Archonology Examination

The Promethean Analysis: Archonology

a Gnostic critique

An examination of Archons

I’ve been looking for the basis on what the root of all evil deed are…what is this inhumane thing that people do to people , like a mental sickness or parasite that creates such conflict…in the human existence…from psychopathic murderers, to cult leaders, to people telling a story and to do it for their own sake….to tell lies…to abuse the gift of prophecies, to deliberately with a smile urge you to take something that they know is going to destroy or kill you …what is that thing?

I call it a “thing”…there is no other word for it …..It’s a sickness…

I’ve found that its always one particular element whether it’s called a jinn or devil , demon…it’s also been referred to as Archons have been mentioned from time to time many centuries it’s come up in scriptures, holy scriptures, religion, beliefs, ufology…people host shows on it , study the thing that goes bump in the night, or the voices that have whispered in the minds of psychopaths, dark shadows crawling on the walls…the shadow men, aliens, abductions…what is real and what is based on super natural….?

What is the force that drives the ministries that entice them to drive and perpetuate the greed , and what force is there that compels people to do horrific acts to their fellow man…burn and destroy humans, cut out their hearts , like the Incas did to their fellow people.. And it was said it was to appease the gods…was it though…?


Or was it not just a kill switch…we don’t have proof only from other findings of works are we able to establish these events…

This subject is so elusive! that if one thinks to find the reason and roots of it , it tends to escape the mind…and so its taken almost 5wks to figure it out…deep meditations, prayers…and you know what….it must have realized that I was on to it , because I had literally had the most hardest days that I could ever imagine…Im not going to explain the details….but let me say this, it’s a real thing, but not as how you think it to be….it does exist…but not like how many would like to believe …based on my findings, you will see it in the end of this work….

as I think I have found the root of it all, I would be finding other rabbit holes that would make equally sense too ….logic in itself did suffer from time to time….as many of these events , elements and subjects are mainly rooted into a system of belief….

What had sparked off the belief of the false reality or the matrix…had also been formed out of the necessity to qualify unexplained fear, unexplained grief that would not end…things that don’t make sense…must be fake , not so ?This belief in itself is also a fatalistic belief…confounded in much deeper roots of practices and beliefs, rituals …ideologies…humannature is idealistic….it means that humans strife to form ideals of what they seek to express, to have to attain….And in the end the ideals can become a fanatical approach or a moralistic approach….In order for us to understand the essence of the world that we live in, we have to go back to the simple explanation of the world …based on ideology, beliefs, rituals events…even though we have not been there, we can however formulate based on evidence that certain events had happened….

The following information that I will be presenting to you is based on evidential analysis…

Archons : better known as Mind flyers is said to be hidden negative controllers of humankind, inorganic inter-dimension entities that must be exposed and exorcised from the individual human mind, from our human species, and from the planet as a whole as part of our collective evolution to a new state of consciousness and being.  Archons internally are known currently in this timeline as elusive, based on Carlos Castanda teachings, there are these types of parasites, or Flyers, that insinuate into the consciousness.

Finding 1.

Archons are hidden mind controllers or mind-fliers

Robert Stanley author of Covert Encounters, discuss Ancient Gnostic texts from Egypt, “called the Nag Hammadi, describing two types of demonic beings that invaded earth long ago which they call the Archons.

The first type of description mentioned under the classification is called archon and it is presumed to looks like a reptilian, it cannot be verified. The other type looks like a human embryo… which has the same shape and appearance as the “sky fish” or jelly fish looking entity.

Robert Stanley Press Release “Although these parasites are not human, they feed off the negative energy/emotions of humans. It is unclear when these cosmic, amoeba-like creatures first came to earth, but we know they were discovered by shamans in altered states of consciousness long ago and have recently been photographed. The reason everyone is not seeing them on a daily basis is because the creature’s energy signature is beyond our normal, narrow range of vision within the electromagnetic spectrum. What scientist call “visible light.”

  1. The most predominant evidence mentioned comes from Greek references and later adapted in the works of religion based splinter group called Gnosticism.

Finding 2.

What do the Greeks say? Archon (Greek: ἄρχων, romanized: árchōn, plural: ἄρχοντες, árchontes) is a Greek word that means “ruler”, frequently used as the title of a specific public office. It is the masculine present participle of the verb stem αρχ-, meaning “to be first, to rule”, derived from the same root as words such as monarch and hierarchy. “In the early literary period of ancient Greece the chief magistrates of various Greek city states were called archontes.

The term was also used throughout Greek history in a more general sense, ranging from “club leader” to “master of the tables” at syssitia to “Roman governor”.[citation needed]

In Athens, a system of three concurrent archons evolved, the three office holders being known as archon eponymos (ἄρχων ἐπώνυμος), the polemarch (πολέμαρχος), and the archon basileus (ἄρχων βασιλεύς).

According to Aristotle’s Constitution of the Athenians, the power of the king first devolved to the archons, and these offices were filled from the aristocracy by elections every ten years.

During this period the archon eponymos was the chief magistrate, the polemarch was the head of the armed forces, and the archon basileus was responsible for the civic religious arrangements.

After 683 BC the offices were held for only a single year, and the year was named after the archon eponymos. (Many ancient calendar systems did not number their years consecutively.)

