The IMage-I-NAtion

imagination is the foundation for what one sees within one’s mind…what one perceives within eh temples of the thoughts, life itself is an activity of imagining…
however it does not only rest there, it roots within the origins of the observer….what you see….
everything is done in itself and is like a power that re-frames your mind…to re manufacture your thoughts by way of what you see…

altered realities are there for the eyes to see…every singular aspect in terms of what is perceived, thoughts over, talked about becomes manifested by imagination….

in the broad sense…don’t you think that the realm dynamics are based on virtuals…what is virtual signalling , a new word…audio visual stimulation is triggered non stop….so much that it overloads the senses….

imaginative men and women are forever casting spells, to enchant one another…the forums with its political technocratic envisioning , first create it in the white papers, now i have told you that the invention of white paper is a type of sigil magic…its use of for thew purpose for those to see the plans…creating imaginative virtual realities in which people must buy into ….but the purchasing power lies within the I….do you purchase the visions of another man’s dreams…?

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