fled underground, for fear of another deluge, while others traveled, seeding trade once more.

Land Reformation

The Dawn of Atlantis and the Second Deluge


Atlantis, a name recorded in various permutations by hundreds of cultures, has been called: Antilla, Amenti, Arallu, Attala, Atvantika, Aztlan, Azatlan, Atlantia, Atli, Asgard, Avalon, Arcadia, Arktos, Agartha, Shangri-la, Hyperborea, Tula, Rutas, Thule, Hesperides, Hy-Brasil, to mention a few. It was the original Elysian Fields. The Celts and Gaels called their ancestral homes by a variety of names which have passed down into the fairy folklore of later periods. In their legends we hear of Finias, Murias, Gorias and Falais, and of Tir Tairngire (the Land of Promise), of Mag Mell (the Plain of Happiness), Tir fa tonn (Land Beneath the Sea), of Tir nam beo (the Land of the Living), and of Tir nan og (the Land of the Young, or of Everlasting YouthM Tsarion, Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation


Land Reformation –People Reformation

It was during the Age of Atlantis when much land and people were being reformed.  This Era had than taken shape, again teeming with life, trade, expansion. The land masses were slowly reforming into its own tectonic grid. Magnetic fields, leylines has slowly become re-established. Continents such as Appalachia, Tyrhennia, Beringia, Fennoscandia, and Oceania. Our present continents are Remnants of these. Beneath these land masses had left many made tunnel systems, treasures, discoveries, ancient archaeological findings at the time. The Stories or mythologies about ancient dwarves, fairy folk to name a few, stories from lord of the rings, may have been written based on this.

The Orion Empire had now reformed for the most part its own passage or right to exist. Rebuilding new nations, countries, trade routes. And the spiritual revivalism of the temples of a reformed Egyptian Dynasty. Claiming itself to be top of the world, surrounded by all the other smaller countries. Atlantis was the hub of Trade. The golden period of the reign of the Orion Empire on earth. After the Orion elders had stepped down had successfully left to their second generation Orion Empire that could literally step into the earth and commence reign and rewrite from the heavens. A new religion was implemented to eradicate the original blue print of the sacred knowledge of the existence of the Cosmic Creator. This was what they wanted to do, it is speculation up to this point since many modern civilizations had sprung up because of the evolution of the genetic advancements also. Many counter cultures had also sprouted up, during the Age of Atlantis. Atlantis owned all trade roots to the entire world, from all the corners of the world, there was not one continent that had initially been free to trade in their own way. Much of the animals, fora and fauna, insects, species had been brought here from elsewhere.

This world as it stands now…does not have its original creations, for the most that is.

Even though many of the originals were wiped out and or killed, either by immunity, lack of adaptability to the new atmosphere or the lack of the other sun. It was apparent that in the older Human race, many had still original genetic markers from the first conglomeration, the entire planet earth was not fully wiped out. Atlantis had eventually collapsed once more, again it is also not fully disclosed whether it was done on purpose and more people had fled and died. The tectonic plates had once more shifted and the earth had attempted to re-establish to its original axis, leaving the current position slightly tilted with a wobble.. The magnetic fields had caused for many land masses to break up into parts, and reform new ones.

At the height of the Atlantis Age, Egypt had been reformed again, getting rid of the original last remaining cosmic blue prints. Egyptian religion and historical knowledge is totally manufactured. Heralding the recreation of the Orion Religion That they are the Original Gods that educate mankind. Later Egypt had been chewed up and spat out, while the Roman Empire had been birthed. Tartaria is a remnant of a previous age and plays only a small vestige of the history of mankind. hyperborean ,Aryans, Phoenicians, too many to name, had all eventually started to implement into lands , conquering it.


The roman Creation of the maritime laws, is in essential only the same law that has been written by the Orion Empire. It is a law for Space farers and Tradesmen. All religions, faiths, that represent a singular or hero to save mankind, is based on the Orion Empire beliefs.

The royal bloodlines, only sub class , not actual direct connection to Orion Empire. Many puppets who are being used to create much distance between us and them. Many philosophies and False teaching bending the truths, Greek historical events, Plato’s account of Atlantis is false, many ancient philosophers had all mostly been trying to seed the conscious thoughts of man.

Always remember that Mother Nature corrects itself. And throughout the many ages that had followed, including the timelines that were created by the Orions, brought their ancient laws, beliefs, and false created religions to venerate them, to pray to them. To worship their idols and their beliefs and to be locked into their space law.

The symbol for the admiralty law represents a sun, not a wheel that steers a terrestrial ship. This sun is also a representation of this solar system, along with many other symbols that have been brought into place. Their Gods, the ancient gods of the Greek, are all redesigned gods from the original Orion Empire. The story about Adam and Eve a Christian belief is a story that denotes the conquering of the human race at the time of the deluges of the earth. Saturn or Satan is a heavenly body that was shifted during the infestation of the Orion. Demons, gods, things that scare you, these are all falsified impressions and vilification of the truth.  There is so much to unlearn.

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