Although the process of the next transition is unclear, after 487 BC the archonships were assigned by lot to any citizen and the polemarch’s military duties were taken over by a new class of generals known as strategoi. The polemarch thereafter had only minor religious duties. The archon eponymos remained the titular head of state under democracy, though of much reduced political importance. The archons were assisted by “junior archons”, called thesmothetai (pl. of thesmothetēs). After 457 BC ex-archons were automatically enrolled as life members of the Areopagus, though that assembly was no longer extremely important politically at that time.[2]

Under the Athenian constitution, archons were also in charge of organizing festivals by bringing together poets, playwrights, actors, and city-appointed choregoi (wealthy citizen patrons).

The archon would begin this process months in advance of a festival by selecting a chorus of three playwrights based on descriptions of the projected plays. Each playwright would be assigned a choregos, also selected by the archon, from among the wealthy citizens who would pay all the expenses of costumes, masks, and training the chorus. The archon also assigned each playwright a principal actor (the protagonist), as well as a second and third actor. The City Dionysia, an ancient dramatic festival held in March in which tragedy, comedy, and satyric drama originated, was under the direction of one of the principal magistrates, the archon eponymos.

Finding 3.

Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

The Orthodox Church in communion with the Patriarch of Constantinople have been granted the title of archon to honor their service to Church administration. In 1963, archons in the United States were organized into a service society, the Order of St. Andrew. This archon status is not part of the Church hierarchy and is purely honorary. An archon is an honoree by His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch, for his outstanding service to the Church, and a well-known, distinguished, and well-respected leader of the Orthodox Church (at large).

It is the sworn oath of the archon to defend and promote the Orthodox Church faith and tradition. His main concern is to protect and promote the Holy Patriarchate and its mission. He is also concerned with human rights and the well-being and general welfare of the Church. As it is a significant religious position, the faith and dedication of a candidate for the role are extensively reviewed during consideration; the candidate should have demonstrated commitment for the betterment of the Church, Parish-Diocese, Archdiocese and the community as a whole.

“Archon” is used in Modern Greek colloquially, as άρχοντας (archontas), for someone that holds a form of status or power, and the Arab-speaking Copts use it in church parlance as a title for a leading member of the laity.[citation needed] Archon was the title of Great Officers of Sicily. It can also be used as a title in fraternities and sororities.

Finding 4.

In Gnostic religious traditions, the term archon generally refers to a group of seven supernatural beings, associated with the seven classical planets and considered to be responsible for the creation of the physical world. Conscious mind provoked, Trevor James constable called anomalies in infrared and called them sky fish.“Trevor James Constable’s “Sky Critter Theory” is perhaps one of the strangest theories advanced as an explanation for the UFO phenomenon.

Trevor James Constable was one of the proponents of the theory, claiming that UFO’s came from a parallel universe known as Etheria and that there were two categories of UFO, some were machines and others living creatures.

These invisible creatures he also called “Sky Critters” and that they live in the atmosphere. Constable claimed to have captured both types of UFO on film, while working with James Woods during the 1950’s and 60’s. He wrote several books on the theory “They live in the Sky” in 1959 -

more evidential examples seen here by Trevor James Constable



Robert Stanley suggested that one should explore Archons as an identifiable element and as part of the human ecology, which means it gives the element of archons a physical form.

And the battle is really from within, never and rarely external, without exception.

John Lamb Lash writes, “Although archons do exist physically, the real danger they pose to humanity is not invasion of the planet but invasion of the mind.

He contradicts himself within the following statement …..

  1. The archons are intra-psychic mind-parasites who access human consciousness through telepathy and simulation.
  2. They infect our imagination and use the power of make-believe for deception and confusion.
  3. Their pleasure is in deceit for its own sake, without a particular aim or purpose.
  4. They are robotic in nature, incapable of independent thought or choice, and have no particular agenda, except to live vicariously through human beings. They are bizarrely able to pretend an effect on humans, which they do not really have.

“For instance, they cannot access human genetics, but they can pretend to do so, in such a way that human’s fall for the pretended act, as if staged events were taken for real. In this respect, archons are the ultimate hoaxers. This is the essence of “archontic intrusion,” as I call it. The trick is, if humanity falls under the illusion of superhuman power, it becomes as good as real, a self-fulfilling delusion.”

“In the cosmic perspective, the archons present a dynamic aspect of the evolutionary scenario of humankind, through which human potential is tested.

The Gnostic view of their role closely matches the “flyers” in The Active Side of Infinity, the last book of Carlos Castaneda, who says that the flyers are “the means by which the universe tests us.” There are numerous close parallels between Castaneda and Gnostic teachings.

Finding 5.

Author Jay Weidner states, ” Yes, according to the texts, [archons] can get into people and can manipulate people to do things very suddenly that are very odd. But also they are actually responsible for the deterioration of culture, so unlike the culture of the ancient Greeks or Chinese but a cheap façade of a culture. As the Archonic presence has spread across the earth and has escalated in the 20th century, you can see that they are responsible for sprawl and the mass ugliness that is everywhere.“Television is an example of Archonic imitation. He concludes, “Humans are imitated on television but the imitation is altered and is nearly always obscene and profane because the Archons not only do not understand the sacred but they hate it. They are jealous of the natural world and of human beings with the natural world. Also of sexual relationships: loving couples make them angry and they love violence and are sexually titillated by anger and war and death. They create war to consume energy from the dying.”

Archons: A parasite of a different order

Exploring archons in his new book, Wetiko: The Greatest Epidemic Sickness Known to Humanity, psychologist Paul Levy writes, “When people are infected by the wetiko virus, Forbes writes, they are “the host for the wetiko parasites.”The wetiko germ is a psychic tapeworm, a parasite of the mind. Just like certain computer viruses or malware infect and program a computer to self-destruct, mind-viruses like wetiko can program the human bio-computer to think, believe and behave in ways that result in our self-destruction.Wetiko is a virulent, psychic pathogen that insinuates thought-forms into our mind which, when unconsciously en-acted, feed it, and ultimately kills its host (us). It doesn’t want to kill us too quickly however, for to successfully implement its agenda of reproducing and propagating itself throughout the field, it must let the host live long enough to spread the virus. If the host dies too soon, the bug would be prematurely evicted and would suffer the inconvenience of having to find a new residence.

Author of Wetiko Paul Levy continues, “Like a cancer of the mind that metastasizes, in wetiko disease, a pathological part of the psyche co-opts and subsumes all of the healthy parts of the psyche into itself so as to serve its pathology. To quote Jung, “an unknown ‘something’ has taken possession of a smaller or greater portion of the psyche and asserts its hateful and harmful existence undeterred by all our insight, reason, and energy, thereby proclaiming the power of the unconscious over the conscious mind, the sovereign power of possession.”

The personality then self-organizes an outer display of coherence around this pathogenic core, which ‘masks’ the inner dysfunction, making it hard to recognize.In a psychic coup d’etat, the wetiko bug can usurp and displace the person, who becomes its puppet and marionette. Like a parasite, the wetiko virus can take over the will of an animal more evolved than itself, enlisting that creature into serving its nefarious agenda. Once the parasite becomes sufficiently entrenched within the psyche, the prime directive coordinating a person’s behavior comes from the disease, as it is now the one calling the shots. Just as someone infected with the rabies virus will resist drinking water, which would flush out the infection, someone taken over by the wetiko parasite will have nothing to do with anything that will help them get rid of the disease.

Wetikos are phobic towards the light of truth, which they avoid like the plague. In advanced stages, this process takes over the person so completely that we could rightfully say the person is no longer there; they are just an empty shell carrying the disease. In a sense there is just the disease, operating through what appears to be a human being. The person becomes fully identified with their mask, their persona, but it is as if there is no one behind the mask.”

What if humanity is being driven to the brink of its own extinction by a type of mental illness? poverty, the climate change, the perpetual money wars, conspiracies,  and consumption of fetishism, fanaticism, we see all around us have roots in a type of mass psychological infection of dualism? And while all of these elements are tied together, it really is playing itself out as its being projected over and over, through the psychodrome of the systems..What if we are looking at an infection that is highly communicable but also self-replicating, which happens during cultural evolutions, and that the mental image of you will, remains so clandestine in our psyches that most hosts will, as a condition of their infected state, vehemently deny that they are infected?

What if this ‘mind virus’ can be described as a form of cannibalism. Not literal cannibalism although there are rumors…but in the sense that ideas can consume or be consumed by people and others – human and non-human – as a means of securing personal wealth and supremacy. This approach of viewing the transmission of ideas as a key determinant of the emergent reality is increasingly validated by various branches of science, including evolutionary theory, quantum physics, cognitive linguistics, and epigenetics.

One of the most well-known-accepted scientific theories that helps explain the power of idea-spreading is memetics.

Memes are to culture what genes are to biology: the base unit of evolution. The term was originally coined by the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book, The Selfish Gene. Dawkins writes, “I think that a new kind of replicator has recently emerged . . . It is still drifting clumsily about in its primeval soup, but already it is achieving evolutionary change at a rate which leaves the old gene panting far behind.”

He goes on, “Examples of memes are tunes, ideas, catch-phrases, clothes fashions, ways of making pots or of building arches. Just as genes propagate themselves in the gene pool by leaping from body to body via sperms or eggs, so memes propagate themselves in the meme pool by leaping from brain to brain, via a process which, in the broad sense, can be called imitation. Memes are also a type of sigil magic.

This elaborate manner is also meant to describe the mind virus…archontic influences. The Main foundation for destroying Ideology of Gnostism and why it could potentially uphold the matrix..

Gnosticism: “This profile of the archons is not speculative. It follows what can be gathered from the Gnostic writings. For instance, Nag Hamadi Scripts texts describe how the archons attempted to rape Eve—clearly a mythological rendition of genetic intervention. Such passages appear to support the claims of alien interbreeding so widely discussed today. But in the Gnostic account, the alien intruders did not succeed in this act of cross-species intervention: they tried but failed.”

We also know that we cannot lump all the rituals, sacrifices secret societies lodges together, they do not all fall under the same paradigm, most of them have their own drives or beliefs to operate under…

Certain cults and Lodges, rituals, form a very believe that they would need to enter the gates of heaven, the two pillars of castor and Pollux or Gemini to enter orion which is to them heaven …and while they see themselves as struggling to storm these gates, they would need break through these towers and pentagon or pentagram…the five senses to enter their belief in heaven ….the return of the true lords of heavens, or to return them to the garden of eden…they see themselves as the watchers or giants or Nephilim.

John lamb lash :“In Gnostic psychology, the noetic science of the Mystery Schools, Archons are an alien force that intrudes subliminally upon the human mind and deviates our intelligence away from its proper and sane applications. They are not what makes us act inhumanely, for we all have the potential to go against our innate humanity, violating the truth in our hearts, but they make us play out inhumane behavior to weird and violent extremes.“Left to our own devices, we would sometimes act inhumanely and then correct it, contain the aberration. Obviously, we do not always do so. In the exaggeration of our insane and inhumane tendencies, and in extreme, uncorrected deviance from our innate intelligence, Gnostics saw the signature of an alien species that piggy-backs on the worst human failings.

“Hence, Archons are psycho-spiritual parasites.“Yet as offspring of the Aeon Sophia, archons are also our cosmic kin or Aeon”

This essential terms and idealistic views on and within Gnostic cosmology with regards to Archons:

An Aeon is a god, understood not in theological terms, but in terms of the physics of consciousness. Alice Bailey lucis Trust describes the gnostic cosmological ideal and proclaims these gods as sinless.

Many cults have a gnostic middle ground root and uses a myriad of satanic influences, blood, dis-incarnate souls as “demons” and its becoming more evident that there is a drive as said before to use the blood, energy and the sacrifices of human misery to get there.

 Gnosticism on The cosmos and life on earth: believes the world is filled with suffering. In order to nourish themselves, all forms of life consume each other, thereby visiting pain, fear, and death upon one another. In addition, so-called natural catastrophes — earthquakes, floods, fires, drought, volcanic eruptions — bring further suffering and death in their wake. Human beings, with their complex physiology and psychology, are aware not only of these painful features of earthly existence. They also suffer from the frequent recognition that they are strangers living in a world that is flawed and absurd.

Many religions advocate that humans are to be blamed for the imperfections of the world. Supporting this view, they interpret the Genesis myth as declaring that transgressions committed by the first human pair brought about a “fall” of creation resulting in the present corrupt state of the world. Gnostics respond that this interpretation of the myth is false. The blame for the world’s failings lies not with humans, but with the creator.

and ruled by an Archon as an accidental sinless god that is called the demiurge that sprang forth from a creative mistake via an archetypal belief called Sophia. Which as you know has been playing itself out over centuries, anything female and male is hurt in one way or another. All gnostic religion and beliefs come from religions such as Christianity, mandeanism, Manichaeism, Persian, paganism…a modern version of Gnosticism is a warped idea of new age.. I personal don’t think it has ever stopped…its only become colored by the many millions of splinter churches sects and cults, be it Satanism or the OTO..

Gnostics belief that Human nature mirrors the duality found in the world: in part it was made by the false creator God and in part it consists of the light of the True God. Humankind contains a perishable physical and psychic component, as well as a spiritual component which is a fragment of the divine essence. This latter part is often symbolically referred to as the “divine spark”. The recognition of this dual nature of the world and of the human being has earned the Gnostic tradition the epithet of “dualist”. The dualist belief fractures the true knowledge of the knowing within.. As I have said many times, the true fall of mankind was when man chose to outside of themselves to pray to everything. And itself man had fractured himself and started to worship a mirror of a god , as what man perceives the Original Creator to be , it’s so bad that another god or archon was made to believe in , to feel better about your religion.

This fractal god is called the demiurge or main archon which is supposedly believed to be an evil God …many references have been made by Christian theologians and scholars of the Catholic faiths, expressed vehemently that its untrue or that its heresy. At the same time Gnostics also believe that there is an original Creator but its ultimately unknown….and so you’re never really going to experience it ….so your doomed either way, unless you repent by admitting to the gospels of Gnosticism. Unfortunately the belief in external deities and things that come to spook you at night has taken its toll….and so the story must simply end..

In step the egoists, the archons themselves, the ones who from small had been raised to have it all, to own all things…to take up the belief that they are simply the gods who own this world, after all they believe so hard that they are gods, that they may just become it …or not….a living soul can only remain to be an earthen vessel it can crack and be destroyed. Which of course they know….so much blood sacrifices, should do the trick , right, help you to live longer. It is a trick to believe that you will live forever…Moses Abraham were beliefs and ideologies, and personified to be everlasting…forever.

And so the focus goes back to the idealistic examples egoic in its nature of the archon godlike self or the john galts, as giants who have been in control of the earth for a long time. Their Ideal is to replicate themselves towards a godlike status, where money doesn’t seem to help anymore…you know it doesn’t fill that gap…, and the world will unfortunately see their godlike productions….

Remember how Greeks describe Archons…

Gnostics describe Archons as dualistic: They exist as an “alien species” independent of humankind. Which fuels the alien hype. The fear of the unknown. The knowledge of this above statement also exists as a presence in our minds, rather like a set of programs operating in our mental environment. Daily they attempt to erode the consciousness of minds. Unless you are connected within. “Working through telepathy and suggestion,(AI MACHINE LEARNING) the “Archons” attempt to deviate us from our proper course of evolution. Their most successful technique is to use religious ideology to insinuate their way of thinking and, in effect, substitute their mind-set for ours.

Gnostics view on the Cosmos and Deities

The Gnostic God concept is more subtle than that of most religions. In its way, it unites and reconciles the recognition of Monotheism and Polytheism, as well as of Theism, Deism and Pantheism.

What Alice Bailey says about the elites, is that they are the sons of god…and that they may evolve as watchers…which may be a new religion. They have after all sacrifices themselves for humanity for knowledge, technologically advancement. Etc the lucis trust heavily supported by Microsoft every time you look lucis trust up online.

Gnostic views on Archons

Gnostics beliefs in Prophets as archons are consumed by the main archon, see all the prophets , do some homework….if you prophesy or give prophetic information in this reality, the mental accumulation of your gifts are occupied ….well known prophets such as South African prophet Siener van Rensburg, almost all of his works , as much as he thought he would do well, became corrupted …used up by these elites…in one way or another, the same with Edgar Casey, Credo Mutwa for example became totally enamored with David Icke and his prophecies became used to fuel political agendas….Nostradamus, the legendary Joan of Ark ….women and men got burnt at the stakes during Salem witch trials…As much as the belief in prophecy is a gift from the Creator , the moment you believe you will try to save the world, you become consumed,….call it ego …its as simple as that.

In summary

The belief that Gnostics had in Archons and its power,


Metaphysically, the concept of the world or planes of reality exist within the self as an actuality, and is projected outward through light or energy a frequency that is expressed out through the mind body soul and spirit, the heart is the temple or room for creation to be manifested….therefore what is being created is infinite and expressed within this reality, similar to a page of the same book ….this would be the book of life…in action…Metaphysics stipulates that the reality is layered upon layers …time and expressions, creations all interweave in this way…and if there is suddenly no construct to it , how is it possible for humanity to exist in its unique state of meaning.

From the minds of insane Men

The Dark Mirror

“of archons derived as 7 rulers of the planes.. and the belief of these aspects of elements had become woven into most magical practices, rites, rituals and religions…

Important notes:

The archon is always depicted as a fetus…or an amoeba , which is in actuality an egg cell. The next thing to note is that the Gnosticism existed before Christianity…and had inserted strong beliefs of a type of creation which would have been inserted into the system of man’s belief as a type of parasite..Because the idea of an archon is parasitic. The next thought is …if the gnostics had gotten first into the writing and scripting of the idea of Creation mythos…then essentially creation is considered to have been a nihilistic reference to mankind…from their point of view…a nihilistic creation in theology is then observed as a homunculus , or a man born outward or backwards, in which cultist magicians such as aleister crowley had initiated a type of magical ritual called babalon working


The occult ritual for an artificial man or the digital twin

An artificial man supposedly made by the alchemists, and especially by Paracelsus. To manufacture one, Paracelsus stated that the needed spagyric (a term probably coined by Paracelsus implying an alchemical process using semen) substances should be sealed in a glass vial and placed in horse dung to digest for 40 days. At the end of this time something will begin to live and move in the bottle. This is sometimes a man, said Paracelsus, but a man who has no body and is transparent.Nevertheless, he exists, and nothing remains but to bring him up—which is not more difficult than making him. This may be accomplished by feeding him daily (over a period of 40 weeks, and without extricating him from his dung hill) with the arcanum of human blood. At the end of this time there should be a living child, having every member as well-proportioned as any infant born of a woman. He will be much smaller than an ordinary child, though, and his physical education will require more care and attention.

Early in the twentieth century, magician Aleister Crowley wrote a novel that deals with the production of a kind of homunculus he terms a Moonchild, the name under which the novel was eventually published. Crowley wrote of a magic rite to induce a particular type of spirit to incarnate in an embryo, which a woman would then carry until birth. During the 1940s, Jack Parsons, head of the OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis) lodge in Pasadena, California, carried out this sexual ritual with Marjorie Cameron and a third person who acted as a seer for the process. Crowley, angered by reports of what Parsons had done, ordered an investigation of the lodge, by which time the operation had been completed.

Rituals are as old as man and have consistently played a significant part in the religions of all cultures. The nineteenth century, witnessed a revival of some of the ancient and more formal occult rituals as a reaction to the growth of modern materialism. Francis King, in The Rites of Modern Occult Magic, tells the inside story of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, an organization, whose activities and teachings were largely responsible for the revival of ritual magic in England and the United States.

The author describes in detail the early development of the Rosicrucian legend and Masonic Rosicrucianism in England and Scotland; the occult roots of American spiritualism; and the origins of the Theosophists under the aegis of Madame Blavatsky. Special attention is given to the Golden Dawn, the theoretical bases of the Order’s practices, the rituals of initiation, the hierarchy—and the personalities involved in the often fierce competition between and among various groups.

The author’s researches into the conflict between W. B. Yeats and Aleister Crowley are given in detail, as is the full story of Yeats’ early magical training and practices, his quarrel with his occult teacher MacGregor Mathers (also known as S’ Rhioghail Mo Dhream, “Royal is My Race”), and his subsequent resignation from the group, on the grounds that it had ceased to be a true Magical Order. Then there were the founders: Dr. Woodman (Frater Magna est Veritas); Dr. Woodford (Sit Lux et Lux ..


Esoteric knowledge spread to England before Ireland. A famous Welchman, Dr. John Dee, created a center for estoteric studies. Sir John Dee, was the court astrologer for Queen Elizabeth. He was the first James Bond given the number 007 to spy on the continent by Walsingham.




He also was a brilliant physician, philosopher, alchemist, Cabbalist, mathematician, scientist, and diplomatic emissary. This model of the Renaissance man lay the groundwork for modern speculative Freemasonry. He lectured on the Continent to the great European universities on Geometry.

John Dee was fully aware and spoke about the idea of Plato about the Great Architect of the Universe, for which sacred geometry is a method to understand this great architect’s mind. In the preface Dee wrote for Henry Billingley’s translation of Euclid published in 1570, Dee refers to Plato who wrote the totalitarian “Republic” as “Divine Plato.”

John Dee is credited for creating a type of System called The Enochian System.  He believed he could conjure up Angels. And he was convinced that the angels he conjured up with system were not demons. It is very clear that there are different types of demons, and that they are divided up into different ranks, functions, orders, etc. A great deal of time has been spent by both brilliant White Magicians and satanic Magicians to chart out the names, ranks, and structure of the demonic armies that Satan commands. One accurate method of ranking demons has 365 ranks of demons, with no. 1 being the highest level of demons. The numbers of top level demons are numbered in the trillions, while the lower level imps are incredibly numerous. There is no shortage of demons to carry out the work of Satan on this planet. These demons are sometimes variously referred to as spirit guides, angels, wizards, ghosts and aliens or a number of other disguises. Both early Christians and the occult have often divided up the evil spirits under fire, water, wind, and earth.

Dee believed he was descended from the tribe of Dan, and that the Queen of England and him were related to the Brutus and the city of Troy. He also associated himself intensely with the King Arthur legends, and his belief that the England had a destiny to rule the world. Dee had a politico-religious program for the imperial destiny of Queen Elizabeth I. This expansion was based on the belief that Elizabeth was descended from King Arthur, who was supposedly also a descendent of Troy which had been settled by the tribe of Dan, and that the Queen had a religious duty to conquer the world. He managed to convince the Queen to follow through on these ideas. Francis A. Yates has described this belief system in his book Astraea – The Imperial Theme in the Sixteenth Century (1975). Dee received a vision of a vast universal religion. A good portion of the Christian caballists in Europe at that time were converted Jews.

Dee’s library contained thousands of books, including Lullist works, Pico della Mirandola and Reuchlin. He had Agrippa’s De occulta philosophia, and the 1545 edition of the Latin version of Giorgi’s De Harmonia Mundi.

Agrippa was an cabbalist. Giorgi wrote on architectural symbolism, the sacred geometry and combines cabalism letter mysticism and Pythagoras-Platonic theory to create his own synthesis of these.

After the Seige of Cambrai (1507) when Venice was ganged up on and almost destroyed by all the Kings of Europe and the Pope, Venice decided to oppose Catholicism and infiltrate and take over every nation through advanced New Age Religion system which was passed down to them from Babylonian times. They chose Freemasonry to infiltrate but also created Witchcraft, Sufism and Satanic Human and Animal Sacrifice Groups.

Three Venetian James Bonds.. Cardinal Contarini, Giorgi (Zorzi) and Fra. Paolo Sarpi (IQ 200) – Agents whose aim was to create a One World Government for Venice whose family lines came through Babylon, Phoenicia, Egypt and The Roman Empire. Venice created usuric banking and thus became the first banksters always getting – “Merchant of Venice” – their pound of flesh. Also from ancient times they controlled the drug and slavery industries. Back when we had slaves, Wall Street was New York’s Slave Market..

Their first job was to move Venice to England and after 200 years of scheming their Agent William of Orange took over England and founded the Venetian Party – and boy, did they have a party!! Then came the British Empire of drugs and slavery upon which the sun never sets.Venician Agent Cardinal Contarini paid for and created Luther and Protestantism and also through his agent Loyola, the Jesuits, which he – and Venice – controlled.

Giorgi used Venice’s esoteric knowledge from the time of Babylon to infiltrate every country through Alchemy, Cabbala, Hermetic Art and Speculative Freemasonry. Now, every country in the world has Masonic Halls. It was Giorgi who taught Dee the Enochian Keys of the Watchtowers. Giorgi was no minor figure. His family lived next to Contarini and was one of the ten top ruling families of Venice and he became one of Venice’s ambassadors during critical years after the sack of Rome in 1527. Yet, more significant than Giorgi’s interpretation of scripture relating to the divorce of Henry VIII, as critical as that was in the creation of the Church of England split off from the Pope, was that he was the transmission belt for a counterculture movement which was to culminate in the occult takeover of England and then the World.

It would lead to the creation of Speculative Freemasonry. It is striking that Giorgi was aware of who his major enemy was. In his major work, Harmonice Mundi, Giorgi attacks Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa. In what should become known as the very founding statement of Speculative Freemasonry, Giorgi states: “The seeker after the Monas (the one) may retreat into negative theology and the Docta Ignorantia, or he may seek to follow the divine Monas in its expansion into the three Worlds.” Harmonice Mundi is one of the first systematic works of the Neoplatonic so-called Christian Cabala. Giorgi makes a deadly cultural assault on England. He introduces two critical notions which set England up for Freemasonry.

The idea that God is directly knowable is a mystical notion. Here we get directly to the point of Venetian epistemology. In “History as Science,” the face of evil is empiricism, or the belief that the only thing you can know is what is verified directly by your senses and not by meditation. It would seem that mysticism and empiricism are directly polar opposites. This is the exact opposite of empiricism. The logic of the mystic – Venetian Mysticism – Giorgi, is that indeed we can only know through our senses; therefore the only way to truly know God is to directly experience him through our senses. This is the essence of false Venetian mysticism. It is also empiricism.

Dee was very influential with the Earl of Leicester and his secret son with Queen Elizabeth – Sir Francis Bacon. The puritan Edmund Spencer the poet was also Cabbalist Neo-Platonist. Dee’s idea of an architect is more a description of an esoteric initiate, he writes, “I think, that none can justly account themselves Architects. But they only, who from their childes years ascending by these degrees of knowledges, being fostered up with the attaining of many languages and Arts, have ascended to the high Tabernacle of Architecture…the Name of Architecture, is of the principality, which this Science hath, above all other Arts. And Plato affirmed, the Architect to be Master over all….

The Watchtower System but Also Twin towers

The two pillars of the modern The Enochian system, as outlined in Liber Chanokh are the Elemental Watchtowers (including the Tablet of Union) and the “World” of only 30 Aethyr chakras above the head. The Aethyrs are the “heavens” or Aires of the system; they are the chakras above the head.

The reason for the complication of the Dee Enochian System is due to the conscious implantation of restrictions or forbidden truths.


My finding is that archons are externalized to depict mental control over the mind , the actual entity itself does not exist…what does exist are dis-incarnated spirits….and what causes psychopaths to do the dirty works , a mental parasitic influence from diets, mental schizoid delusions, bloodline mixing. And that orbs are are just energetic elements but cannot be called archons, almost nothing is really explored with orbs, and as far as jelly fish in the skies are concerned, these i will call orbs…

If you dig deeper into the images that you take , you will find them not to be demonic…as this is related to religion…but as elemental entities that are like bugs, some of them are actual spirited beings who travel….and some will be dis incarnated people or spirits…

The clue as to what an archon is all about lies in the ego …and the ability to express a formed belief…an archon is a controller of the mind, if you let it control your mind. Its as simple as that.

On entities or demons, these are energy plasma…can often enough be found around electrical stations, smart meters, water, wherever there is a density in energy field….

what happens when you’re not in an electrical energetic rich field, and you see shadows….ive seen them , at times i have seen dead animal spirits walk in the field…in my garden , where there are mostly birds, i saw just yesterday a bird that sat there and vanished into thin air as i looked at it …a spirit…

ive had a spirit pester me, for days on end and followed me which had made itself appear to look demonic…until I actually stopped it in its tracks and blasted it with fire…and so he told me his name was Steve and he had died about 20 yrs ago …from a heart attack….you get cruel people in the living and they pretty much stay cruel when they are dead, or they choose to change.

I’ve asked a shadow what it is and who , and almost 99percent of the case the shadow of distrust and fear disappears and a human appears….

One Possession: a person in the living can however project themselves into the astral plane and live in privately created universes, in the state of celestial bodies, at time of death, can still remain in these universes.

But they can only do this by cutting themselves off from empathy by implanting their heart chakras with implant Energy Blockages or rituals and sigils – The Cremation of Care Ceremony to Molech at Bohemian Grove for example.. And by cutting themselves off from their souls and their conscience by implanting Energy Blockages above their crown chakras, the higher the implant, the worse the person. To create the Perfect Psychopath!  But they can only maintain this state by vampirism the energies of their human, if such a human allows power to beliefs in the external. If you have been working on yourself internally …you’re going to be ok.

What about alien abductions….

The only actual alien abductions i had in my experience, was seeing greys and they were trying to hurt me….I fought back and they left…

i had multiple alien abductions, but not all of them were alien based, most of them were based on milab experiences, these are called military abductions ….Yes South Africa is rich in major technology…like everywhere else in the world.

and the sacred knowledge has always been with me….as it has been with you ….this is why you are here….to remember it…

ive also been asked to do a number of  exorcisms for a people….and what i had found was one in particular while the other had been complaining about possession for some time…both cases had deep emotional trauma and psychosis involved….in which case when a person is highly triggered the mind can mimic a fractured personality . Of both cases the mind is what is the most which is susceptible and highly suggestible and if you had stormed into the house like john Constantine….would have made simply no difference to the psychosis of the person…Using absolute love and calmness to gently clear this person without hypnosis…was needed

Does the super natural exist…yes

you look at it ever day when you wake up , you are a super human being full of infinite potential energy, every day , every moments of your life is decided by you …your thoughts literally propel forward what you think.

Researching the archon has also taught me that my abilties can be manipulated by my fears…against me….a big lesson..i had asked to see archons and that is what happened…for at least two wks…on end…how did it manifest? Not through apparitions, but through a myriad state of mental thinking, I wasn’t possessed or flailing around, events happened, explainable events and lots of it …All symbolism in the world is gnostic but the real monsters are in the sky and in nasty people. There is nothing more powerful then the belief that there is something greater then you , and that you are at its mercy….by believing that, you give power and belief to the monsters out there who believe very much in you if you don’t believe in yourself. They count on it ….The real Archons are based on time based astrology and constellations.. called astrotheology…

The 12 archons are the constellations of every month…where the 7 sub archons are one for each day ….they also mirror the 7 deadly sins, religious based mythology.

Gnostics belief Focuses on the feeling of an an unwanted birth or an aborted fetus and this is powerful as it claims in the same way the progenitor in the Matrix Neo, aborted by society…this type of protectionism can cause severe damage to society. Misfits who are seeing themselves as the aborted child of society, in most cases, become social misfits in society and terrorize society. Beliefs become ideologies when it is constantly acted out. Even if it’s a lie. And so co creation brings forward the psychological monsters of society. Who are deluded mostly? And then you get those who are diluted in the brain, especially when there has been a long line of bloodline mixing…or blue blood.

Inner Faculty is like the golden compass actually….you see in the midst of your mind there is a faculty that holds all form together…it is the gps of your soul….the mind the energy or frequency of form ….thoughts, and to connect from within outward to the world… if you do not know yourself, you live in poverty and you become the poverty…when you seek peace, you are the peace…

Is there some psycho energetic frequency that feels physical such as a bioenergy field..? Ever felt the crowd when you entered a room….

Duality is the belief that we as humans are internally split from ourselves this is a mental split in the mind followed by fear and distrust…paranoia. Duality is external based not internal based, duality affects you every day of your life, you have day and night…but both are the same of each other. Unity harmony are better words. However the most important fact to consider is to be whole within to know yourself is to be all of who you are and you will be within the kingdom of heaven within…The only power that cultists have is the ability to project their negativity towards you, if you are fully armed in your consciousness, you will know how to protect and defend yourself. There would be blood lust drives as im sure, since the only source of food energetically is blood….

If you mix this psycho pathy with religions and sciences then you find what we are currently dealing with as we speak …which can explain why the serial killer feels mostly justified when killing someone for the greater good of mankind, if you allow things to come in from the outside to pollute your thoughts, and mind,  soon your emotional disease can actually manifest inside of your body, unless you are able to clear yourself daily from the day. Spiritual cleanliness If you bath daily you must do the same spiritually too

A negative thought of fear that is not dealt with can make things worse, talk to friends and family or find help…what we need to deal with is hard truth about the inner self….about who we are…if people start sending messages of war or memes of war, question it …if there are mesges that frighten you , don’t look at it, it doesn’t mean you are in denial , but you do not need to become consumed in the chain letters of predictive programming

did you know almost 99% of events have been predicted in media and mainstream many yrs before the time…in order to program you to give it energy to make it happen, you only need to think it …and it will become a reality….Archons slip in when the mind splits or when there is division in your thoughts…doubts , paranoia fear etc…unresolved issues, when you are forced to deal with the mental Con of the Arc of light…deal with it ….find yourself…pulling yourself towards yourself from the heart brings almost immediate calmness….

Humans are innately creative by divine right , the very essence of human energy illuminates light the frequency of an Original Creator…..however you would need to work on it , to find it for yourself. No one can do it for you …if your life feels chaotic, do something about it.

If you don’t know what to do about it, talk to someone who can help you , if you find yourself not doing it to help yourself , then you are addicted to the chaos …deal with the addiction….how much of an influence on us do these parasitic psychopathic  influences have?…almost all influences are based on an externalization beliefs, if you feel they have a 100% of control over you and your world is ending , then it is ending for you .

human beings are not wired for data but still to stories and patterns….to draw you back into yourself , your inner safe space…of sense…i want to place blame at the feet of the Gnostics…because if there had not been such a drive for gnostic impressions on this world to be wicked and ruled by some devious deranged archon , then the inner process of natural growth would have eventually happened….Religions and sciences make you become focused on what is outside of you ….and to avoid what is inside of you, it may have set out a patterned behavior to avoid the inner sanctuary….where the sacred connection is with A great Creator and not some man made god.

Man is not a dualistic creature but a whole being, man was made to believe, that he is dualistic, this has got nothing to do with the belief that you are a man or a woman. Dualism is related to believing that you are halfway there, or that there is a higher entity controlling you. That you look outside of yourself….and forget how to look within.

stay focused on love …and the Great Creator above all of the madness and conspiracies , the myriad of lies….that is perpetuated in the new age arenas…..and the fear pushers, pimping your energy out for them to feed on …. and to always go within the heart of understanding all things as they present themselves to you ….fight the urge to allow your godlike urges or demiurges to rule you ….fight it ….heal it.

Every day you have a choice to decide what becomes installed within you, what you must believe or not…

Don’t believe…Be knowledgeable…be aware, be mindful…

You allow what enters your temples via your gates of heavens…your eyes.. Your minds the temples, you choose to sacrifice on Golgotha something or not…or to hold onto a dead person or a dead story.We always have a choice…to accept any type of entity or energy, mental parasite within our consciousness at any given place in time moment and thought and feeling.

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please read Carlos Castaneda the Active Side of Infinity
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